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Things weren't supposed to be this way, all they wanted was to make there last time together at Comic Con memorable before leaving for college, but then they met the man who would later turn them into Frieza from Dragonball Super and Kotone Shiomi from Persona 3. Now Jack and Audrey are desperate to return home and are willing to do whatever means necessary to get there. Join these two best friends on a Journey that will change their lives forever.

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:trixieshiftright: you, good sir, madam, or whatever you consider yourself, have peaked my interest.


Well I hope you look forward to what we have planned :pinkiehappy:
Thanks! XD

Ah, that will be the test of time, and other quotes I don't know who said them

FYI, great writers and comedians don't write up a script or anything like that. Rather, they get into the mindset for jokes. I suggest reading a comedic story to put your mind in 'the zone'. I the stories that I find myself laughing to the hardest are 60's Era Spiderman goes to Equestria, Saxton Hale in Ponyville (this is more of a inside joke, get acuainted to TF2 if ya wanna know more), Celestial Disposition, and The Mighty Warrior of Epicness (this one I highly recommend due to a coherent story line yet still being funny, plus sequels). In writing a humors story make, sure that it is right for a characters reaction and if it is the right kind of commedy (ie: cringe comedy is not for the cringe itself but for others reactions to said cringe, slapstick humor that does no damage anyone or personal/treasured objects). I deeply hope that this helps you in the long run.

BTW, Ponkers (Pinkie) is already demanding a party chapter, yes you read that right, a whole chapter dedicated to her party (just make it with plenty of Pinkie's antics. If ya need any help with the story don't be afraid to ask me. :raritywink:)

(pss. Listening to music can also help, like Spazzmatic Polka for example :pinkiesmile:, just don't let Ponkers know about it, I love her to pieces [like the sister I never had] but she can be... loud... at times, very loud)
*snirk* To late you sill-filly!
... dare I ask, how?
*hehe* My face was smiling, it's right next to the 'for example'! Now... OooOO! What is this song?...

Oh merde

Why didn't I ever hear this song before, it's super duper fun! I will sure that you have the bestist, funnist smilyisterist party in the history of parties, I have so many creatures to invite like... wait... why are their tags of sex, gore, and violence. As long as you don't hurt my friends and in only small doses, then why not! *squee*

Also, *Pinkie loses all joy from her face, her hair goes limp, a devilish grin crosses her face, ear to ear, that would both outdo and frighten Jeff the Killer himself*even though Smile HD never happened or will EVER happen, that was basically me being happy while cranked up on the kookoo scale even if it was sick, twisted, and cruel, you do NOT want to see me fucking pissed and determined to make your life a living HELL, in this dimension (along with countless others) you may think Discord is all powerful, but remember those you truly need to fear Jack. Make sure to keep him in line Jiren, or else you might no longer have Jake as a 'character' in your 'stories' if you catch my drift.

*Pinkie immediately poofs back up to her normally giddy and bubbly self* Though I'm sure that with enough time Jack will appreciate the magic of friendship and become really, REALLY fun to hang out with! Not as fun as me, but definitely were you're not such a sourpuss. Auntie Pinkie's got ya covered with her special deluxe party! *GASPS* HEY! Maybe I for the party I can put of the decorations in the color and theme of-

*sigh* I'm sorry, Ponkers tends to do that when meeting new... extremely violent... people. I (being the great and merciful being that I am) spared you of her rant before she started to give spoilers for the future she wants to happen.
I apologize on her behalf, mostly because I'm not cannon to this story and she KNOWS not to mess with the authors works unless extremely important matters pop up

Ah... Boo! Wait... merciful? You signed up with panic and pain in your name, silly!

PINKIE! SHH! Quick Spidy! Distraction -->
Thanks man.
Dude, really? Using me?

I'm excited to see this next chapter! Hopefully it's getting close.

You have peaked my interest dear sir why?

First Frieza is my absolute favorite villain from Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball super in this case since you are using a character from DbS as your profile picture, still favorite baddie.

Finally I just love the interaction between these two characters it's just got me hooked much like how a certain show got me hooked eh eh?

Looking forward to the next chapter.

I liked it simple as that.

Question though are you going to give him Freiza's Golden form or stop at the fourth form? Either way I'll still enjoy this story cause there isn't too many DBZ Displaced Fics.

Keep up the great work!

Thanks and that would be spoiling the story now my friend, but you'll enjoy what I have planned for the future.

I hope he realizes he made a deal with a literal devil

So is this the abridge Freiza or the cannon Freiza? I've only seen the abridged one.

Yeah great chapter but I have noticed that evened Jack or frizea have yet to mentor the gold form Soz spelling is bad

You might want to include a status in your story description on weather or your character is available for cross-overs, that way people won't ask or bother you about it.

I'm surprised that Raditz didn't recognize Frieza or his race for that matter considering the saiyans worked for him before he destroyed them all minus a few off planet displaced body or not.

Well just between us, I'm already doing a crossover with someone. But I'll be sure to put that in the description next time.
Well there is a reason for that, but I'm gonna keep that to myself. XP

Wow, eager huh? Hopefully it'll go well and it doesn't affect your story too much. Afterall, I know how people hate cross-overs that aren't related to the plot.

Well it will fit in actually, also it maybe soon for doing a crossover, but you won't see that chapter for awhile.

Its not that one vegitto displaced, is it? That guy is OP

This is the greatest story in the universe times seventeen. Liked and followed.

I really enjoy this story the writing is good the characters are relate able and its fun to read i hope for more soon

Oh shit it's the real Frieza. Well, they're screwed.

The power levels are so inaccurate that it makes my nipples look like dried raisins but what ever. Still an enjoyable read nonetheless.

Well that's because they aren't accurate. I'm not gonna just have them start out like the original characters.... Jack is starting at the bottom and working his way up, not knowing how to fly or even shoot Ki. He's learning, which is why I made this chapter.

I know but Raditz at a power level of of 40,000? That’s four times stronger than King Vegeta’s power level (who was an elite warrior and has a power level of 10,000) while in the original dragon ball z Raditz was around at 1,200. As a knowledgeable Dragon Ball fan, I’m kinda triggered.

The princesses are maybe a little bit stronger, maybe. Raditz has dodged an attack that is faster than light and the princesses have a specific type of magic that allows them to move celestial objects, as stated by twilight in the mlp movie. The princesses have spells too. I could put the princesses at Raditz’s level. I promise you I’m not a dragon ball tard but even early dbz villains are leagues above anything mlp has offered, with the exception of maybe Discord, maybe Tirek, and maybe the Storm King with the fully powered staff.

...you've got a serious problem with "Your" and "You're"...

Now I didn't write the first two chapters, it was written by The Mad Titan, I only took over the story.

Very interesting and intense story. I'd love to see more! :pinkiehappy:

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