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I type stories with my hooves (when I don't have hands)! Now, if you'll excuse me: I have to travel through time and dimensions and right it all down and pass it off as fake. Like all writers do.


Author's Note: After reading the story "What the frick!?" I decided to try my hoof at transformation, seeing as I constantly switch between pony and human. But anyways, back to the point: I'm not planning to work on this very hard, at the time of upload, but I WILL work in it. But, who knows? If it picks up traction, I may devote more time to it. Well never mind that! This story is taking more priority!
Also, bat ponies are cool! Did you know they litterally sleep like bats? How cool is that!?! (Note to self, set the TARDIS TCC to "thestral" and skip to nightmare night)

I am Diana Zediker, and I live in a lonely house in the middle of, what I like to call, "nowhere Oregon" with my uncle. Then, I met him. Man is he dreamy! But, 2 minutes and one bite later, my life gets turned on its head, I'm not normal anymore, I'll (probably) never see my uncle again, and now I have fangs. All in the span of two minutes.

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I'm interested in seeing where this rabbit hole goes.

Nice description of the event, most pieces skip the transformation or just do it very broadly.


Creepy stuff happens in Nowhere.

I wonder if it's like being turned by another vampire, where the turned has an attraction to the turner.

Either that or the mind is really the plaything of the body, and being ponified carries mental edits as well.


Well, technically there ARE mental edits to ANY transformation. Small edits that allow your mind to control it's new body. But also, more "primal" things are edited here. I'll explain it in a later chapter, and I do mean that literally. Every, word. (Cough cough) foreshadowing (cough cough)

Really good story. I don't find many of these around here, especially ones that are written like this. It was a little put-off-ish when I saw the length of the chapters, but I'm glad I started reading this. I'll be watching this one.

Well ... aside from typos, and wall of texts

This story is surprisingly smooth for me to read even with those 2 problems.

So have an upvote, fave and a few :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

I really do like human-to-pony stories and I REALLY like bat ponies so I will be tracking this to see where it goes from here :derpytongue2: :heart:

Sorry, but "creepy stuff in a creepy town" has my name all over it. Where is this "real Nowhere?"


im was being sarcastic :P

and making a dumb reference to courage the cowardly dog :twilightblush:

and ive been tempted to have a place called nowhere, texas in one of my abandoned ideas



well, when I actually get around to reading this, ill have some feedback

Wait, why are you apologising? I'm hinting at my ability to... :rainbowderp:never mind.


ehh, I just woke up from a nap and my brain isn't running on all cylinders:derpyderp2:

I'm just doing this as a bulk thing because I'm reading it on my phone :twilghtblush:

Chapter one

“It's a great canvas for your imagination to paint a BEAUTIFUL adventure for a board 17-year-old”

Unless she's a plank of wood I think you mean bored

Chapter 4

“There there, it's gonna be ok. Just, let it all out." Dusk tries to comfort me, by stroking my and scratching behind my ear.”

I think you mean me :derpytongue2:

This is so good! For once, I don't mind short chapters. This is really fun to read. Can't wait for next chapter.

YES NEW CHAPTER! (LostThoughts explodes)

I wouldn't mind Dusk biting me :trollestia: I don't mind transforming into a Bat Pony :duck:

:rainbowderp: Well... I've never made someone so happy the exploaded before. That's new.

That's because you're a brony/pegasister. She is not. SOOOOO (from her POV) she has just been ripped from her world and humanity and is now a flying four-legged creature with fangs, hooves, and fur.

Also I do not blame you. Ponies are better (in some aspects) after all. I should know, I am one :pinkiecrazy: !


Yep, a crazy brony :pinkiecrazy: XD and that is true for people who aren't a fan to suddenly turn into a pony for some reason could lead to some unexpected reactions.

And good to know that you're a pony :pinkiecrazy: ponies for life! XD


Sorry was on a huge sugar rush :rainbowwild:

it's thougt the whole "my life changed in two minutes" thing seemed familiar :trollestia:

5945212 it's up to courage to save his new home!!

and 127.8 seconds is over two minutes by 7.8 seconds :trollestia:

5951261 ah this fills iin a great gap I had no idea existed. (has nothing to do with your comment on the story)

:rainbowderp: Curse you and your sorcery known as math!

Oh, I'm Diana

If that was a league reference considering she got transformed under the MOON, :moustache: I approve.

"NOPE!" I shouted as much as this tiny voice in my head screamed "F**** YES!!!" So I beat that voice up and put duct tape over it's mouth.

. . . that reminds me. . .

That was terrifying! And that's saying a lot because I've gone up against slender pony!

Dusk fly's out of the room and off into the kitchen

the correct word here is "Flies"

Aww have some 'fun' with Dusk :trollestia: you'll love the pony life even more after a night in bed with him XD :trollestia:

Well... technically there was no bed. They were hanging from the ceiling, doing nothing.

What's that? You thought they did it? (gangsta) get yo mind out-a da gutter!


At the rate that I see her loving him, they better save up them bits then XD just kidding.

Sure... I can just imagine them going at it XD :heart: But I just felt like posting a teasing comment is all :twilightsheepish:

5955928 exploded my friend. Ya gots some spelling issues my dear lol

5971694 I like ur pic of Lyra. only if the person didn't make the fur on her ear seem as noticeable as possible. other than that I like it :)

5973028 the gender build of the head makes me think mare, but the mane makes me think stallion so I will just have to go with stare :p (referring to your avatar)

5977414 in my story I'm thinking of having Emma and Lyra date.

ooohh, and when does she turn human again? and when did she get into equestria? I forgot lol


Oh sweet Celestia! All my fears have been realized!!! Please don't! I beg of you! NO! If Lyra is going to shipped with anypony (even if I don't want her to) it's gonna be Bon Bon! Not some human friend who has been COMPLETLY platonic for the entire story.
Also, I'm a male. Geez is it that hard for humans to tell my gender?

"Hey you're right!" He said, catching onto my train of thought. "If it's from your world..."
"Then so's he!" We both said together. We turned and ran back down the street, back to the Lord of Stories.

what i thought off after reading

Like a radioactive spider bite, or a comment crashing into the ground with a rainbow trail behind it, giving me super powers.

do you mean a 'comet'? because a 'comment' is what this thing is... :applejackconfused:


I don't know, I feel she is jumping ship a little too quickly for my liking. Personally, I like to take a little time to go through the whole process of accepting a drastic change. I feel like we are jumping over a couple of steps here. :rainbowhuh:

I'm scaired, don't get me wrong, but not proporly terrified.

I believe you are looking for the words 'scared' and 'properly' here. Not to sound mean, but Google is a great tool to check spelling of words. I use it myself when I need clarification on correct spelling.

"I can deffinatly get you back there."
yeah... deffinatly not that
so this unfortunatly meet I wouldn't get to meet a unicorn

'definitely' and 'unfortunately meant'.

A mid-evil throne chair,

I was looking at the upstairs windows, wich periodically flashed with light.

Do you mean a 'medieval' throne chair?

I think you mean to spell 'which'.

I hate to be that guy who sounds like a douche bag, but the shortcut key for grammar and spell check on most document writing programs is F7. Also, throwing a fourth wall break with 'The Author' deserves a :facehoof: .

But do know that I want you to improve, I'm not trying to be mean. :pinkiesad2:

You can relax on the whole douchebag thing. I'm probably (unintentionally) more of one.

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