A few years ago a group of friends collaborated to make a story online, but gave up, disbanded, and grew distant until now, reuniting on a hiking trip that is unexpectedly interrupted when they're pulled into Equestria and tossed out of a sonic rainboom (in equine bodies, no less) in a strange chronicle of events that not even they understand. Once there, they struggle to fit in to Equestria while trying to understand what exactly happened.

It's too bad passports won't cover universe jumping.

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Heheheh, ah, good read.

I'm intrigued! This seems interesting, and I think you're doing a great job of balancing out EIGHT DIFFERENT PEOPLE. I look forward to reading the rest!

Unfortunately, this chapter took all of my lunch period...

Good day and good health
First Spark

:twilightangry2: this is the 15th story that I see with a gray vote bar, how do you guys even do that?!!!

Comment posted by ROM deleted Aug 21st, 2015


Mm, yes, I've noticed the very same thing when browsing the site, but it doesn't seem consistent; the bar gains colour when I leave and return! I wonder if it's a site error? :rainbowhuh: Or perhaps there's a ratio of likes to dislikes required that creates the "gray-vote-bar phenomenon?" Either way, it looks pretty swell! :scootangel:

-Brony Pony

6339617 probably the first cuz ma story has the same amoun' of like an' dislikes and it didn't became gray like those others.

Yeesh. Quite the gaggle of people. And a crack between worlds? A more creative transition, I've got to admit. I don't envy their landing though.

6339617 6339601 It's a new site feature. Like/Dislike ratios are hidden until at least 15 (I think) votes come in to prevent people from being turned away just because people disliked it first.



Wow, that's pretty nice! What a thoughtful system!

-Brony Pony

I liked the end it was all. Ha ha ha pony parts ( rushing wind) oh right I'm in free fall aaahhhhhhh.

6339644 :rainbowdetermined2: I knew it, my intuition once again proved to be right!

hmm... some potential here. i want to see where this goes. (faves)

Prior to the necklace business, this felt more like the early part of a Detective Conan episode than a pony fic—eight acquaintances coming together after a long while for a hiking trip. Any minute I was expecting someone to end up dead, and enter Kogoro Mouri!

Not a criticism. I actually don't have much either positive or negative to say right now, but I guess that's the nature of initial chapters.


Ustedes vinisteis sin ellos.

Ustedes takes the third person plural, vinieron. Unless you're making him intentionally wrong, in which case, doh!

Not gonna lie, I'm still juggling all the characters in my head. It's gonna take some more time for me to get them. Still, in the meantime, I think you're doing a good job. This seems like it could have good potential.



Thank you, we totally missed that mistake! You're a life saver; now we won't look like fools! :twilightsheepish:


I'm going to add character concepts in chapters that focus around specific ponies, unlike this one, in the hopes that it will make it easier to differentiate by more than just name and personality! Thank you for your compliments~! :heart:

-Brony Pony

Alright, hello there story. Let's see what characters we have to play with during our D&D adventure today:

Hana, Taylor, Joshua, Reuben, Edvart, Stephen, Connlaoi, and James.

Who do I feel bad for the most so far? Connlaoi.

Who do I like the most so far? Nobody. I hate literally everybody in this story, it sucks. I think i'll go with Jaaaaames.

I don't know, I like the name Jaaaaaaames.

Going well so far, i'll keep up with this. :twilightsmile:


well placed changeling is well placed

I love this idea. Plz write more!

Well damn. Consider me surprised! I wasn't expecting you guys to have a chapter up and running for a while or so. Regardless, congratulations on getting your foot in the door. I look forward to seeing what else you've all planned out and the road ahead.

P.S - Also I like how you guys tinkered with my old necklace idea! I'm curious of the future role it may play in the coming chapters.

Now where is the invisible Discord with his bowl of popcorn? There's no way he would miss all this. :trollestia:

“I was able to contact everyone except Morgan, pero ustedes vinieron sin ellos! It surprised me to learn that I was the only one who actually kept contact con ustedes after we cancelled the collaboration.”

“Taylor, if you get to speak Spanish, I can go Japanese on yo’ ass,” Reuben warned.

(google search) so that's "I was able to contact everyone except Morgan, but you came without them! It surprised me to learn that i was the only one who actually kept contact with you after we cancelled the collaboration."

'rmj iy' s hino jol?' Can be roughly translated to, "What is going on?" (Sorry, wasn't looking at my keyboard.)

Anyway, updates, hurray, all that. We get to see where it goes. :twistnerd:

I'm not one for reviews, but I give it a 10 out of Spike. :moustache:

“Okay, let’s see if you can keep up, big guy,” she called as a challenge, giving the flapping of her wings her all. She aimed for a large layer of clouds, the dragon again catching up to her. After bursting a hole through the mat of clouds, she made a corner turn, snapping almost a whole 90 degrees. The beast exploded from the same fluffy surface, roaring in outrage over the trickery. The pegasus herself was now aiming downward, pushing herself forward harder and harder each second. Almost ... there ... Rainbow Dash thought as the dragon spotted her in seconds, raising its awareness with a satisfied grumble as it began to dive. Her wings bat on the sides of her body, propelling her forward at astonishing speeds as she focused on a town that slowly came into view beneath the two. The dragon was already on her tail, closing its jaw and tearing loose several strands of hair. Rainbow Dash was no longer worried anymore, however; a cone began to form over her forelegs, tightening into a point. Just as the giant red lizard’s mouth was surrounding the multi-hued mare, an explosion announced her breaking of the sound barrier.

According to Death Battle, 5 TIMES the speed of sound, then instantly doubling it to mach 10.

Hana was particularly different from the others, and not just because she was a female or earth pony; her coat was sparkly and transparent, and her mane was incredulously shiny, not unlike a crystal pony.

more likely translucent, methinks.



Google isn't too reliable in language translating! Ustedes is actually plural, so it would be "you all"!


That would be a better way of putting it, yes! Thank you!

-Brony Pony

Yay! An update!

And it has me laughing like all hell

At first, i thought this was just badly written, (no offense) what with all the monsters attacking and weird things happening, but then I found out they was just Charisma's half put-together plans and I was like...:rainbowhuh::rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

This is great. Need moar.

Pretty good job with the plot. You nailed the townsponies' plausible-by-show-logic with their reaction, avoiding the extremes of "changeling kill it!" and "Oh a changeling. That's fine."

My only complaint is that it will be a challenge to have us readers keep track of your numerous main characters. We'll never confuse Hana or Taylor for the others because they have an obvious quality that makes them stand out, but the others are difficult. Unless you want to resort for gimmicks for each character—which would probably work, at a cost—I'd recommend giving each of them a chance to really etch themselves into our heads through their actions.



Thank you for your input! Yes, we certainly will try to give characters spotlights to make them more tangible and recognizable as individuals! Perhaps visual characteristics may become tellers, but hopefully they'll be more recognizable by their actions and thoughts!

-Brony Pony

The wendigo part has some text missing.



Ah, thanks for that, I hadn't noticed!

-Brony Pony

Welp. in the movie jumper the guy was JUMPING all over the place like mario jump man :O But in here they be jumping with out dem passports. READ ON'

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