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Igneous Pie needs an errand run and Limestone has volunteered. Igneous lets her go, but he sends Maud and Marble with her to keep her in check and make sure she doesn't have another road rage incident. Can Maud and Marble manage the rage of Limestone Pie?

Most likely not.

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Limestone is a sadist.

8150328 A little bit; but it's mostly just that she has a bad temper.

8150889 Yes, but only with people she doesn't know... Though, she's antisocial so... Yeah.

OMG I love this! :pinkiehappy: Limestone is definitely best angriest pony technicolor human. I enjoy writing her too!

So, this could use a few technical (mostly grammar) fixes; if you don't have a pre-reader to help with that sort of thing, I'd encourage you to look around for one. But the humor was strong enough to overcome that. There were multiple points (including Limestone's prayer) where I just plain lost it. :rainbowlaugh:

Keep Calm And Write More Limestone. :moustache:

8151310 Why do I always leave grammar mistakes?! I swear, I check through my stories before I publish them, but I always miss a number of them! :facehoof:

Oh, well. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's great to see another Limestone fan! :twilightsmile:

8151368 it happens, man. My philosophy is that everyone has blind spots; with time and feedback you can learn what they are and get better at catching them, but there's always going to be value in getting a second (or third or...) set of eyes.

8151457 Yeah, I heard you the first time.

Don't fuck with Limestone Pie


8188859 Umm... Are you pretending to be Limestone or are you feeling homicidal today? :unsuresweetie:

8189495 hmm.....NEITHER! Welcome to my attitude towards EVERYTHING.
Srsly tho....

8197759 Yeah, well, do you see my name? This is the Kingdom of Madness! :pinkiecrazy:

this is boulder's fault.

Maud: what did you say about boulder (in monotone voice)

Me: uh uh nothing she said it (points to Rainbow)


Me: Run.


Sandy = Maud Pie

Spongebob = Rainbow Dash

Patrick = MLPFanboy360

I can relate to Limestone a bit. I use to be just like that, but I never hurt anyone.

Well, it's good that you didn't hurt anyone. After all, it works with Limestone because she's fictional and I'm pretty sure you are real. Know what I mean? :trollestia:

Am I? :trollestia:

Maybe I'm a angry kite? 'd like to be a kite. Would you like to be a kite?

Uhhh... Wouldn't you be afraid of being captured by Starlight? :trollestia:

Hmmmmm.... You know what that gave me the most random fic idea! When I write this I will credit you for inspiring this silly idea! Starlight turns her friend into a kite!

...You know, seeing as she always gets away with abusing magic, I can legit see that happening. :duck:

Can I be totally honest here? Like, please don't be offended, it's just opinion.

But I actually enjoy this more than "The Pinkie Games" :rainbowlaugh:

"The Pinkie Games" is awesome and has it's charms, but a couple moments keeps it back for me (mainly the Twilight part). This, THIS RIGHT HERE is comedy at it's finest! It's just straightforward, blunt, and a total ticking time bomb for disaster. Limestone makes this entire story, and Maud and Marble are great foils. I sort of now wish they had more interaction with Pinkie in the aforementioned story given what this has to offer. :pinkiehappy:

Brilliantly done, good sir! BRILLIANT! :yay:

Yeah, I love writing Limestone. Glad you loved the fic so much. :twilightsmile:

Also, did you catch the The Dark Knight Rises reference?

I appreciate a fic that can actually make me laugh. :rainbowlaugh: Unfortunately, there are certain stories that fail to do so that are "comedies"...but I won't get into that, because I'm not a jerk. :twilightsheepish: Besides, everyone has their own forms of humor; there's no right or wrong way to laugh (unless it's at something terrible, like a poor old lady getting hit by a car in real life, then they're asking for a butt-whooping)

Never watched the movie...so...:twilightblush:

I take that it got you laughing? :pinkiesmile:

Yeah, almost woke up my sister lol

:rainbowlaugh: That's awesome!

Which parts?

The whole story is just really funny!!! But what happened with Gilda at the end made me loose my shit!

Well, at least Limestone didn't run her over. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, did you catch the The Dark Knight Rises reference? It doesn't look like anyone has. :rainbowhuh:

No, where is it? Haven't watched that movie in a long time.

Oh, come on. :facehoof:

Limestone picked up Hoops by the back of his shirt. "I was wondering what would break first, your spirit..." She deadlifted him over her head- "Or your body!" - and dropped him back-first onto her knee with a crack .

How is nobody getting it?!

Like I said haven't watched it in a long time. It slipped my mind, *shrugs*

But it's the scene where Bane breaks Batman's back! A scene like that should stand out in peoples' minds!

It's like if I made Pinkie say "Why so serious?" and no one get that it's a reference to Heath Ledger's Joker! What is this world coming to! :pinkiecrazy:

The worlds been going downhill for a longtime madness. Im going to enjoy watching it burn. :pinkiecrazy:

But yes, I see the reference now. You happy?

See, unlike you people, I actually caught that reference. This is Sparta!



Sparta? No...


I know that one so don't worry lol.

Lol. awesome.

No matter how many times I read this I take the last paragraph as Limestone losing her shit. IN the crazy kind of way.

Well, she isn't hurting anyone when she goes crazy, so technically it is progress... sort of.

You should write one where Gilda slashes her tires. :rainbowlaugh: That’d be a reaction to see!

I don't know. That might end up in grimdark territory. :trollestia:

"Crazy laughing Limestone is wwwaaayyy~~~ scarier than normal angry Limestone":pinkiegasp:
"RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!":pinkiegasp:

You better get ready to run 'cause here she cooooomes!

Glad you enjoyed the story. :twilightsmile:

There is no escape!

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