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In honor of the trilogy of stories written by the ever glorious Shadowflame, This group has been made to house the stories that have been inspired by his work. Yes, that means stories that take place in the universe he created for the story that "Needed more Ponies" can be submitted here for all to enjoy.

And enjoy them we shall.

Possibly too much.



Is it possible to enjoy something too much?


No wait, yeah it is. Holy Mackerel, how is she- er... uh... Ahem. Never mind.

ANYWAYS! Feel free to join in on the party if you liked Shadowflame's stories, even if they weren't in the "Needed more Ponies" category. Seriously, he's pretty good- OW OKAY I'LL STOP GETTING SIDETRACKED! GEEZ!

Just join the group if ya feel like it and whatever....

I need an ice pack.

1: Don't be a jerk. At all. EVER. Like seriously, it's not cool.
2: Please don't spam or be hateful in the forum.
3: Have Fun Writing.

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When is yours set?


Well me and grey are

Have no fear, the Author is here! I'm making the first (that I know of) fan made story of this trilogy!

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