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EDIT 5/19/17: Now being remade from the ground up! Go give the new author some love, will ya?

The Capital Wasteland. The post-apocalyptic hellhole that was once the prosperous city of Washington D.C. The Lone Wanderer, one Carter Thompson, is the Messiah of The Wastes, having shut down the Enclave's presence in D.C., taken down numerous and large threats, and activating Project Purity and giving the Wasteland clean, fresh water. So yeah, he's seen it all. Fourty years of "service" to the Wasteland helps, too. But one day, after a venture to the Arlington Library at a certain red-haired scientist/crazy person's request, the Lone Wanderer may be in for a surprise in the form of a heavily armored and blood-ridden blue pegasus......

EDIT 4/17/16: This fic was made waaaaay long ago, and I harbor not a whole lot of intention to continue it, mainly out of personal reasons and reasoning itself. Maybe one day I'll come back to it, but everything, and I mean everything will have to be revised.

EDIT 12/30/16: Just read through some of this again. Damn it's a mess. Ugh.

Thanks to Trigger Brony for letting me use his art!

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interesting i'm intrigued to see where you go with this

I can not wait to see where this will go!

I wonder whre this will take me...:trixieshiftright: :rainbowkiss:

I think this story is...
*puts on sunglasses*

(but for real, I like it so far.)

An interesting premise I haven't seen before. You may want to slow down and go into a bit more detail. This chapter went by way too fast.

You, sir, have just earned a like and favorite.

You have piqued my interest in this story. I look forward to reading more of it as it comes out. Keep up the great writing!

Nice story, but why Washington D.C.?

2477593 Because who wants a post apocalyptic epic to take place in the middle of nowhere... cough...(newvegas)...cough.
2479155 Is this a Fallout Equestria AU or just a Fallout crossover? Cuz FOE never actually stated RDs fate...

2479277 Hey now. New Vegas was purty cool. Just not as spectacular as the Capital Wasteland. This story is not at all associated with the wonderfully created FoE universe. Hell, I haven't finished that yet anyways. This is a crossover with a rather different (from what I've seen) approach to a Mane Six character getting caught in the hell that is Fallout 3. :rainbowkiss:

2479340 The GAME wasn't bad... but the location was useless. Only worse location would have been Fallout Dustbowl edition.
I am looking forward to this since Diamond of the Capital Wasteland got cancelled.

2479429 Yeah, I mean: why Vegas? New York or Alaska would suffice. And Diamond got cancelled? Awww, that was an inspiration for this too....

2479459 That's all the explanation I need to thumb and fave. Good luck and god speed.
I hope for frequent chapters and quality work.

I'm liking it and I faved it to

Ok, this looks pretty awesome so far. I'm gonna give it a like and a fave and see where you take it!

2479155 Oh. Cool. That game is beastin'.

2520110 Not to pry, but good interesting or bad?

No problem man, I'm always down for some constructive commentary. It was good interesting, The small scene about the C-4 locker was a bit hard to follow, but other than that it was pretty good.

Let me guess RD's SPECIAL: Strength: 6, Perception: 5, Endurance: 6, Charisma: 4, Intelligence: 5, Agility: 10 (Obviously), and Luck 6. What do ya think? :rainbowdetermined2: Dash is Badass.

2520169 +1 Intelligence and you've got yourself a good S.P.E.C.I.A.L. I will refer to. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Anonymous Assassin deleted May 10th, 2013

2520213 Blackhawk is a unique .44 in Fallout 3.

So in this situation it would be referred to as Blackhawk, and not A Blackhawk or, The Blackhawk?

2520245 That's what I've always done.

Well, in that case I suppose that is a perfectly legitimate sentence. Please forgive my ignorance, I haven't played much fallout to be honest...

Comment posted by Anonymous Assassin deleted May 10th, 2013

2520213 Thanks for your informative constructive criticism. I really suck at the whole who whom thing. Thanks for pointing that out, the other things too. I'll get to work on fixing it a l'il bit.

No problem, I love to help out where I can. If I find anything else I'll add it to the list. If you want I'll remove what you fix too, so little mistakes aren't immortalized in the comments section..

2520281 And as for those mistakes you pointed out earlier:

1. It's common knowledge in the Wasteland to be silent. Many irradiated animals have heightened hearing, and trust me, squaring off with a surprising Deathclaw unprepared sucks.

2. I must have reworded the sentence right before he reads the note. I originally put

He now realized that the mare was talking about the note that he had apparently missed when he walked in.

It makes sense that they wouldn't want to attract unnecessary attention to themselves in a hostile environment. But after their outburst of laughter and subsequent conversation, (not to mention the fact that Dash tried to shoot him, which would definitely attract attention) in my opinion it would be good if some visible sign was given so the reader could better understand the character's thought process. Maybe something as simple as him putting his finger to his lip and whispering "Shh" as he hands her the pistol. If you show the reason for their transition from laughing and threatening each other, to complete stealth mode, it would help clueless non fallout players such as myself better understand the story...

I did like Dash's antics in the C-4 scene, she would totally be all nonchalant about it... because cool guys don't look at explosions.:rainbowwild:

2521636 If you re-read it, it says that really only Carter laughed

a hearty laugh

, while Rainbow just pulled a feign laugh to give herself time to find a way out. Kind of a "go with the flow" situation. Hearty, in my opinion, sounds somewhere near the middle of the loudness meter, but leans towards the low side. I know, kind of complicated. Conversation itself was kept to a minimum, in the form of a very short


from Rainbow, and a two-sentence, scary lecture from Carter about not trying to shoot him. In the case of firing the revolver, it is said that it misfired, as a result of Carter's 100 in Sneak, which is a little joke that my actual character in-game can crouch in the middle of combat and steal his enemies rounds so they can't fire. As for the handing of the pistol thing, Carter is a very caring person, with an unchangeable Messiah rating in the Karma department. I usually imagine some big guy who could easily take your life saying "Shh" as a bad thing, and holy crap I just noticed this comment is kinda long. :twilightblush: Well, an explanation is an explanation, so I hope that clears it all up. :pinkiehappy:


Again, my ignorance of the Fallout universe comes into play... The thought of game stats having an effect on characters in this story had never crossed my mind.

i gusse rainbow still have alot to laern still, the westland is only made for 2 kind of people carzy and cold haerted

Maybe Rainbow Dash after she was all like 'Fuck you Enclave' she was all like 'New universe fuck you Gilda' :rainbowdetermined2: Point being Rainbow Dash might be the Rainbow Dash from Fallout Equestria that we never knew what happened to!

So... this is post Fallout 3? As in more then 40 years after the events therein?
Hmm I would have assumed that the proximity to the Citadel / Citadel ruins and its intact library archive would have made the Arlington Library relatively secure after the first time the Wanderer passed through.
I'm not sure how many characters from the original Fallout 3 would survive 40 years... After all Moira is... terminally naive...

2595245 A lot can happen in forty years, my friend. Besides, you know the Brotherhood, by now they would've wiped the library clean of technology, as is their one purpose.

2595656 Logically though, the Citadel is almost across the street, unless it was a smoldering crater they wouldn't want raiders setting up shop on their doorstep...
And I'm not sure what they would do regarding a civilian library archive after obtaining a copy of it...

2595716 The raiders came in from the sewers, hence Rainbow's C4 scene in the second chapter. She blew up a camp of them in the sewers. The Citadel, in my universe, is slowly starting to deteriorate, and the coming of age for Elder Lyons after 40 years kind of strains the Brotherhoods presence and leadership. The raiders killed the Scribe at the library, hence the body Carter didn't look at in the first chapter. With the help of the main terminal, they could easily sway the Brotherhood to think all is well, but luckily Carter was there.

Ah, very good then.
I missed some of those details, but it is good that you have the scenario thought through so thoroughly
Sorry if it seems like nitpicking.
I look forward to your next installment.

2596014 Don't worry. You have questions, I'll answer them. Besides, this is my biggest fic, so I kind of have to. :twilightsheepish:

okay leaving this comment prior to reading.
I saw this in the favorites of one of the authors I really like, saw the cover, title, read the description and clicked it thinking 'why the fuck not!' in a good way.

2597331 Nice to know you took a leap of faith! :pinkiehappy:

2597444 one I don't regret taking having read the all the available chapters:twilightsmile:

Well, at least they won't be meeting the Courier, coz he/she would most likely have twenty levels on carter and have more weapons, perks, and a whole robotic army to back them up, if they took over New Vegas for themselves.

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