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And thou camith down Krass who holdth the commandments, he pointed out thou sinners who had broketh thy rule and he broughth down his ban hammer to bare. and all was good. -ArchangelDoom

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Dude! Okay, credit where it's due. This was fucking FUNNY once I realized what was going on. But you do have some spelling errors in there. Other than that, I liked it.

I've been meaning to try LARPing eventually. This would be an interesting one, so meta. A Wacky Revolving Door LARPs classic TCB LARP.

Could have used an editing run.

yo we heard you like TCB so we put TCB roleplay in you wackyverse so you can pretend to convert after you convert

This is some weird shit. Please continue.

ps: I thought the chapter title was "rofl for initiative."

Awesome idea, man! People LARPing the Conversion era just like they do WWII and the American Civil War today! So, I take it this is supposed to be set some time after some sort of peace agreement between Equestria and the human race in the TCB universe?

2199810 I love this idea. Species being so utterly meaningless and simple...:raritystarry:

I am completely lost.

Sorry for the late reply, but it's a story set in the wackyverse where they are roleplaying "traditional " tcb.

"This activity is sponsored by the SCA. Please ensure all weapons, props and enchanted objects are homologated by one of our marshals. Objects without the homologation sticker or mark will be removed from play and the player bearing them penalized. Have a good LARP!" :rainbowlaugh:

What a twist! This is the best larp I ever seen. :rainbowlaugh:

Wait... Wut? At first I was following then it went south... Somebody please explain


It was a LARP, a Live Action Role-play of the TCB scenario in the Wackyverse setting.

Three things:
1) Thank you for clarification
2) I know what LARP stands for... I suppose you didn't know that, though
3) I have not heard of this "Wackyverse." Do you have a link, by chance?

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