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I not only write my own story about Equetria, but I also write sequels and short stories. Please enjoy the collection I've made so far!

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Go to your username thing, then click Blog. Then Click on make a new blog post and post it there. :facehoof:

1541812 i haven't had blog experience. so no.


You do know how to make a blog post, correct? :facehoof:

today, i received a lot of comments on my work in progress. some of them were supportive, others were constructive criticism, and many other were blunt trolls.
i made the mistake of deleting a ton of negative comments because i felt targeted. i am truly sorry if any of you were offended by my actions, i didn't mean to look like a bad person. i just felt completely alone in perusing my dream.
i will happily take any comments that can improve my story.

i simply ask that people do not just point out flaws, harass people with other opinions. and recommending making it a clop-fic. it's supposed to be a story with meaning and entertainment.

again, i apologize for any offense you might have taken by my actions, and i hope you can all give me another chance.

  • Viewing 1 - 5 of 5
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