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Equestria's D'aww level grows again and Obama doesn't care.

Dialogue only once more.

Teen for swearing.

Somewhat sequel to George Bush Invades Equestria

Blame this guy.

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What the fuck was this crap it was funny though.


That is all.


Donated all of Montana XD.

This is me, politicing at you.

... meh, i thought it could be funnier.

Whatever the fuck I just read had something to do with exactly how politics work here.
Obama's wonderful speaking skills, outrageous assumptions, constant acts of slander, and 'Our Supposedly Supporting, All-knowing, and Always Reliable Toolshed' that is American politics.
Wonderful interpretation by the way:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:


A little play on the media too.

Oh yes. How could I forget about our loving, honest, intellectual, merciful, and sincere news networks that are better off being ran by Ron Burgandy and the chanel 8 news team. Oh that would be glorious. But if anyone wants to know more about todays media and everyday life around the media is like, look up and watch "The Onion Movie"

next they must take back Hawaii cuz rainbow was abusing her power

I laughed, I cried.

Mostly because my spleen exploded due to my laughing. :facehoof:

Someone quick, slap me because I can't stop laughing! :rainbowlaugh:

"fuck you Bill, you fire me and I’ll share your little secret.”

The best line i have ever heard from a reporter.:trollestia:

I think you perfectly captured how the President speaks and thinks. :pinkiehappy: Sweet Celestia, that was ridiculous. :trollestia: I loved it!


No problem. Next I should ridicule those who are for gun control...

This is factually innacurate. What would actually happen is that Obama would wage a campaign of merciless drone strikes on Equestrian civilians while the media simply doesn't care.

Did the President just say "Swag at me" live on TV?

And in the end Obama's pony legislation failed as to make it work it required a loophole for ponies who liked their D’awww levels to be able to keep them.

When Weaponized Cuteness is outlawed, only outlaws will have Weaponized Cuteness.

This video represents my thought after this:

3494871Link please, I'm not getting it for some reason?

3494879 That's the point...

3494885 oh, well I feel stupid now....

3494922 Don't worry; I'm sure you're not stupid.

I'm glad you did. /)

"The resulting ‘victory dance’ caused many members of the crowd to be rushed to the hospital for diabetic comas where many are in critical condition and several have already expired." I've been in a diabetic coma before and it is no fun and it certainly isn't something to be mocked or made fun of.

While I find your mocking of obama very funny and accurate, the making fun of people who go into diabetic comas is something that earns a downvote.


have a snickers, your different when your salty

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