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I'm the creator of Otakuworld.com, Jenniverse.com, the computer game Boppin', numerous online comics, novels, and tons of other wonderful things. I really love MLP:FiM.


Melanie Zucker rides the maglev to the very last Conversion Bureau. No earthly possessions may be taken to Equestria. along the way, Melanie must find a way to shed the last things that hold her to human life, a task less simple than it first appears.

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As pointed out, this is already complete :rainbowlaugh:

still completely deserving of it's 5 star rating and favorite :twilightsmile:

You've done it again Chatoyance. Good top notch work as usual.

5* and Track.

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Look at the tag. It's "Complete" :ajbemused:

114102 Why so it does :rainbowlaugh: Got too excited at seeing the email so blitzed into reading as fast as my internet would take me :rainbowlaugh:

Nice Story Chatoyance, a good one shot story, I'm always happy to read those :twilightsmile:.

Please don't stop writing... but here have all my stars.

I still wholeheartedly believe that you are the greatest fanfic writer in the MLP fandom. Five stars, without any shred of doubt.

Even though I am not a big fan of pro TCB fics, it is undeniable that your writing style is fantastic.
You should consider writing novels.

Short but sweet :) I am perplexed by the Purification concept, it seems to contradict some of your other stories which simply indicate that the barrier expands around the earth until it meets itself somewhere in Africa. A different time is given here as well- six years now. Some of your stories say five years, some say eight years. I am growing increasingly confused as to what the real timeline is for all of this. Some clarification on these matters would be welcome.

Back then, when I was part of a growing community of TCB authors - before the bastards came and started attacking, turning everyone against each other, and basically destroyed everything - I worked to create a 'Big Tent' that included all of the other authors that (at the time) I considered my friends.

'Purification' shouldn't technically exist in my universe, it is a reference to the works of another author, one that, in the end, was not as much of a friend as I had hoped. I never should have included it.

EDIT: now all references to 'Purification' are gone, gone, gone.

My official timeline is eight years. Year zero is the emergence of Equestria, and year eight is the last moments of earth.

This poster I made shows the expansion of the Barrier within this timeline:

I'll throw these in, because they are pretty:




Ah, I see! You might consider writing up some errata at one point or another to clear up the inconsistencies in your earlier stories that resulted from the Big Tent idea. And I enjoyed all of those posters quite a bit when I saw them before on your DA and faved all of them ^_^ they are still good now!

Dang it's been a while since I read one of your stories. Even in one of your earlier stories, you wrote fantastically! Thanks for the read!


I am glad you liked it! Thank you for your kind post, and for reading my story!

Killer last line.


Wow! Thank you! That was what I was going for, so... super yay!


> “jenniverse.com/images/conversion%20bureau%20poster%205%20small.png

Due to the distortion of the projection, the circle should distort as it gets larger, break as it crosses the North Pole, then again when it crosses the South Pole, at which point it will form a very distorted closed circuit around South Africa, which will shrink as 0-Point approaches and become less distorted.

It is impossible to project a sphere onto a plane without distortion. I prefer the Dymaxion-Map, AKA the Fuller-Projection, because it minimizes the distortion:

Project the globe onto an Icosahedron and then tear apart the Icosahedron, so that one can lay it out into a plane. Multiple ways exist for doing so because the Icosahedron has 43,380 distinct nets.

Fuller-Projections are very cool. I like them because, folded, they are icosohedrons, or 20-sided dice, and the D&D player in me thinks that is super cool.


I play D&D too. I have a joke:

In Geometry-Class, the teacher calls upon a D&D-Player and asks “¿How many Platonic Solids exist?” and “¿What are their names?”. The D&D-Player responds thus:

5 Platonic Solids exist:

* The D4
* The D6
* The D8
* The D12
* The D20

Ah so a maglev is like a monorail? I wish they still had the monorail at Darling Harbour (I've been told that it's been taken down).

Yes! Maglevs are monorails, only they use magnetic levitation rather than wheel carriages, and thus can travel very, very fast. There are some that exist today.

4718351 More proof that the conversion bureaus could eventually exist :pinkiehappy:.

4718351 I also found out that favelas exist as well.

Oh yes, they do. All over the planet.

Here's one used in this poster I drew:
This particular one is in South America, I think.

4727855 I saw them on a show, they did billy cart racing and stuff. Similar to the one in the poster, it was on a steep hill. I also saw a video on maglevs/magnetically levitated trains in science today. I was the only student who had heard of them :pinkiesmile:.

Wow! I guess I can be edumacational and stuff. At least sometimes. :trollestia:

4727913 You are also very good at art. That poster with the picture of the serum flask looks so realistic!


Thank you, very much!

Simple. Quiet. Slow.

A person last breath before they go to sleep and dream.

I wanted to say I am appreciating your prose-poetry in your comments. I have a fondness for prose poetry.

...prose-poetry... You do know how to butter someone up. Like bread!

Funny stuff aside, I never realized that before. The whole poetry words things. I don't think it's something I do fully conscious-ish. It takes me awhile to write things out and I guess it's just easier to keep it short. I would talk like that in real life but I think it makes people think that I'm crazy. Mostly likely they think "a retard" but I rather be broken crazy than... I can't think of something nicer... I already said retard. Or I could be lazy and I don't like erasing words/sentences or honest about my thoughts. Both.

I'm more of a picture and to a lesser extant music thinking person. Not comfortable posting pics and song files in comments. I do that when I feel it's ok. Not that I could tell you when it's ok. Ok, maybe I could... wow. I would just like the thoughts to come from myself and my words and voice to match up. Not being two faced. Get the emotion out. Have a point.

Which this is not the place. About me.

It would have been simpler to say "Thank you." or nothing at all. I didn't want to be simple at this point.

I first fell in love with prose poetry during my transition, back in 1981-1982. During that time, my only entertainment was a radio, which I tuned to a public station. I listened to the original Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, fresh from the BBC - it started as a radio drama, long before the books.

And... there was Word Jazz. Ken Nordine. See for yourself. Words about Blue.

In other universes, alien beings have entertainment programs where humans are the stars of horror stories. In the end, they are defeated when their weakness is determined to be their own hubris. - I'm not sure if I pulled that from something written by someone else (I tend to imitate more than come up with my own material) but it seems appropriate, I guess.

As for the takers in this story... Yup, sums up a lot of people. Some of whom I know. Take, take, take. Even if you can't use it.



Indeed, sigh.

Thank you very kindly for reading my story.


Thank you, RoseQuartz1, for reading my story - and you are absolutely correct.

A very nice story, horrifying though it may be. A nice look at the decay of humanity as the world turns to ash - be it by its own hand, or an outside force like the barrier - and what humans are willing to do to escape it. Me likey.


Thank you very much!

The Ballad of Departing for Heaven  

There is your ticket, there’s your car,
It’s in good order, you may now board here.
In Technicolor heaven your dreams are,
A constant movie for three hundred years.

All’s now behind you, all you’ve seen,
We took your prints, and smuggled goods won’t pass.
Like seraphim you’re sterile-clean,
You still get bedding, though you aren’t in first class.

Now all the prophecies are now all coming true;
A skyward train - we wish you all the best!
Oh how we want to, how we’re all wanting to
Not die, but definitely sleep and rest.

This station Earth... Don’t look so blue,
No point in shouting; it’s deaf now to our calls.
Where one of us is travelling to -
He’ll meet God there; there must be God, after all.

Go tell him hi from us, you know...
If you forget, we’ll live, and we won’t cry.
We’ve got a few more years to go,
We’ll play some more, and properly we’ll die.

Now all the prophecies are now all coming true;
A skyward train - we wish you all the best!
Oh how we want to, how we’re all wanting to
Not die, but definitely sleep and rest.

Our sons and grandsons, three ages hence,
Will follow us into this void without dreams.
Though God forbid a war, perchance,
Or else our great-grandsons will very foolish seem.

You’ll wake, and someone’ll show you to
A world where cancer, stench and war are past,
Where vanquished is the Hong Kong Flu...
For all things ready - are you happy, fool, at last?

Now all the prophecies are now all coming true;
A skyward train - we wish you all the best!
Oh how we want to, how we’re all wanting to
Not die, but definitely sleep and rest.

Well then, farewell, there goes the bell,
Safe be your journey from all troubles and goodbye!
And if you do meet God there, then tell
From all of us below - just tell Him "hi"

( Vladimir Vysotsky, 1973 )

Wow... is that a song? It really seems like it should be set to music, you know? Very interesting.

Yeah, a song from old Sc-Fi movie. It was actially about cryogenic time travel (at the time when SF was more optimistic), but anyway...

That is remarkably powerful. A simple story, but one that's going to stay with me.

Thank you, Rocket, for reading my story.

I actually have a character, among my many, named 'Rocket'. Thus I find your ponynym fun! 'Rocket Racer' (as he calls himself) first appears in the short novellete 'Letters From Home'. He is referenced again, briefly, in the novel, 'The 800 Year Promise'. Basically, the character is a young, ponified man, a 'Newfoal', who ends up working as a Firepony in the small town of Greater Fetlock. He's a side character, but I am fond of him, your name and avatar remind me of him. Cool!

Anyway, thank you for reading my story.


I read Leftovers and now this.

You, sir/ma'am, have a way with words. And a way with philosophy, too; Leftovers made me think about who we are, and the fact that the human brain is an amazingly deceptive pile of meat, lying to itself every day about what it wants and why it chooses.

I think I'm going to -- when I get home -- lay down, contemplate the ceiling, and think about life. And ponies.

Thank you very much... and thank you, for reading my stories.

Perhaps I am a bit slow on the uptake here, but am I to understand that her last possession was her humanity?

Yes, essentially. In the sense of having a human body and living a human life.

It's based on the old concept that the one thing we ever truly own is our own bodies (I am of course ignoring how much government makes claim to our bodies, what happens in and to them, and even our very lives. I am also ignoring slavery both historical and modern.) So, yeah, our last possession is always our body.

Or, in the case of this story, the shape of our body.

So, you got it!

Thanks for clearing that up!

I figured that's what it had to be, but it was fairly late in the evening when I read that one after binging through a couple other stories of yours, so there were some disconnects in my brain. Definitely an interesting final possession, though I'll still stick with the exact phrasing I've got there. A body is just a body, and I happen to inhabit it. My humanity is something I was taught, that was grown within me, and that was cultured beyond just feral instinct. I possess that. I live within the flesh.

Possessions are just things, and things aren't who you are. Even the shape or condition of the body does not determine the person inside it.

And ponies are people too.

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