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I'm the creator of Otakuworld.com, Jenniverse.com, the computer game Boppin', numerous online comics, novels, and tons of other wonderful things. I really love MLP:FiM.


Summer vacation means no school, but it also means long days often without anything to do. What is any pony to make of such a thing? This series of stories explores the many feelings of summer for the denizens of Equestria.

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This is beautiful. Just simply beautiful. You've captured something fragile and delicate here, and I enjoy absorbing it very, very much. I've only read part one, and I already felt I had to comment, which should be a compliment in and of itself. Judging from your writing, I'll probably comment on part two as well. :heart:

...and I was right. Thank you so much, dear writer, for encapsulating this bundle of feeling and presenting it to us. Now, for some reason, I'm really looking forward to summer... :heart:

Awh, summer's ending here. :twilightangry2:

Oh well, great story! :twilightsmile::heart:

Yes, beautiful... Those lazy summer days under my favorite tree, watching the clouds flow and shift.

There were a lot more clouds back then... It was a very long time ago.

But, reading this I was sent back to a happier, more care-free time in my life. For a few brief moments - I remembered.

And thank you for that.

Poor Sweetie Belle. So much dumb fabric.

'Greensward' is a fun word. Greensward greensward greensward.

Absolutely perfect slice-of-life story; caught that go-nowhere do-anything summertime feel perfectly.

Scootaloo is officially Precious. Forever. Go home, everypony, she won. :pinkiehappy:

And now I want summer back, to go back and be a child.

God, I regret being a shut-in as a child now. I really, really do.

Beautiful story. :D Loved it!

Summer is a Unicorn Conspiracy to sell more ice cream! :pinkiecrazy:

I need to buy some ben & jerry's.

And still, tangentially, Conversion bureau continuity.

Lots of d'awws were had.:scootangel:


Almost as much fun as "thwart."

Still got the magic touch, Chat.

A beautiful, lyrical painting of summer as a child. I read this slowly, savoring every perfect word! Thank you for sharing great writing, and for bringing me back to those days of summer!

This deserves so much more attention then it’s received so far. A wonderfully hart warming short, capturing the essence of a childhood summer.

I’ve always wondered how you write children so well Chatty, you seem to be able to express their thoughts and view of the world in such a empathic manner.
I hope you write more like this in the future, it really brightened my day :twilightsmile:

I can't click the upvote button enough times!
Also, I'm downloading this and making a reminder on my calendar to re-read it in August sometime. :pinkiehappy:

I'm gonna buy a box of ice cream cones in another week or two, it's warm enough it might as well be summer :rainbowlaugh:


*pony in a white suit with a large needle bursts through the door*

No! I don't want nappy time! *smash*

Y'know, I love how the CMC see ice cream as, like, friggin icy, cold, refreshing, sweet, tasty Jesus. 'Cause I do too.:pinkiehappy:

I realized that I was smiling the whole time I was reading this, because of how child-like the narration is. It's adorable and funny, and 100% from the eyes of a child.:pinkiehappy:


I still feel this way about ice cream, especially in summer. So this was all pretty much written from the heart.

>>Chatoyance must be one fondly reminiscent heart

I had ice cream today. It reminded me of your story and how much I liked reading it. This story was very sweet. :pinkiehappy:

At first I was sceptical, but at the end you convinced me.
This story was amazing!

Now I want ice cream though... :fluttershysad:

I never did get around to this when it was first posted... and now it's the dead of winter here in New York. 24 degrees outside on the first of February, and I want to trot down and go get a hot fudge sundae or something.

This has absolutely brightened my day, after the bad week I've had.

Hearing that made my day, Noble Cause. Thank you.


Made good on my promise, and I have the fudge-coated spoon to prove it!

This is one of those stories that, I believe, will always put a smile on my muzzle. And I have you to thank for it.

Maybe they wanted to, but the couldn't.


muzzle was flat to the ground. grass stems rose on either

Capital G

there would be Sweetie and Apple, and Cheerilee

Her name, unlike Sweetie Belle's, is just too awfully strange to be summed up to just "Apple". This is more "my opinion" than a valid point, though.

FIXED. Thank you for the editing help!

2143576 No prob!

"Silk has to breath, little sister, it simply MUST!" She always went on about stuff like that. "If silk doesn't get a chance to breath, why,

Breath is a noun, not a verb. "Breathe" is the word you're looking for.

DIRT with spending the day in here with the Creme de la Creme of fabrics?"

Be consistent. Either use italics or CAPITAL LETTERS. Not both.

"SIS!!!! Please! I wanna go play before the sun goes down!

One is more than enough. Two, if you're feeling rather shout-ative, but that's already stretching it. The descriptive language of your story should make up for the lone exclamation mark.

have some fun, alrighty?" Rarity opened the door

Alrighty. Rarity. Really? Why is Pinkie Pie using a Rarity costume? I mean--even when Rarity is feeling rather jubilant, she doesn't shift too much from her usual self (coincidentally, one of my favorite aspects of her; her personality is consistent with who she is, and not a fake one).

Oh boy, I'm really enjoying these. Honest!
(Even though I'm not a fan of summer... 35ºC at six in the morning ruins your day life)

I swear I went through two editing passes with these stories, one reading them out loud to one of my spouses. I can't believe the obvious errors. Oh my!

Thank you again for catching them.

I think some of that "grass" wasn't grass. :trollestia:

Joking aside, this was cute and sweet and perfect.

This is so adorable :D

I fear I may suffer a heart attack if I continue reading this. But I must take the risk, for adorableness demands it!

So much concentrated adorableness, I don't know what else to say but *squeeeeeeeee*


Oh, this one is just lovely. Now I know what it would look like if Ray Bradbury wrote Pony fanfiction. :heart:


Oh.. wow. That... that is an amazing picture. Thank you.

:pinkiehappy: Somewhat surprised you hadn't seen it. Naturally I couldn't help but think of the image all the way through your story; glad to share it. John Joseco is quite a talented pony (and otherwise) artist.

this was a sweet story, although now I want ice cream.:pinkiehappy:


When I write food, I often make myself hungry for things. When I wrote Teacup, Down On The Farm, I became obsessed with biscuits and went out of my way to have some. I just HAD to have farm style biscuits.

The Ice Cream Pony Summer is a special story for me - it is the only work I have done that could truly count as fanfiction. All of my other works are basically science fiction and fantasy stories dressed in ponies, it would take little to erase all connection with Hasbro's IP material entirely. This is my one, real fan fiction here.

This was also my personal challenge to 'Write Like Ray Bradbury'. Bradbury may have been my introduction to science fiction, if you do not count children's books like 'Spaceship Under The Apple Tree' by Louis Slobodkin or 'The Wonderful Journey To The Mushroom Planet' by Elenore Cameron. (How can I remember these books and authors, but not my own phone number? What is up with that?)

I always loved the way Bradbury wrote. He had a way with words, a way with creating prose poetry, where how he said things was at least as - or more - important than what he actually said. I tried to do just that, with this particular interlocking set of stories.

4608658 it was nice, sort of a breather sort of story.:pinkiehappy: keep up the good work.

This is a nice story so far. ¿How do you feel about the canonocity of Flight To The Finish? It seems canoncompatible with Season # 01 except for the psychopathy and antisocialpersonalitydisorder of DiamondTiara. ¿How do you feel about Sleepless In Ponyville?

DuPont invented artificial silk called NyLon. Miss Rarity probably would have a poor opinion about NyLon.

One would think that Equestria would have Single-Payer Universal HealthCare of Science-Based Medicine. Unfortunately, the TicketMaster states that Granny Smith has to buy her own hip:

> “¡Ponies do not need a Social SafetyNet in a world with weathercontrol and an infinitely amount of edible grass free-for-the-taking growing everywhere!”
The 2 Royal PonySisters

It surprises that Scootaloo gets to live an an orphanage rather than simply be homeless because the state does not have orphanages.

Seriously, what the writers did for narrative convenience —— ¡we need to find a reason AppleJack would want to attend the Grand Galloping Galla! —— is 1 of the most terrible things about MLP:FIM. Ponies have this Sword of Damocles hanging over them when it comes to lifesaving healthcare.

In Human In Equestria, you stated that orphaned ponies can always find homes. ¿Do ponies not want to adopt Scootaloo because she is disabled? ¿Did her own parents abandon her because of her disability?


In Human In Equestria, you stated that orphaned ponies can always find homes. ¿Do ponies not want to adopt Scootaloo because she is disabled? ¿Did her own parents abandon her because of her disability?

This story is the only 'true' fanfiction I have ever written. To do that, I tried to follow the existing tropes at the time. It is common in the fandom to consider Scootaloo to be an orphan child. I did make vague references to my Bureau cosmos, admittedly, but I deliberately worked to attempt a pure fanfiction, rather than science fiction, dressed in Pony.

What this means is that Ice Cream Pony Summer isn't canon to the Bureau or Optimalverse or Shattered Worlds or whatever. It just stands on its own, a little story about summer, ponies and ice cream. Done in the style of Ray Bradbury, as best I could manage.


I was being a little funny, but all-ponies-for-themselves when it comes to healthcare is terrible. Here is an hypothetical scenario:

After buying expensive farmequipment, Granny Smith has an heartattack. The emergencyheartsurgery she needs costs 2,000 bits. After the purchase, the Apples have only 1,000 bits. Granny Smith dies.

This can be retconned:

Equestria has free universal single-payer science-based medicine, but triages it:

If Granny Smith would have an heartattck and need emergencyheartsurgery, she would get it within the hour, but since it is only an hip, she gets painkillers, disabilitypayments and goes on a waiting list for an new hip. She will receive her new hip within an year, but AppleJack understandably wants to buy her a new hip now. AppleJack quotes AppleBloom:

> “¡I want it now!”

That is a very good NoPrize explanation! I salute you!

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