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Jesus christ, this stuff is SO MUCH WORSE than I remember.



Njeri Ujk (an american with a weird name) and his friend Charles accidentally cast a spell on himself and tuns himself into a were... something... I know it certainly isn't a werewolf.

Hello there, people (and ponies, few as there are) of the internet! So, Nightmare night is coming up for me... so that means its HALLOWEEN on earth! So, I decided to make a Halloween story based off of the picture, made by Sketchy mouse on DA. SPEAKING of DA, could anybody create a vector of me as a bat pony? I need a costume! But anyways, here's the story,
-The Author

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ah, my dear friend has made a new story, which i shall upvote, fav, track, and read. Also been looking for a human were-pony story for a while, so make this one good mah friend.

Njeri Ujk


Unë shoh çfarë ti bëve atje. A ti vërtet mund të flasin Shqip?

6585798 Ayyyeeee .. Unë sinqerisht e di q.q HUZAH! NXJERRA një gjuhë të re!

THE PRNCESTROLESTIA BUT DO THEES! (that's my xbox 1 gamer tag XD)

6585831 ^^ Mirë Si për ju? mori ndonjë ide Costume?

AYYEEEE..! I COME FOR THE HORSE! *looks at YOU* . . . Wait... your a human... I RECORRECT MY SELF! I COME FOR THE HUMAN! *I soon shoved you on meh back as I ran out of your house* TO... I DONT KNOW YET!

Jo, më fal. S'festoj Dita e Shenjtorëve.

6585860 ok e saj ^^ * * përqafim dhe në qoftë se ju doni të vazhdoni duke folur vetëm mesazh mua këtu pasi ne should komentet e turmës le; P

6585863 Damn. No more comments for me to throw into google translate.

6585951 XD Bruh. we know this language mate. I'm bilingual bruh! XD

Heeeeey!!! Someone got it!

Perchance, do you speak Albanian?

Pse jo? Shqip është një gjuhë e mirë për të flasin!

6585965 I'm not XD
6585976 One sec *traslation machine go* Yeah, and only English. I'm a spoopy american. XD

You used Google Translate, didn't you?

Shqip is the autonym for the Albanian language. If I wanted to ask you if you spoke English, I would've said "A ju flisni Anglisht?"

6587741 I did say in the original comment that I used Google Translate to begin with.

6587741 . . . Dude I'm bilingual :/ You learn a lot when your a mute XD

Ah, shumë shkurtër. Kërkoj, pse?

I lolled. Needs some proofreading though...

You go, Wind Breaker :twilightsheepish:


Error 404: reference hath fallen on deaf ears.
(I don't get it)

Because he's breaking wind. Wind Breaker. Get it? :twilightblush:

hmmm....not the best ending i have seen, but also no the worst :/

6618261 I laughed at that way harder then I should have.

6617910 Wind Waker? No, that was the Adult Timeline, my mistake. I'll go ahead and shoot myself immediately with a Hookshot.

6670868 I laughed really hard when I accidentally came up with that for a Transformer's name some years back. :rainbowlaugh:

6588353 You're mute, and yet you speak online? :rainbowhuh: I've never heard of anything like that before. :twilightoops:

SPEAKING of DA, could anybody create a vector of me as a bat pony?

Go here !

before halloween night and since we weren't trick or treating, so we were bored.

“Why do I feel like we screwed up?” Charles asked.

as a shortcut to some Halloween party on “the other side.” Sure it was the other side of the woods, but just saying “other side” made it sound more creepy.

"It's... Blue." He stated flatly. "Dose... Does it hurt?" He asked.

"Not really," I shook my head. "It just feels weird... kinda good."

Ok, we sounded way more calm than we actually were but we were quivering with fear.

"I think... I'm gonna be sick..." And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, it happened.

The crusaders showed up.


The three of them were toting around a wagon for their candy. It was connected to the motorised scooter the motocross one had.

they took me there,

Cowgirl knelled down next to me.

I smiled at her, but then my stomach growled...LOUDLY. The three girls giggled. I smiled too.

Jessica pushed the tray over to me.

I don't think I can eat all that (partly because I'm not too keen on salad)!

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