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This ain't as easy as I make it look.


This story is a sequel to The Rock in the Gulch

When Project Freelancer started the Red and Blue Simulation Troopers project, they knew that in order to get the best results, a crack team of analysts for each battleground would be needed, selected perfectly to best match the troopers they were monitoring. Naturally the ones assigned to Blood Gulch are some of the biggest eccentrics you'll find this side of the loony bin. And when Church adopted a baby pony from another dimension, let's just say no one could blame them for putting down their pens and picking up the popcorn.

Then they got their own, and things got really crazy.

Inspired in part by the Red Vs Blue Death Battle.
I know it says sequel, but it takes place at the same time as 'The Rock in the Gulch', to be exact the first chapter takes place between 'It's Stale, Mate' and 'Insubordinariation'

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Okay, this is looking like a good start. And I like the inclusion of Marble and Limestone.

...of course, now when I get around to writing the Death Battle chapter, I'll need to include them...and when I write the return to Equestria arc, I'll need to include Wiz and Boomstick...

Feel free to ask me for advice

When i get there, I will.

:pinkiegasp:Ok......this looks good so far.....can't wait for the next update....also love that you added Wiz and Boomstick!:pinkiehappy:

Well things are about to get even crazier with the addition of Wiz and Boomstick. This shall be fun.

"This should make finding out where they came from and how they got here easier, larger sample size and all that," Wiz replied, before noticing Boomstick's pony's new teddy bear. "Boomstick..." Wiz groaned as he reached out to grab it.

"Um... if I was you I wouldn't..."


..........................THAT has GOTTA hurt. Still, I can't help but wonder WHERE Wiz got hit? The arm, or the nuts? I'm thinking his balls considering the crack.

Boomstick looked down at the currently prone and twitching Wiz before turning to his pony, "I tried to warn him."

Yeah. Boomstick DID try to warn him. And I thought Wiz was smarter than him.

Looking good so far.

You're as good at doing this as Tats is. WHY HAVE I NEVER HEARD ABOUT YOU UNTIL NOW???

So Wiz and Boomstick has Marble and Limestone while the Reds and Blues has Maud and also the season 4 finale of Death Battle with Sephiroth vs Vergil is finally here what people wanted

Comment posted by p0nypanda deleted Dec 1st, 2017

Wait until Wiz and Boomstick meet the whole cast of My Little PWNY. I think Shining Armor will want to see how his family stacks versus his sisters family in some actual battle.

I'm with you there

Yes. All of my yes. 5/5 Moustaches! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Somebody call Screw Attack and send them a link to this.

Was wondering when this was gunna show up.

Great chapter, just wondering if you're going to give Joselyn a pony?

Do you see any other ponies in the character tab?

Sent. Now we wait for the fireworks.

There's the other tab.

That's because there isn't a tab for Wiz, Boomstick, or their coworkers.

Ok just wondering, also this is good I can practically hear the characters saying the lines in my head

This is awesome.

Also I'm crying because seeing fanon ascend to canon always brings a tear to my eye.


Just a few years ago Pinkie was the only spartan pony around, and now there is Maude now a spartan from the future and potentially two more in the form of Marble and Limestone.

Really liking the story so far. I feel a little sad knowing that Pinkie is the only Pie sister who is being left out in the story.

I can't help but think what'd happen if wiz and boomstick found this fic...

Wiz: "yep, that's us alright."

Boomstick: :How'd they know I had a chicken sacrificing alter?"

Great as usual Cyber, can't wait for more.

She got a God of War as a Dad, I think she'll be fine, See.

Shocked nobody's mentioned it yet, but lovely Spaceballs shout-out there.

And now the PWNY-verses rational behind who was sent to other universes is going to need to be changed.

"have you seen my chicken sacrificing alter?"

So much disturbed yes

Now that I've finished watching RvB and caught up to RitG I can follow this puppy, too. This is gonna be FUN. :pinkiecrazy:

I'd like to think that i played a part in this fic's creation. :raritywink:

"Now now my little pony,"

Ha! He said it! He said it!:yay:

Boomstick: My only regret is that I didn't get the rainbow one, that battle against Starscream was AWESOME!
Wiz: He already used her Boomstick...
Boomstick: Damn! What about the pink one?
Wiz: Used her too... though I THINK these are supposed to be her sisters?
Boomstick: So... one could TECHNICALLY say I'm her Dad too?
Wiz: Well, I guess... aaand I just realized that means I'm related to you now. Crud.

It's Discord's doing, "rationale" is a swear word for the guy!

Not to mention the guy who ended up adopting him, by the way anyone else have a sudden craving for cheese?

The pony then hugged her flamethrower tightly, "Don't touch." It was then that Boomstick noticed exactly which flamethrower she had grabbed, particularly the large plate that stuck up showing the brand.

"Huh, guess the kids reallydolove that one."

Did anyone else catch this bit, or just me?

Also, when can I expect another chapter of this? Just curious.

I admit, my muse is a bit on the fickle side

If you're having trouble coming up with ideas as far as what to have happen with Wiz, Boomstick, and the fillies, feel free to send me a PM. We can bounce ideas back and forth.

please hit Fimction's cancel or hiatus button on this story, seeing say incomplete makes me hopeful, but i know thats wrong and that makes me feel sad :fluttercry:

Shouldn't this be an Analogue of The Rock in the Gulch, and NOT a sequel? I mean, this is happening at the same time as the other story, so why is it stated:

This story is a sequel to The Rock in the Gulch

if it's not taking place after Rock in the Gulch ends? :derpyderp1:

It's set as that for the links in both stories, its how the site works

Cyber may take I while to upload chapters, but he always does. Have faith friend.

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