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This ain't as easy as I make it look.


The war of Cybertron wasn't just about Autobots and Decepticons, there were also civilians and rescue personnel. One such group was Rescue Bot Squadron Alpha 9, and their Wrecker bodyguard, who were charged with keeping a protoform nursery away from the fighting. To accomplish this, they hid on a planet with strange energy fields and gravitational anomalies to avoid detection. Unfortunately, the same energies caused them to crash into a mountain and remain in stasis for a thousand or so years. Eventually, the inhabitants built a city on top of that mountain, a city called Canterlot.

And now, the war is over, and the Bots are waking up.

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Cannon Autobots? I have my doubts there. Cannon Decepticons? G1 Galvatron.

This is cool. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Protoforms? You should do it to so one of the protoforms at some point was touched by a pony an interesting thing happens when organic life-form touches a protoform it was really only ever explored once in any of the series trust me I've been searching and if you really want to know what it's all about lookup Sari Sundac
You can have it that they notice one is missing and they have to stay on the planet because they are searching for that one

8189032 Cannon: a large, heavy piece of artillery, typically mounted on wheels, formerly used in warfare.

Canon: a collection or list of sacred books accepted as genuine.

The one you're referring to is the second one.

Yeah, I knew First Aid was a guy, that confused the hell out of me. If I recall Hot Spot, Streetwise and First Aid were part of the same set, maybe Rotorstorm too. They formed Defensor (I think that was his name), I don't think Tow Line was the fifth but maybe, I don't remember.

8190398 Ding ding ding, give this guy a cookie!

Anyway, Hot Spot, Streetwise and First Aid are part of the combiner team that formed Defensor, the Protectorbots. However the other two aren't. Tow-Line is replacing Groove, because one police bot is enough, they needed an engineer, and Tow-Line just clicks with me for some reason. Rotorstorm is a member of the Wreckers, like (Prime)Bulkhead and Wheeljack, and is replacing the fifth member, Blades, because there's already a Blades in the Prime Universe.
And yes, Rescue Bots are part of the Prime Universe

8189603 I watched Animated, I know who she is. And thanks for the idea, I may just use it.

8189911 You spelt it wrong first

8190570 Woohoo! Cookie!
I had all the toys for Defensor but I never knew the helicopters name (I picked that one up second-hand, the other four I got new), that's why I thought it might have been Rotorstorm, but I guess not. I had forgotten Groove's name but I did used to know it, thanks for reminding me. :twilightsmile: I think I still have those toys somewhere, ah memories...

Pinkie Pie... Pinkie Pie.. Pinkie Pie. :ajbemused:
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Ack! Pinkie you scared me
What you said my name three times :pinkiecrazy:
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OK :pinkiesmile:

you had mine interest but now you have my attention

Are these the Transformers: Rescue Bots Transformers?

8193337 Sorta, cross between them and Prime

Bring out the big guns rescue bots transform

Pinkie being pinkie.

8199051 To coin you,

Bring out the big guns and get ready to bust some changeling caprices.

Um, small thing, First Aid is suppose to be an arm and Streetwise is suppose to be a leg. Just saying.

8207400 Defensor is a Scramble-Combiner, it can swap its legs and arms around as it sees fit.
I'll do ya one better

Bear in mind that there are a couple of cosmetic differences, but that should be enough to base your imagination off of.

8208774 Oh yes I know, I'm just talking about the standard configuration. Also, having owned the toys, Streetwise doesn't make a very good arm, Nor did the jeep. The helicopter wasn't a very good leg either if I remember correctly.

Hmm. How did this story manage to slip under my Transformer radar? I’m legitimately curious. Good introductory chapter, let's see where this goes.

let me know when the next chapter is up i'll b waiting

The Prime Universe is so confusing, Rescue bots, Transformers Prime and Transformers Robots in Disguise are all in the same yet different universes. I suppose they are different time lines branching off.
Also as far as I know the protectobots are Hotspot, Blades, First Aid, Streetwise and Groove. Of chose this isn't transformers Gen 1 so it's not an issue really, after all lots of transformers have the same name but are different characters

I wonder what the altforms of the protectobots in Equestrian will be...
Actual criticism some sentences are missing words

“Not a problem, Optimus Prime himself that we’re Rescue Bots first and foremost,” Hot Spot replied.

for example the word said should be between himself and that.

As the other 4 fought, she furiously mixed chemicals until she had a large cylindrical vial of a red liquid that she loaded into a weapon.

Four. Not 4.

Just then, the chemical had done its work on the goo over Pinkie’s mouth, “You’re a race of mechanical lifeforms from another planet who came to this world a thousand years ago to escape a war that destroyed your planet and to protect a bunch of baby alien robots and crashed into Mount Canter and you’ve been sleeping ever since until this morning when you got a message that the war is over you can go home!”

Pinkie Pie breaking the laws of physics since 2010

Lol I thought you made characters like the ones in Rescue Bots (or are they rip offs??? Mah lif is a liiie) Love this story! Keep it up plz!

Streetwise’s tonfa glowed and sparked before he started spinning them so fast they became a blur, knocking down anything that got within reach. Rotorstorm’s technique was less flashy, but debatably more effective, using the flat part of his swords to bat away Changelings before they got too close, and punching, kicking, and occasionally headbutting anything that did.

what's a tonfa???????????? I NEED ANSWAS

Hot Spot wondered what these Elements were, but shrugged it off. ‘Must be something like the Matrix,’ he thought to himself. “Alright, Rotorstorm, think you can escort them to get these Elements?”

I've never seen the matrix EXPLAIN PLS

Chrysalis laughed, “You have spirit I’ll give you that, but I’ve consumed enough love to take down Celestia, an iron golem won’t be a challenge.”

Minecraft reference anyone?

“I’m not sure,” said Hot Spot, “but I’m feeling great.” The other Rescue Bots nodded in agreement. Excess light spread to the metallic rubble surrounding them, causing them to form into a massive pair of fists and feet. The eyes of the Rescue Bots shone brightly. “Alright now,” Hot Spot cried out, “Harmonize, and Combine!” The Rescue Bots rose into the air as they transformed into a new configuration. First Aid and Tow-Line combined with the feet to become legs, Rotorstorm and Streetwise combined with the fists to become arms, and Hot Spot became turned into a massive torso as a new head emerged. They linked together to form an even larger robot.

Lol this just turned into Power Rangers

Question: Update?


:pinkiecrazy:You called?

*sleep darts to the face*

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