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Dixon Alexandra Shephard, your everyday 16 year old going through high school and adolescence stuff. He never would have thought that one day, he will find a very confused and lost princess from a television show. Much less having his normal life turned upside down.

Join him as he endure a day of high school with the most irritating classmates, and school bullies. While at the same time, trying to keep Princess Luna safe.

(Rated Teen for language and some 'situation')

Coverart by BerryPAWNCH

Luna's Fanfiction Library Approved!
Do not confuse 'Luna's Fanfiction Library' with 'Luna's Library'. 'Luna's Library' is a different group focused on Crossover stories while 'Luna's Fanfiction Library' are focused on all kind of stories.

Edit: 20/10/2013, 50 likes! Milestone #1! Thank you all!
Edit: 31/7/2014, 100 likes! Milestone #2! Thanks guys! You're awesome!
Edit: 21/12/2013, The following chapters, Monday Blues, The Three Stooges and Snow Day, will be taken down for reworking and rewriting. I will update this post when each chapter is re published.

Edit: 26/12/2013: Chapter 1 have been re-released.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 201 )

Please don't make Dixon explain to Luna that the human race are a bunch of monsters and wish Luna he could come along. So, he can live a better life.

What? You mean normal people don't talk to hats? Where did I go wrong!?!

So far so good, keep going~!

3145504 Oh people in Team Fortress 2 do talk to their hats :pinkiecrazy:

Hummm... this sounds vaguely familiar... :trollestia:

3152310 Do you see many PoE(Ponies on Earth) fanfics that has a teenager as the main character?

Jkjk, you inspired me to write this you know.

Why not turn to a mobile phone?When they ask who you talk says an old friend from outside the country

3158769 Dixon already had a phone, an iPhone to be precise. And besides, wouldn't it be weird for him to push Luna's buttons? That sounded so wrong.

Comment posted by Kronos fiery deleted Sep 5th, 2013
Comment posted by Melancholy Angel deleted Sep 5th, 2013
Comment posted by Kronos fiery deleted Sep 5th, 2013

3158956 As said before, Dix already have an iPhone. So a second phone isn't going to make sense. Besides, it sounds so wrong when he pushs her buttons.

Ah yes, the teleportation project. The talk of the century. Who knows what crazy ideas they're thinking of? Sooner or later, we'll be invaded by aliens from outer space like Half Life 2! I think they should focus more on the next big thing that all of us have been waiting for in 2015.

Half Life 3?

3161811 The next big thing of 2015? Lemme give you a hint, October 21, 2015.


Ps4? Portal 4? I have no idea dude/dudette.

3164052 In the movie 'Back to the Future' there is a hoverboard shown in the movie on the date of 21 October 2015


That is almost as awesome as Half Life 3.:yay:

3165746 Nice Avatar sadeslayer54 i don't know why but your picture with Scootaloo presenting a poster that says "You are a Faggot" is somehow very hilarious for me :rainbowlaugh:

Oh wait im here to leave a comment about your story not to laugh at the other guys Avatar.

I like your story and the ideas simple as that.:twilightsmile:

But by the way I have never heard of a guy named Dixon, were did you got that name?

3168949 It just randomly popped up in my mind.

3171981 Randomly popped up you say :ajsmug: hehehehe

Dixon sounds like dick if you know what dick means:duck:

>l>>3173375 As if I didn't know the "other" meaning of dick. You'll see in future chapters.

3173469 uh......well...ok this conversation has taken a turn i was not prepared for :twilightoops:

3173536 Don't worry, it's not NSFW. Just some immature namecalling.

3173637 that's totally ok with me, I mean if you wanna write a clopfic than go ahead.

I was just trying to be funny, my name IS lolmaster after all :twilightsheepish:

Ok here I go...
*Ten minutes later*
Well I've gotta say that it's still good, but it does seem rushed, your pressing events that could get entire chapters to themselves *i.e. a day of school with best hat* into mere paragraphs... and the (possible) main antagonist reveal seemed a bit quick and very rushed in my mind... and seriously... rule 34 of Luna man? Don't get me wrong do what you do, hell I've seen my fare share of it myself... but actually saving the image to your phone sounds like a bit much... and don't try to use the 'but what about the pic you posted on your last chapter' arguement because that was a pin-up and pin-ups and porn are two very different things.
(I hope you can tell I'm being sarcastic in all this keep up the good work, but remember what I and others point out ok?)

3192367 Dixon is a pervert, he doesn't saved pictures of Luna. He just saves the links to it.

3192367 And also, that's because the Cunt isn't the main antagonist(at least for now) I am split between whether to write a typical American school timetable or write my country's school timetable as I am not an American.

i can tell this will be a very good fanfic, keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

Can i have that cookie you mentioned?

3207379 The Three Stooges, ya see. *pokes both of your eyes*

Your doing a good job can't wait for the next one:coolphoto:

3208880 I mean as in reference that isn't already named out loud. The Three Stooges aren't one of them.

3209900 Oh, so is it the Them reference to Doctor Who?

I really wish bullies got punished more often by the teachers, principals, and police, but they always seem to escape justice, at least for the moment. Absolutely disgusted over a lot of the BS bullies pull.

This gonna get updated anytime soon? I'm still eager to see your take on how 'Luna in our world' would play out.

3233937 Sorry for the long delay but due to school I have less time to write the 3rd chapter, but at least I got 1,800 words on it now.

It will be posted when it's done.

Here we go...
*ten minutes later*
Look... I know that your trying to make this as realistic as possible, but you really need to lay off the profanity (This is coming from a MARINE I mind you) It's almost to the point where I've nearly skipped entire sequences (I haven't yet but just letting you know) swearing from time to time is ok, but if you use it in every paragraph you'll turn readers off because they'll think you had nothing better to think of and threw in a swear because that was the only way you could power through a writer's block. A positive is that you took my advise (to an extent) and went through a school day I'll also give you props for a clever resolution to a potential volatile situation, even if it was a tad bit quick.
So in conclusion my advise is to slow it down just a tad, then it'll be really good... it may become more popular than a certain Luna fiction about her on earth


You need to lay off the profanity (This is coming from a MARINE I mind you)

LOL. Marines use the f-word seven times in a single sentence, if not more, although yeah I agree, the bad language is a little derailing.

Also, Luna is not goddess IMO, but other than that and the swearing the chapter was okay.

3237064 I don't think he really swears all that often.


The c-word was used the previous chapter, although I guess the number of swear words is overall low.

Dude please don't work to hard on it finish your (shit) first you still have the rest of your life to write chapters

Also at idea for you is Maybe you can have them sneak out of school and go exploring and that will give them more time to talk :duck:

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