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Magician pulls rabbit out of hat? Standard.
Rabbit pulls magician out of hat? Not so standard.
Psychotic lagomorph pulls filly magician with delusions of grandeur out of hat? Normal for here.
Lagomorph can't/won't put her back? Sounds like a case for the Freelance Police.

Sam and Max have handled many big cases, and their biggest are yet to come. However, it looks like there's someone else along for the ride...someone who refuses to be sidelined, is eager for the spotlight...and is too cute not to spoil rotten.

Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: New cover art by EmmyWithVeri!

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And I'm tracking this cause it's to good a concept to pass up!

Why was the hat just picked up, and not traded for something else?

Well seeing that Bosco's is still open. I'm assuming this takes place during or before season one. So will this include things from the Sam & Max comics and cartoons or will it only be the Telltale games?

I enjoyed your tf2 fic and shall be following this.

Just the Telltale games. I've never read the comics.

This takes place not long before the start of Season One.

5121662 Well the comics are a bit more violent than the games. Nothing gory mostly black humor.

The comics are darker than the games?

*Remembers Season 3 Episode 3*

...never reading the comics...

I found that whole Sam turning dirty cop thing hilarious. But no the comics are more along the two shooting first and asking questions latter.

5121753 Basically in the comics Sam loses his temper more often and Max is well... Max

First chapter and I'm already cracking up... this is gunna be awesome!

Sitting back down, the canid began bouncing a wall against a nearby wall
wearing purple pointed hat and cape
Sam flopped backwards as his tongue flopped out of his mouth, his heading lolling back on his neck

1. Canine began bouncing a ball.
2. Wearing A purple pointed hat and cape.
3. Head.

A friend of mine introduced me to this series. And I loved it. Though I only played scant amounts of it, the humor got me quite good. It's a good brain teaser too:pinkiehappy:

...My Little Dashie but with Trixie, plus Sam and Max?


THIS IS FREAKING INGENIOUS! :heart::heart::heart:

this story is awesome, good job can't wait to see more :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

I wonder if Monsieur Papierwaite is going to be interested in this development...

Consider this story bookmarked and followed :yay::twilightsmile:

Holy shit! I can't believe anyone remembers Sam and Max Hit the Road! Man, weren't the early 90's great?
... Oh! Telltale! Oh, I get ... it. Oh. Ohhhhh.

>>tfw you realize you're almost twice as old as the rest of the website

Forget Telltale, LucasArts 4lyfe

Ooh right, it was you that wrote the Fluttershy TF2 fic.

This one sounds like it'll be even better!

Liked and faved. (Well, shelved. Whatever. This new stuff scares and confuses me.)

There's also the cartoon series filled with over the top 90's humor, goofiness and fourth wall moments.

Canid was intentional, used to refer to a canine-like entity that isn't actually a dog. Since Sam walks around on two legs and shoots guns, canid is more accurate than canine.

The rest I will fix.

That was a very good start. I think you did a great job capturing Sam & Max. Looking forwarding to see more!

Damnit, guys..Did they try combining the Hat with the Lagomorph and then combine that with the Filly?

.....If this plays out like My Little Dashie..and a pony comes along to try and take her back?


"From coast to coast, they track their bemanged prey...
A pile of foes, they leave in their wake...
Woe to fools, who dare to get in their way...
If they had known you were coming, they probably wouldn't have baked you a caaaake!
And sooooo begins, our gruesome tale...
Do not pass Go, go directly to Jail...
The bigfoot waits, in his stinky abode...
When Sam and Max...
Make some tracks...
When Sam and Max...
Hit the Road!"

~Poker Night 2, Sam and Max 25th Anniversary Song.

There had better be highway surfing.

I am not a fan of Trixie, but.... damn it all it's too cute to refuse not to read this.

Oh, this is just too awesome for words. You've really got Sam and Max down well. Love it! Will definitely follow this.

"By all the gods Sam, she's adorable!" Max said happily. "Can we keep her?"
Sam frowned. "I don't know, little buddy. We really shouldn't..."
Trixie turned her face to Max. "Are...are you my Daddy?"
"Hnng..." Sam mumbled, clutching his chest.
Max smiled widely. "I am now," he said, pulling her close into a warm hug.
"Hnng!" Sam said again, sitting down as he clutched his chest in both hands.

I LOVE IT more please :heart:

I've never played or watched Sam and Max save for their appearances in Poker Night at the Inventory.

I'm tracking this anyway. :derpytongue2:

Oh wow, you have perfectly captured Sam and Max, please do more. It's giving me happy flash backs of playing the original game and watching the cartoon when I was a wee lad. Please, keep it up, keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

Given the duo's diet, Trixie is going to get very, very fat.

He'd lost any hope of fighting this situation when she'd called him 'Uncle Sam'.

how could i have not seen that joke coming... in all fairness i kinda expected mama sam... ALSO

HNNG *dies from cute filly trixie about to be raised by sociopaths*

6 stories at once along the lines of fortressshy? One hell of a workload...

When can we expect MORE?!? I am extremely excited to see where this goes, if you couldn't tell by the previous sentence.

I can see it now...
" the royal clusterf*k"
Sparkle and clank
The invincible iron rainbow
God of party
Apple may cry
Trixie lulamoon, freelance police
Whatever is left of discord after 6-7 sets of psycopathic parent are done with him after the events of season 4

Oh, did I fave this and forget to upvote it?

Fixed that.

"Hnng..." Sam mumbled, clutching his chest.

Thank god, I Thought I Was The Only One.

Oh goodie, this story updated!

Good work. The humor is pretty much on Sam & Max level still, Trixie is adorable, it all pans out. Yes indeed. And I'd totally trade a soul for pony favors. I mean, not my own, I'm using it, but maybe one of the spares.

More adorableness, although I never expected Trixie to develop her superiority complex so early in her years :rainbowlaugh:

Awesome job! Love how the reaction at the store was

5121662 Haven't thought of Sam and Max in years! Love the idea of this story!

Have a thumbs up and Tracking!

Moar! I need so much MOAR of this! :trixieshiftright: :heart:

Quick shell game, perhaps?

Really enjoyable chapter! :twilightsmile:

One word of warning, though, don't use the author's note box for footnotes like that.

It's fine for those that read on the site proper, but they get stripped away automatically for everyone that downloads the chapters. So just a heads up you might have a few confused readers incoming, wondering what those numbers in the text actually means.

5585397 I'm guessing he probably did it, because it is one of Trixie's trademark personality quirks. That, and could you imagine a timid, shy Trixie being raised by these two? You'd miss out on so much fun dialogue that way! X3

The first thing she noticed was that everything on the shelves was under lock an chain,


she levitated the objects out the dorr.


weaponized cuteness... why you so effective?


But I'm fine with this kind.

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