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AU of 28 Pranks Later

Rainbow Dash's prank with the Filly Scout cookies went off as it was supposed to. She waits till morning to see how everypony's reaction to her prank. It was going to be great!

Except when she does wake up, it turns out to be not so great....

Chapters (2)
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Interesting... First comment see 3 other people reading..

Not bad, definitely surprised it's taken this long for an accusation like this to come out. But it feels like it could be a lot stronger.


Not the best writer I know and no told with grammar but I encourage better authors than me to try their hand at it

Please continue this. I'm liking it a lot, and would like to see more of what is going to happen.

You need an editor. Badly.

After all the "the mean meanie pants mane five hurt poor wittle Dashie's feelings with their nasty prank" accusation fics it's refreshing to see one where the shoe is on the other foot. My only complaint is that it seems a bit too fast paced but other than that it's a good read.

Comment posted by Justin Mershimer deleted Feb 21st, 2017
Comment posted by Justin Mershimer deleted Feb 21st, 2017

7810841 Actually, this is the second fic like this on this site and I have only seen one fic the other way.

Personally, I don't like this type of story. I'm going to pass instead of downvoting though.

7841424 what other story like this have you read

7842387 already read it and loved it

I happen to know some fitting punishments for those involved in the ZOMBIE PONY stunt. Want to hear them?

7977579 msotly not really as subverting that fanfic idea is a reason why I decided to write this

the mob shouldof laoughd becasue rd did do it and not over anger

7978224 sorry I don't think they did Sicne they paid money for the cookies only to fall victim to a prank by dash especially after all he others she had been pulling

yea but if dash put her cutie mark on the box people would've understand

yea but if they knw it was rainbow dash then they would've had a good laugh

7978257 only dash would find it funny as the point is that there is a time and a palce for gear pranks and dash pretty much ruined the cookie selling if her prank had gotten through

yea your absolutely right but they did the zombie prank the should've known about the outcome of there actions as same for rainbow dash

7977615 Are you sure? You might change your mind.

7978649 certain as I believe what dash was doing was far from harmless

7979725 If you change your mind, you'll let me know right?

7980317 well I don't think I would be Abel to change my mind on this

I just thought of a story idea..from when Daimond Tiara was still bad...

What if after the changeling invasion..Diamond Tiara spread rumor that 'SCOOTALOO couldn't fly because SHE is a changeling spy...' This..ends badly,as in a angry mob hospitalizes Scootaloo whose lucky her friends and the mane 6 found out in time to save her.

What comes next...Is judgement for ponyville by the mane six and possibly 'princess' twilight...disconnection between the mane 6 and the town because they can't believe to their own disgusts that the town let themselves be whipped into a frenzy to such a point...they thought the town knew better after Zecora.

Celestia gets news of what happened and also reacts, making a national speech of her disgust,as well as announcing the TRIAL of Diamond Tiara...who since the incident has been a wreck because she didn't think it would go THAT far. At trial ,questions are asked to her to uncover her mindset,and why she thought causing trouble for the CMC was okay to begin with...unraveling that her home life isn't exactly the best...a Father too busy ,to ensure his beloved daughter lives a comfortable life, and a mother that's verbally abusive and on a rare occasion physically. Only getting deeper when Spoiled goes to Trial and can't keep her mouth shut and reveals family in Manehattan have their own thoughts of superiority.(a certain fashion mare and diva producer)

The plot keeps tumbling open more from here as you can guess. May throw in Spike developing a crush on Sweetiebell after emotionally supporting her after the..incident. Rainbow rethinking her life goal...And meeting Shiny Armor to undergo training to become a ponyville guardsmen,so an incident like this won't happen again.(seriously,they border the everfree but..no guards,police,or anything?) And more on scootaloo will be dug up when she lacks basic medical files...

How's this story sound so far?

Bit too dark for me to try especially since I don't think EVEN ponyville would go as far to hospitalise scootaloo on the sayso of diamond tiara alone

Pinkie whipped reasonable twilight into believing in zebra curses....
Diamond Tiara would simply whisper without anyone knowing it's her,and others would begin whispering ,then the rumors information would become distorted as it spreads and bloom into something nasty...
that's how rumors work...kinda like on snap chat when someone says one person is a cheating slag just to ruin their social life.

And no,I was thinking of doing this idea.

It was only after the poison joke that twilight took them seriously

And still without evidence or anything, I doubt even ponyville can go that far

Season One....Bunny Stampede...:ajbemused:

The town is full of very irrational hair trigger ponies...

Don't get me started on'the horror,the horror!' Trio...

They have never shown any violence or anything not even to someone they thought for. A long was a wicked enchantress who does evil dances

I was actually talking about herd mentality. They panic in mass... they are easily whipped into a frenzy. Although by episode 100 that's apparently no longer a thing since they act causal about the bug bear. Only the flower Trio has issues at that point.

A fanfic that DOESN'T fall into 'Rainbow Dash Can Do No Wrong?'

Is there any fanfics that do
I have seen anon a miss fics where she gets into trouble, like the famous one by Dainn where she gets caught after setting sunset up to get beaten

Oh no sorry, I forgot which of my stories you were commenting on
Yes i wanted this written because I was tired of peel treating this particular episodes as if if was the same as mare do well with the blame belonging to he same people and that dash was blameless for hurtful dangerous pranks

there mean pranks but that prank was not just mean they made her think she killed every body plus there hypocrites two pranks that really only one was really harmful responds prank her by thinking she killed everybody they became zombies and trumatizing her for life see the problem here im not saying rainbow is blameless but what the main 6 did was far worst than the intended prank by all means was harmless and your overblowing it the prank was a simple food coloring prank bas it was cookie fruit role up of anything it going to help beings kids go crazy for that stuff

Well she was jsut going to keep going and they may needed something big to get through to her

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