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[Not canon to Season 3 ending][Occurs before the Royal Wedding]

Anyone here think it's another generic Fallout Xover? You're wrong! It's my vision of Fallout 4!


Twilight Sparkle has done many things: defeated Nightmare Moon and Discord, even had a temper tantrum or two. One thing she hasn't done is survive in a post-apocalyptic nuclear winter without any of her friends, or any ponies for that matter. All that she has is her magic, a combat knife, a rifle, a 9mm pistol, and a strange creature called a "Hoo-Man" that she travels with for protection. All that she can really do is try to find her way home and to not die every five minutes.

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Inb4 an influx of FO: E fans arguing over some pointless shit.
I'll be waiting... with popcorn.

Looks promising can't wait to see where you take this.



2432747 Length wise or time between each chapter?

2432822 Into The Black is sort of what inspired me to write this, as odd as that may sound. I was always interested in the 'X pony returns after Y amount of time away. And is now a complete and utter badass.' stories.


Hopefully I'll be able to explain enough legitimate Fallout lore to where you'll have at least a basic idea of what had happened to... the world in general.


It'll vary. I don't have a set time limit for when a chapter should be completed, and my chapter lengths have been known to vary depending on my motivation to write. So, I can't really guarantee anything timewise OR lengthwise.

Fallout New Vegas was a great game. It's actually thanks to the mlp fandom that I even considered playing it in the first place.

Author, your story seems promising. ItB:aMT was one of the first stories I followed almost religiously, and I read most of the spinnoffs. Bravo. :moustache:

This is a very intriguing story so far and I hope to see more of it soon!

Interesting. I'm a sucker for a Fo:X fic. I'll be following this until it no longer captures my interest.

Formatted nicely, characterizations seem fine given the circumstances, mostly error free, and seems interesting enough. All in all, pretty good start; not favorite quality yet, but could easily get there in a chapter or two.

However, a handful of sentences are awkwardly structured, especially the Celestia section (and I think at least one sentence is in an incorrect tense). Also, you spell out quite clearly that Twilight does not in fact have a rifle with her when she goes through her inventory, and then proceed to consistently say 'her rifle' in expository text.

2433219 Hmm... *Checks*
.....:facehoof:.....dammit. I'll go fix ALL of that now.

EDIT: I honestly probably bullshitted Celestia's section subconsciously because I don't really like her as a character.

EDIT2: Went and fixed some things. Hopefully it reads better now.

If it's FO4, why doesn't it have any awesome new weapons? Instead all we get is some generic NV inventory, kinda dissapointed.:ajbemused:

2433537 Because I was advised by two of the best Fallout/FiM writers on the site to not deviate the tech too badly.

Those two writers are: tony1685 and ed2481

2433441 Oh yeah. Also, I have to wonder how she's still getting radio signals from The Wasteland on her Pipboy...

2433630 Haven't fully decided on an explanation for that. If worst comes to worst, I'll just chalk it up to the Pipboy being the 4000 model.

If .45 pistol appears in NYC, does that mean New Cannanites will be in this story?

2433656 ...:rainbowhuh: Where'd you get a .45 pistol from? Her arsenal is a .45 Auto Submachine Gun (Thompson), a 9mm pistol, a broad machete, and a combat knife. She doesn't have a .45 Auto pistol.

Besides, just because one man had a .45 pistol in NV, doesn't mean that he was/is the only man to have one.


Most generic explanation...


I did two. :`c
EDIT: You stole my fucking font that I stole from Fallout.
EDIT AGAIN: Potential recognized. Welcome to the club. Added to New Vegas, it's closest to that, and I am not making a Fo4 folder until the actual game comes out.

Comment posted by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx deleted Apr 16th, 2013

Faved to keep an eye on this. Looks promising.

All my yes'es to this - I love post-apocalyptic stories :pinkiehappy:

2433537 In a few chapters, I'm actually gonna add a couple of things that a friend of mine was wanting for the legit Fallout 4.

About that radio stuff, how about making that a holotape recording instead of live broadcast?
Also, I checked Nukapedia and the only mention of NYC in Fallout Universe is that UNHQ was there before UN was disbanded and Dean Domino has performed there before the war. So you can basically write whatever you want without risking conflicts.

2438656 I was actually curious about any NYC-related Fallout lore, so thanks for that!:twilightsmile:


This song is sung by Dean Domino in Fallout Universe, so you can probably use it somewhere. Maybe a prewar theatre where Dean Domino once performed.

Hmm, it seems that you're following the story "On The Wings Of Angels" pattern of storytelling, I'm I correct? Or you going for something else entirely? Either way, I like the way this story is going, keep up with the good work. :twilightsmile:

2440354 I'm using the 'X pony returns after Y amount of time and is now a complete badass' plotline that OtWoA, Into the Black, ans ... a few others use. So, in a way, yes I am.

If there is one thing that I hate its a story that moves too fast. Like a fine wine a good story should be savored.:twilightsmile:
Unless its pure clop then story is unimportant:derpytongue2:

Pinkie Pie shouted, “Cliffhanger!”

Damn you Pinkie!

If six months in Equestria = Six years in the Wasteland.
That means the timeflow is different and time moves slower in Equestria.
So why is that radio in Chapter 1 broadcasting at normal speed instead of 12 times faster?

Also, pretty sure that Michael Barrymore doesn't exist in Fallout Universe seing that he is still alive as we speak.

2452943 Who said that it would be broadcasted faster? It would just be broadcasted at an earlier point in time.

(I have not taken physics so my wording may be off about that.)

And just how the hell did she get the radio signal if she's not in the same universe as the radio station?

We were required to take a Physics and Aerodynamics course when we went to High Flyer’s Academy for Pegasi

I have a school!?!

2453141 Again, as I have said above in a previous comment, I have not come up with an adequate explanation for that. If worst comes to worst, I'll chalk it up to the Pipboy being the 4000 model.

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