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The planet of Chikyu is pretty odd, from an outsider perspective. There are anthromorphic sapients of every stripe and sort, the world president is a dog, its greatest warriors are alien monkeys, the average IQ (outside genius scientists or children) is somewhere below 50, and magic orbs raise the dead. How much difference would adding a pony that barely talks really make?
...quite a lot, apparently. Just ask Mr. Popo...if you dare.
Dragon Ball Z Abridged crossover
Edit: Cover art by CaioCoia.
On DA: https://www.deviantart.com/caiocoia

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Oh man! I remember when you floated this idea years ago!
I can't wait to see where you go with it!

This should be interesting; carry out, wayward son...

I've been waiting for this! And in the middle of the end of the Cell Games (presented by Hetap), too.

Welp... Big Mac's pretty much fyayed at this point, Daedra King Discord's not even in the Pecking Order, Mr. Popo (please don't kill us) remembers Sonata quite well, and this is barely even the first chapter.

This is going to end terribly, isn't it?

So Popo, think you're superior to Gamemaster Discord, King of the Skyrim Pantheon? Have you forgotten that universal powers are far stronger than planetary ones, let alone assistants to said planetary powers? ESPECIALLY when said planetary powers you're an assistant to only hold the post temporarily?
tl:dr, while you're legendarily powerful and fierce, the truth is you're FAR lower on the pecking order than you'd like to think...

Not in Abridged. Definitely not in Abridged.

Pinking Order. It's you, the dirt, the worms inside of the dirt, big mac's dirt, sonata's dirt, popo's stool, sonata's taco, popo's taco, Big Mac, Sonata, Kami and Popo.

Damn I can imagine how much Krullin will suffer with the pinking order of everyone at the show. LOL

Quick question... what is Malards chainsaw? I dont recognize the reference

favorited and followed, on the grounds that it's a Tatsurou PWNY story.

Not growing up with Goku but Gohan instead? A timid kid and a very few word pony seem strangely complement each other in a sense. I kinda hoped if Big Mac would grow up with Goku, he would pack more vocabulary when he return, but well, I just have to wait and see.

Ah shit, further down the rabbit hole we go.

Goku is going to be disappointed that he'll never get to taste talking pony meat.

Then he'll forget why he's disappointed and try to turn him into a mounted war pony to fight on instead


Anyway, just to clarify; Big Mac is young here, right? I know you noted his hooves were big to denote his young age, but I'm just curious. :D

Golden Horseshoes, well please put me down for a future Prince Big Mac.

Now what will Cell get from Big Mac?


Probably not. Most likely the end of the Cell Saga.


Nega Duck from the Coco Pommel story.



Drake Mallard, aka Darkwing Duck.
Alternate Drake Mallard, aka Negaduck, the Disney character who canonically "is capable of killing anything, even the unkillable". Preferred weapon is a chainsaw.

Negaduck from Darkwing Duck, who made an appearance in a chapter of Dressed to Steal.

Ah, that. My knowledge of Abridged anything is pretty much nonexistent past "it's a thing".

Pretty sure Sonata would rank higher than Kami.

If you are going to change things around at all when you reach the Cell saga have either the sensu been given to Cell intercepted or prevented.

I think she just let Kami be above of her because she thinks he is really old and near to die, so he needs a good happiness of his lame life XD.

Sees title
"Huh, Dragon ball series. Okay. Wonder if only one part or the whole series"
Sees final line of description
Ends up reading at parking lot after shift ends.
Tracking. Like. Done.:scootangel:

DBZ Abridged? We're not even pretending to keep the power creep in check anymore are we? I very much look forward to wherever this wanders off to.

Kid, I'd got two words for you. Eeyup.

Since the apple hit Goku on the head, would that be Goku's law?

Keep in mind, it's Mr. Popo who decides the Pecking Order, not the ones in the Order.

Uh...it hit Gohan. The apple was Big Mac.

Ohhhhhh. Well, Then popo decide what is the order then. XD

Wait, I think I'm confused here— did Popo basically just pluck Big Mac out of Equestria as an apple and chuck him at Gohan just for the fun of it? The bird he was talking to also had Mac's color scheme... and Sonata is clearly involved... Ahhh, I'm lost! :derpyderp1:

A yellow-white dog sitting nearby sat up and began to howl a tune.

What.....wha......what the fuck?! I....what?! What the HELL was that?!

I'm sure you can tell, but I watched the linked video. Obviously, that was a mistake, as seems to be common with your modern stories. Few things baffle and disgust me to the point of expletives, but all that is beside the point.

To be honest, I'm not super hyped for this. Your tendency to reference DBZ Abridged in other stories makes this feel somewhat redundant, and TFS references have gotten to the point where I'm deliberately excluding TFS in any capacity, with maybe two or three exceptions, in my own future DBZ stories.

I'm sorry, that's a bit overly negative for me. Your stories tend to be good, and I suppose DBZ Abridged is a world to go wild in much like the world of Red vs Blue, so I will be tracking this for at least the Saiyan Saga. This is a decent start, but it's characteristically short, so there's not much else to say.

The reference was to 'Excel Saga', and the dog character is named 'Menchi', which - apparently - literally translates to 'emergency food'. Thus the joke with the chapter title since Goku named him Big Mac "because I'm hungry".

This is Abridged Poop we're talking about...

...:facehoof: That makes sense. I got thrown off when it said 'stare down at him.'
I'm also not quite sure whose 'mess' Popo's talking about. Maybe I should just attribute it to the [Alt. U] tag...

The bird flew off, only to promptly return with a taco clutched in its talons, for some obscure reason.

...Is that a reference to Three More Things! by any chance? Specifically, Sonata?
9166024 Oh, most definitely... and it will be GLORIOUS. *cackles maniacally*

Actually, 'menchi' is literally "mincemeat." Close enough, though.

It says something that as soon as I began reading Mr. Popo's dialogue, I could actually imagine his voice uttering those words. Kinda says something about the Internet's influence. 😄

Welp, that means people can Gohan on my slip up.

"The maggot wants what?" he demanded angrily of the bird twittering in his hand. It was quite different from the other birds adorning him, being a mix of blazing red, orange, and gold that made it look almost as though it were on fire. It proceeded to twitter irritably at him. "Yes, I called him a maggot. I don't care how strong he is over there, you know the pecking order and he's not on it." The bird let out a piercing squawk. "Don't you take that tone with me. I don't care if you are immortal, I'll make you regret it if I have to borrow the Mallard's chainsaw. Now give me one good reason why I should play a part in cleaning up his mess."


"Well, that is the Pecking Order...but I get to choose which one."


"So cool!" the man declared happily. "Oh, I'm Goku! And this is my son, Gohan! What's your name?"

You're easily amused.

"Because I'm hungry."


"Shut up, maggot! I'm watching my ponies!"

Thank you, Popo.

i do not have enough booze to deal with this shit! :ajbemused:

The bird is Toriyama.
Referenced a few times in DBZA, most prominently in the first DBZA Cooler movie.
It's a reference to Akira Toriyama, original creator of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super,but he acticely refused to acknowledge GT as canon to his creation.

He actually likes the Abridged series, and even supported them in their fights with Toei Animation over copyright issues, and even had a reference to the Abridged series in Super.

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