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(The Sequel to Spider-Man: Edge of Equestria)

It's been exactly two years after Spider-Man's sudden re-apperence back in New York. Doctor Octopus returns to Equestria to gather his lost gear, when the Green Goblin chases him down through his own portal. The masked villain discovers Ponyville and decides to cause harm to innocent lives for the sheer fun and lack of Spider-Man. He rally's up all of Spider-Man's enemies to join him in the new Dimension. To take hold of the world of ponies. This is, until Spider-Man also slips again into the grasp of Twilight Sparkle. He must call for his own army of heroes. Iron-Man. Captain America. And...... Hulk?

When a new symbiote enters Equestria, who knows what will happen.

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C'mon people! You wanted a sequel! NOW GIVE ME COMMENTS! :rainbowwild:

woah woah keep your panties on Kap im sure people will comment soon enough besides the first chapter was too short to be able to judge anything so i was going to wait till another chapter to comment but eh you asked :rainbowwild:

Now the big question is: Will Venom go to Equestria too? Which pony will take Venom?

Press "Track" to get all the answers!!!

(That means i'm tracking this)

113297b all right *clears throght* *big intake of air* MMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR

Awww... The one day one year thing reminds me of My Little Dashie, I don't like that too much, makes it sad. :(
Good intro though.

If I was restraining myself and being polite, I would say I very much enjoyed this chapter and I look forward to more!

If I just spoke what's on my mind, I would say "GET TO THE PONIES ALREADY".



113454 D'aw thanks :rainbowkiss:
113477 Thank you bro
113352 I freakin love My Little Dashie. Btw your pic is adorable! :raritywink:
113346 lol

I pick either Wolverine and/or X-23 to join in on the fight. :yay:

One request though.... This story needs Army of Darkness referances!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiecrazy:

113942 LOL I will do that! Totally.

Trapped in Equestria
Surrounded by Evil
Low on web Fluid>>113943

113948 He has organic webbing :derpytongue2:

Trapped in Equestria
Surrounded by Evil
Low on..... Caffine?

I got nothing:derpyderp2:

OH sweet you updated Half Life 2: Episode X also... I must read

114084 I'm assuming your enjoying this? :rainbowkiss:


actually I'm not....IM LOVING THIS STORY!

Awesome story bro. But you're gonna get mad at me when I tell you this, I'm sort of making a one shot crossover between mlp and spider-man... and it's going to have a symbiote in it... sorry... had to do it.:twilightblush: (Don't kill me!:fluttercry:)

115071 I don't care lol because mine will obviously be superior

115092:pinkiegasp:In the words of Daffy Duck: "Of course you do realise, this means war!:flutterrage:" Nah I'm joking, you're probably right.:pinkiehappy:

I thought the symbiote didn't trigger Spidey's Spider Sense because it learned to mask itself from it...

Apart from that, I am enjoying the intro much like I enjoyed the previous Spidey story.

Edit: And Venom + goons? Really?

Really surprised this came out earlier than expected, but concerned for the Dark tag. It could be for the Venom scenes, I hope.....speaking of him...

I think Venom might be involved with one of your last drawings.

Mare Do Well gets corrupted. XD

I'm glad you started a sequel, but I'm little concerned about the 'Dark' tag. If something happens to one of the Mane 6 or Spidey ...:flutterrage::twilightangry2:...THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY!!! Keep up the great writing though!:scootangel:

Well in Spiderman's case, it's probably impossible to do worst by him than all the stuff Marvel's inflicted on him over the years. Beyond that it's all wait and see.

Hmmm... the whole dead bug in a week thing I think will have a good tie in the story. Like, he gets weaker fighting and has limited time to save Ponyville.
Just a thought though.

Hmmm... the mane 6 vs the sinister six... a battle for the ages!:yay: (Oh, and it's awesome:rainbowkiss: too)

Dark Sector Quote : Take the virus , take the curse ...AND TURN IT INTO A WEAPON !

118485 Not for long >:D LOL get it? :rainbowwild:
118973 Vulture= Rainbow Dash | Mysterio = Twilight | Goblin = Pinkie | The rest don't really match, but w/e lol.

119601Venom=rarity, Doc ock=applejack, Shocker=fluttershy.:twilightsmile:

119725 Actually no, lizard was actually gonna be tamed by fluttershy, but he hates ponies for other reasons... Rarity dsnt fight, and Octavia is for Doc-Oc :P applejack has no match :ajsleepy:

dude you don't even know... apparently its monday and like I thought yesterday was friday.. I woke up this morning with a cup of rum gummie worms and I have no recollection of saturday and vaguely remember sunday.... never dating lucy again.

119832 Does that comment have ANYTHING to do with spiderman? :twilightangry2:

119729Give the old southern pony some credit, she can kick really hard!:ajsmug:119832 Someone's having a bad day.

119882 Yeah, she's "Shocking" :rainbowlaugh: Working on the next chapter now.


Ummmmmm... I'm fairly certain at some point during saturday I had a spiderman mask on? Also I need more

Interesting story so far man, looking forward to the shitstorm thats brewin for the ponies lol.

I read in the description how the Hulk might be joining the web-head soon...Holy shit, this is all kinds of EPIC!

The hulk smash all of da shit soon i hopes

That picture at the end I assume is supposed to be the six villains brought to Equestria against Spiderman, right? Then why are Electro and Sand Man in the picture and not Shocker and Venom? And the picture of the villain in the top left, is that supposed to be the Green Goblin? It just looks blurry to me.:rainbowhuh:

122508 Yes, and no. They are brought to assist in killing spiderman yes, but that picture is the OLD sinister six. The new one does not have Electro and sand man. It's just for show :P

122509>>122508 I changed the picture, now its better :rainbowwild:

122468Yes, it does seem that way. So as a follow up to my Spider-man theme comment...

Fluttershy:Veterinarian; biologist. Searching for a way to tap into the hidden strengths that all animals have. Then an accidental overdose of friendship and magic alters her body chemistry. And now when Fluttershy grows angry:flutterrage: or sad:fluttercry:, a startling metamorphosis occurs. The creature is driven by rage and pursued by an investigative reporter.

Fluttershy: "Derpy Hooves:derpyderp2:, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

The creature is wanted for a murder she didn't commit. Fluttershy is believed to be dead, and the world must think that she is dead, until she can a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within her.


Still a nerd.:moustache: Aw yeah
Awesome story so far.

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