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This story is a sequel to An Azure Future

Not too long after being ponified, John must find a mate in order to maintain his pardon. So nine years after his wife left him, he must venture out into the dating scene.

Unfortunately, he has to deal with Field Trips, HLF remnants, crazy ex-PER members, even crazier mares and the horrors of a social life. No one said moving on would be easy.

Highly recommended to read An Azure Future prior to this.


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Glad to see it finally up :twilightsmile:

Bored... bored Krass wrote a new story ?! Insta-track ! :twilightsmile:

Me gusta. I read the first story, brilliant. Can't wait to see what you this one. :twilightsmile:

Azure fachoofing?

Life is complete :pinkiehappy:

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

Uhhhhh. I got a wingboner twice.....

Azure: :lolmeme:

Ok seriously. Someone needs to make a pony version of that meme....


Wow, was that an awkward date! I loved it. Poor... everypony! Skin-crawlingly good.

Now I want a blueberry muffin.

wooo! another! finally!:yay:

I said a silent prayer to my deity that you didn't take the alternate ending as canon.

Please, continue... :twilightsmile:

I didn't see any glaring errors like in your last story, so that's good...okay so far plot wise, that date made me cringe.

:rainbowlaugh: Marvelous~
(Just wondering can Azure fly yet?)

I have a strange craving for milkshakes after reading this. I have no idea why...

Enjoyed this chapter. It's a great introductory chapter, John has an amusing, skin crawling, awkward & humorous date. Also Grindah the matchmaker *priceless*.

Hmm... early days, so I can't give a definitive verdict. Good so far, though, keep it up.

As usual, I dig the humour the most. "Butts are for pooping".

Not drunk enough. :ajbemused:

and now I comment again!:rainbowwild:
still as good as the last fic:pinkiehappy:

"Butts are for pooping."

Literary and poetic genius.


It was an April Fools thing...

So yes, the correct reaction is: "Wat."

Bahahaha. Someone needs to draw fanart about this Xd

hehe be glad the horseshoe was not on the other hoof..
and what about R63 john?


:pinkiecrazy: She's gone now! We do not speak of such things, capice?

i deny your reality and replace it with my own.
she still exists

397176 I also support this... now to find someone who will...

Hmm. Someone quickly draw an azure-shaped hole in a street :D

>Catapult son and bed out of window
>Give more shits about replacing the bed and window than about son

I dunno if I've said this before, but John Norris confirmed for Father Of The Year.

An excellent incorporation of Cadence, my hat goes off to you sir :rainbowlaugh:

yellowstone? a yellowstone crossover?

He's Already done a Mini-shoutout of sorts; Who knows if he'll out-an-out crossover or not. Keep up the great work, Krass :)

hah! As much as I dislike Cadence, princess of babysitting, that was pretty funny.

hey! In the Acure future you writhe the following statmate: I met princess celestia. I have never been so scared before.

To make Candence to the dream contradic with that statmelt. That make this dream no the troofh. All of it is just lies!
But a good story

Needs more Jameson and Krogan murder trains.

Firstly, holy crap spelling and grammar issues.
Secondly, if we assume that Chatoyance's Code Majeste takes place in the same universe, then yes John has indeed met Princess Celestia, as well as Princess Luna.

566895 this was to the writer not to you mate. And i know my grammar sucks. Any thing aganst that?

Well, I was just chipping in with how I thought the author's logic works. Whether I'm right or wrong, it was not a direct attack against you.
And as for your grammar issues... Being a grammar nazi, yeah. Sorry.

567091 Ok, but do not do this agen with out some evidence that is backing your up. Deal?

I did say 'assume', meaning I was not claiming my views as fact.
Next time, though, I shall make sure to put in full caps "THIS IS WHAT I THINK" to avoid confusion.

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