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On 5/16/02 (Human Calendar) and 5/16/11 (Equestrian Calendar), an immense resonance cascade event connected three different dimensions in a massive disaster that would change the face of their worlds forever.



Doctor Phase Ray is not having a good day.
Things started off simple- system crashes, equipment failures, and daylight savings complications. But when a routine sample analysis goes horribly wrong, Phase Ray is forced into a battle for her very survival, along with many of her colleagues...


Doctor Gordon Freeman is not having a good day.
Things started off simple- system crashes, equipment failures, and ruined breakfast casseroles. But when a routine sample analysis goes horribly wrong, Gordon is forced into a battle for his very survival, along with many of his colleagues...

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So apparently I'm doing this. :applejackunsure:

The following is a fusion fic with Half Life 1. There will be several differences in events, characters, etc, but the feel will remain roughly the same (hopefully). Most of the Black Mesa scenes are inspired by the mod of the same name- if you haven't played it yet, do it now. It's incredible.

The point of view will alternate between several characters, with focus on the following:

Dr. Phase Ray, PhD.
Dr. Atom Smash, PhD.
Officer Ricochet, White Canyon Security
Officer Galloway, Black Mesa Security
and several others, to be revealed as we go along.

Hope you don't hate it! :pinkiehappy:

1347149 i like it...looking forward to more!

I see what you did thar

But, yeah. Gonna check it out. I've had vague ideas for a Half-Life X-over myself, though my own ideas involved Dr. Breen, because he's awesome.

Edit: Not bad! Nothing particularly interesting happened this chapter, but the writing was solid and I didn't spot any mistakes.

Someone recently played a little Black Mesa, methinks. Well so did I, so my interest is piqued.

"a... interesting magazine" :trollestia:

This. This seems quite promising indeed.

Because he is an anti-social, mass murdering psychopath


Not really, he just has a PhD in survival. Seriously though, how in the world does he survive all of THAT? From Black Mesa, the Combines and an alien invasion... man, he's tougher to kill than a cockroach!

Is it bad that I read White Canyon's announcement system in Portal 2's "Pre-recorded message" voice? :twilightsheepish:

I like this. I seriously wanna see where this will go! UURRRGHH can't wait for the next chapter

Lol "White Canyon". I'm interested.

Headcrabs loads and loads of headcrabs I will be pleased if our kin gets to have it's way with so many subjects.

*Wakes up, stumbles into living room*

"Hummah wubbah gubbah..." :pinkiesick:

*opens laptop, checks fimfiction*

"Garababble nabble- HOLY SHIT, 37 NOTIFICATIONS." :pinkiegasp:

This is the most love I've gotten for something I've posted on the Internet ever! Thanks, everyone! :pinkiehappy: :heart:


I'm replying to you so you have one more notification. And it's called a crossover, not a fusion, lol. Will read later.

FINALLY. A Half Life crossover that actually looks interesting.


I know it's a crossover- I just have my own labels for different kinds. Fusions are ones that blend both universes together, and regular crossovers have good old-fashioned universe hopping. Admittedly, this is a bit of both.

:scootangel: The More You Know! *da-da-da-da*


I agree. This story shows a good start with a lot of potential.:twilightsmile: But Gordon's 'dialogue' should be limited to simple descriptions of his movements (nodding, walking, stabbing, etc...).:pinkiecrazy: Still looks like a good start for the cross-over integration. Looking forward to future chapters! :pinkiehappy:

Barney didn't give him The Beer.
He will be one man army until he gets wasted.
Then he will become a drunken one man army.


Trust me, Gordon's a man of few words in every sense of the phrase. So far, all I plan on having him say is "Right," "Wait here," "Let's go," and perhaps a solitary "What the hell?"- and only when he absolutely has to speak.

I'm guessing that Gordon Freeman and Phase Ray meet one-another soon, like in the next couple chapters?


Surprisingly, no.

In fact, the- -y_--!*-(&&)@!..?#@+__}>



&^#,@+{&*_}>,__ .,,.aND_.-that's why nobody mentions Race X in Half Life 2! :pinkiehappy:

I commend your bravery of doing this with OC's! Most people who do this either with Half Life, Portal, or Left 4 Dead do this with the mane 6. But this seems like the best I've read yet. You have my full support on this story and I hope to see more soon!


Thank you!

But, ah, Twilight's kinda in this, actually. :twilightsheepish: Not the main focus, though- but she does get around to being pretty badass as things progress.

I'm liking how this start, just your average day. Cool can't wait for more :pinkiehappy:
I was a bit put of by Gorden talking. But snse you made it clear that hes a very quite guy i guess it's alright.

I predict... A shepard.
Not the most specific, I know.
I like the concept you have here. Not one of the things I expected to see.
Keep it up.

1352872 Oh my God, me too!:rainbowlaugh:

Seriously, though, this looks really freaking good. Please keep this up.:moustache:


Make that three. :trollestia:

Didn't originally plan it that way either- it just wound up sounding that way in my head by coincidence.

Made a few small edits to the first chapter. Sorry if that shows up in your notifications or something. False alarm!

Shit's getting real.

Inform me of any grammar/syntax/spelling mistakes, and I'll correct them ASAP.

There's an error in your writing.

Black Mesa =/= White Canyon.

Imma let you figure that out.:twilightsmile:
Otherwise, great chapter!

If someone has not played HL1 yet, now is the time.
Here is a mod that is basically HL1 updated to modern technology. Black Mesa Source

Yes YES the Headcrab happy fun time is aproaching rapidly I can not wait for the ensuing feast and slaughter.


Um, I have, thank you. I've played both, actually. :applejackunsure:

1379730 I imagine the recent release of Black Mesa was the event that inspired this story, eh?
On a related note, listening to the Black Mesa soundtrack is awesome while reading this story. Makes the events even more epic.

I wonder who and what will find Gordon, I really hope that it will be Phase Ray. Him and her seem like a good match, especially when the story is seen from their point of view.

I'm liking this. It's a new spin on HL that has quite a bit of potential. Great concept, keep on writing, I'm excited for more!

Yikes, I hope Twilight's okay.:fluttershysad:


See my blog post. She's doing about as well as one would expect of her. :trollestia:

The fun begins!

This is the part of the story where things are going to start drifting apart- we'll be seeing things from a lot of different perspectives, though Phase Ray will remain the primary focus of the story. Still, that doesn't mean we won't be taking time for others- there's already Galloway, Atom Smash, Otis, Shepard, Calhoun, and of course Freeman. All these people/ponies/whatever and more will have their own little story- and you'll find them all here.

Again, any spelling/grammar/syntax corrections are appreciated.

This is too great. WHY IS THIS NOT FEATURED!!!:flutterrage:

This is one of,if not the best fanfic I have ever read. Props to you kind author :pinkiehappy:

Your faithful [and not sarcastic] student happydeath :moustache:

Wow, this is getting good.


All I cried out at the guard scene was FIRST BLOOD. Soon to be multi kill..........hopefully.

Hey hey, I got to reading this chapter! Exciting!

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