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When Twilight is dragged through the maw of some... thing, Luna, Shining, and the rest of the Mane 6 begin to figure out a rescue plan to help their friend. What they don't expect though is something altogether unique, different, and bizarre...


McCarren, a human 'scientist', soon shows Twilight all about our world, but will we be able to stack up to what Equestria has to offer? And even so, will Celestia even allow this knowledge to be exchanged?



I took up the challenge to write a story where the main focus is all about comparing both the culture and technologies of Equestria and our world, and yes, OUR WORLD. I had a bunch of people saying how no HiE or PoE has us technologically or culturally right/superior to Equestria.

Well, I think we will just see about that, hm?

This story will be trying to portray the most realistic version of the human and pony worlds interacting. I'm not saying its going to be perfect, but I will be trying my best!

Also... if ANYONE can find me a better image, PLEASE TELL ME! DX

Chapters (3)
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This interests me. What did you say the humans name was? If I am correct it is McCarren? Did you happen to get that name from Fallout: New Vegas, as in the NCR's Camp McCarren?

Sounds interesting, I'll read after I get some sleep.


Lol loved New Vegas so much~ but no... it honestly was the first name that came to me :rainbowwild:


Thankies~ i only try :trollestia:

Really? Wow, bet that surprises you XD

Anyways, I am a fallout addict. Spent over 100 hours on one character in new vegas (almost perfect ending). Now, I have 40 or so hours on another profile that has the perfect ending. (Great Khans, Brotherhood, NCR, Enclave Remnants, and any other good faction (minus Great Khans, that was just a bonus I put in) working together to take down the Legion, and eradicating all the other evil forces XD)

Fantastic job. Great idea.

Always Shipper6 - I used to have a perfect profile in Fallout 3. That game was amazing. Excluding DLC. That was a bonus. Can't say I ever got into New Vegas. Never had the time. Damn work.


(Twi's Innocent) - Scarlet Harvest

Well then. Tracking. And have a thumb.


Lol yeah, I am total NCR with my character~ My first ever character actually made me banned from Goodsprings...

I didn't know that red things meant i was stealing :derpytongue2:

But now i am a Follower and NCR like, godsend for them :yay:

I always love the assassins after me... its like "PITIFUL LEGIONNAIRES! THOU SHALT DIE BY MY-" And then Veronica punches them... :yay:


Thank you, thank you :yay:

And trust me, New Vegas is so good~ :twilightsmile:



...What the hell am i gonna do with this?! :trollestia:

Arcade has always been my favorite follower. Veronica second. Main reason...Arcade is Enclave. Even though there wasn't an Enclave faction in this (except for Remnants), it's still my favorite.

And yes, I am for both of those as well. NCR and Followers all the way! :yay:

And for assassins...they either run into an Anti-Material rifle with explosive rounds, Anabelle with HE rounds, or my favorite, This Machine with normal .308 rounds (gotta love that ping when you reload). Or, maybe a Riot Shotgun or Dinnerbell...(I recently fell in love with shotguns in Fallout. I have no idea why. I guess it's just satisfying to see Legion members bodies just fly apart in a big, red gory mess (Bloody Mess perk helps :pinkiecrazy:) Still, gotta love those physics. Shoot a guy in the head, whole body explodes XD

I really going to like this story.

934236>>934263 I love New Veges, grand total over 200 hundred of play time. Though that's nothing compared to my Fallout 3 playtime, over 500 hundred hours. I've never played a single game that much. And I'm looking forward to Fallout 4, just imagine, Fallout with Skyrim's engine. :raritystarry:

Yes, it shall be amazing (I've done about that much as well when you add up the multiple profiles I have on both games)

934521 Same with me. I want to know, did you prefer Fallout 3 or New Veges? I prefer Fallout 3, not offense to New Veges, but I just like the feel of 3 more, and it's DLC's where better. Though New Veges does have way more content, and the weapon modding and factions I really liked.

Oh my god. This story. Oh my god. I'm always saying to HiE authors 'y u no technology? y u no conflict? y u no tank?' and it's just over all gotten boring to see them instantly be at peace with the ponies, or make sure to hide important things like being a completely warlike species, and being omnivores. This story will likely see to 'yay jets, yay chicken legs, yay science'

If I could track this twice, I would.

Always Shipper6 - And to anyone else - You can find Fallout 3 with all of its DLC for about 20$. Also, I spent nearly 200 hours on that game. So good. :yay:


Hey, uh, hubord? you know that the reply button on people's comments links them to the comment in their notification... just saying their name won't :unsuresweetie:

Just thought I would let you know~ :twilightsheepish:

Yeah I know. My iPod's being stupid.:derpytongue2: I'm surprised I havn't bother looking at it yet.

i can't wait for more

soooo :twilightblush:

moar :pinkiesmile:

now :flutterrage:

please. :fluttershysad:


I know i know! MOARR! :yay:

I will be done soon so hold your ponies already! :trollestia:

3 things.

First thing: oh my god yay :heart:

Second thing: Who says 'fellow scientists' in a situation like that? :rainbowhuh:

Third thing: 'short series' DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE. :flutterrage:

Cliff hanger, i like your style...

I hope this isn't going to be one of those stories that has two chapters then never updates.


Might take me a bit but no, i should have more :yay:

I'm surprised i have more total views than you =P and i have 9 chapters in my most recent Fic XD and i have about have the views for "Completely read" i win :D since i have a better ratio than you :D

I shall not stand to let this die!

C'mon, man!I want to see this updated so bad!


yes yes i know just that... well, college is a bit much for me at the moment and i have been trying to get some of my other stories off of the ground as well!

Im not TOTALLY sure if i will return tot his but if i have the gumption/inspiration, i shall... ok?

I thought you totally abandoned this fic. Thanks Luna I was wrong! :yay:


I never truly abandon anything... it just takes a bit for me to get back into the swing of things honestly :rainbowlaugh:

That, and HW is a bitch~ :rainbowkiss:

So when we can expect another chapter? It won't take another 3 months I hope? :derpytongue2:
HW = Homework?

Evidently, the answer to the question "If all your friends were jumping off a bridge, would you jump off too?" is "Yes. Yes I would." for ponies.

This indeed would be a story to write (it looks hard for me) and with life happening and all that, well i really like this chapter.
Lots plot and its nicely written, nothing bad about it. :twilightblush:

When you come back please finish this story'

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