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Drink the water, it's good for you!

This group is for Half-Life, Freeman's Mind, and any other stories that Rootbeer likes.


1. Don't be a complete ass.
2. Drink the water.
3. Post stories in the correct folders.
4. Freeman is love.
5. Freeman is life.
6. Keel over and die.
7. Submit to our benefactors.
8. In Ravenholm you do well to be vigilant.
9. Thanks, and have fun.
10. Contribute!


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don't drink the water. they put something in it, to make you forget. i don't even remember how i got here.

389710 Thanks, we appreciate it!

Congratulations! This group proved itself with its freshness. As a consequence, it has been listed in New Groups.

389647 reading hot clop fiction at 05:49 AM?
Pretty much

389645 Or you're the only one of my followers that is awake, I can't sleep.

Woooo o second member
me think, I'm stalking you Rootbeer

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