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Faller in Equestria

Hello everypony! Im trying to get onto the fic horse for the first time! My fandoms are Gravity Falls, Mlp (duh), Minecraft, and Dr Who! I love crossovers! Email me if you have any story requests!

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Welcome man always liked the crossover.

2028137 Eh. Then it would lose it's childish charm, which is one of the reasons I stick around.

WOOOOOOO APPROVAL FOR STORY! Forgot to double space it :facehoof:

2028135 So very :fluttercry: I want comedy central to buy it out and make an adult version!

2028131 Sadcited for the final episode?

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2028124 How are you doing, my fellow fan?

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Youtube Channel?

Heyyyyyyy mares and colts! I am currently working on a Youtube channel named NerdSaneGaming! DO NOT TRY TO FIND IT YET! I have not uploaded anything, so my channel wont show up if you search for it! I will be playing video games such as Minecraft, Yandere Simulator, and other games! BUT I need some help! I am having trouble taking video of my laptop screen, do you guys have any suggestions for screen recorders?