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This ain't as easy as I make it look.


Hello my name is, well was, Scott. I was just minding my own business, exploring FanExpo in a sweet SPD Shadow costume when I meet this suspicious looking vendor. He offers to sell me Cruger's Shadow Saber, the only thing missing from my costume, for $10. Then it all goes downhill.
First I get sucked into a world of multi-colored pony people, then I find out I've become a blue dog person(whatever race Cruger is), and finally I find out that there's another race of dog people who gives dog people a bad name.
At least I've got my tunes.

This is a Displaced Fic, please do not hate just because it is one, it is also my first.

Okay, news. On December 18, 2015, 11:35 AM, this got featured. I would like to thank all my faithful readers for this, and I hope this brings a new level of respect for not just me, but Displaced Fics in general.

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The Shadow Ranger from Power Rangers SPD. Nice lets see where this goes.

6502657 Get ready for when I explain Luna's behavior:trixieshiftright:

6502682 Here's a hint, when I said "childlike enthusiasum" I meant it.:trixieshiftleft:

I had the theme song playing as I read this :pinkiehappy:

Okay. I like this.

AAAAAnd I have a pretty funny idea for a crossover if you want to hear it in PMs.
Mostly dealing with Thane(OC) from the Displaced Demon Hunter freaking out over seeing a Prinny Ranger Power Ranger so early in the 'game'.

6502833 I had the theme song at the beginning of chapter 2:derpytongue2:

6502846 PM me. Just remember, I is a rooke:twilightsheepish:

As much as I don't like Power Rangers, this is fairly decent- tracking for now.

Some spelling mistakes, and from what little I saw of SPD- shouldn't Cruger's species appear more reptilian? Google searches show that the texture of Cruger's skin is more akin to a gator, not furry, as you've described. But I guess that's more of a nitpick, than anything else.

6503075 I'm going to keep it as it is because it's funnier if it's all the same to you.

6503079 Check out Cruger's sentai counterpart, THAT'S FURRY.:applejackconfused: Besides, Rarity just assumed it was fur.

You know, when I first read the title I though it would hopefully be Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger... But this is just as good.

I'm liking this so far, I'd definitely have to say that SPD was one of my favorite power rangers seasons, although I'd love to watch Dekaranger as well just to see the show they adapted the sentai from

6503200 First it's just RIC, no K, assuming you're talking about the robot dog that can transform into a cannon and battle armor. Second, he's in storage, for now.:trixieshiftright: Third, awesome profile pic.

6503165 Less telling me that words are spelt wrong, more telling me which ones and how to spell them right.:ajbemused:

1. Thanks for the correction.:twilightblush:

2. YES!!! We can have some Canine Cannon action!s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/a8/4f/01/a84f0196a1d6a3f60a69df56fbfc2386.jpg

3. Thank you. Your picture is also of "The Cool".

"Princess," a voice from the giant boomed, "good to see you here. Commander Cruger reporting for duty, and requesting assistance in the extraction of the stolen magic from the suspect."

Interesting! :pinkiesmile:

"Doggie! I missed you"

Wow. They seem to be close, if she can call him that! :rainbowlaugh:

Discord was involved, she just knew it.

That last line! :rainbowlaugh:


Hmmm, interesting, and so far interactions with the characters are not as bad as most Displaced fics...well done!! Breaking the mold a bit here, I'll be watching with great interest.

ok nice

Name: Edge Case

Race: Thestral, Male

Cutie mark: a pair of gray handcuffs, crossed with a sword, against a black spot

Aspect: average body, black fur, a couple of scars going from his forelegs towards his chest, one scar on his right eye, expert on hoof to hoof combat, ranged weapons, basic kinetic and laser weapons, melee combat, S.W.A.T tactics, single, proficient user with a kinetic gun (think of it like a WW1 wichester repeater rifle, but bullets are smaller for better gunpowder usage, increasing range and accuracy with the weapon) and dual claw blades

Background: born on 1022 AN (After Nightmare), Edge is a 22 years old thestral from the outburn aerie on the northen mountains of equestria, Fiercely loyal and helpful, but a bit bullheaded. Trained since 8, the young thestral has practiced a lot of combat tactics and weapons over his live, when nightmare moon came back, he was promoted to second lieutenant after a succesfull raid to stop some nightmare followers from joining the night mistress, also he won his new scars in that incident, now he is a very good friend of Princess Luna and one of her most trusted guard captain's on Canterlot.

Role on SPD: Inspector/Logistics/R-D weaponry/training staff

(sorry about the picture, this site only has URL direct links, I draw mine and have it stored on my computer)

Lunar Fang is dark purple Thestral with a dark yellow mane with electric blue highlights an sea green eyes his cutie mark is a picture of an atom in a full moon. he is a fun loving and hyper active young stallion with a love for science and a drive to prove himself. he is a lot like boom from spd really. he is from cantrlot were his parents work for the night guard. his biggest dream is to become a hero. he wants to apply for R&D division.

6505600 As a reward for being the first to submit an application, as well as said application being a perfect example of what I was looking for, Edge Case is now Head Trainer of SPD Academy. Responsabilities include: overseeing the training of new recruits and personally teaching SWAT training. Congratulations on your new post, do not dishonor it.

Serve. Protect. Defend. SPD.

For everyone else, I apologize for not making this clear, Inspectors don't go chasing criminals, Patrol Troopers do. The Inspectors are mostly at home in the forensics lab.

Name: Fetch
Applying for: R&D (mostly research)

Fetch is a trivia buff. He also is a surprisingly quick study when it comes to operating high tech devices. Not making or fixing them, just operating them. His magic, like his eyes and the streak of color in his mane and tail, is teal.

picture: (sorry for lack of anthro version) http://fetch26291.deviantart.com/art/Fetch-by-PrincessSparkle-422245735

Now, I'm just waiting for Cruger to say: S P D! EMERGENCY!

6505650 Remember Boom from the show? Lunar Fang is now this story's version of him. Official title: Research Assistant. Responsibilities include: testing and assisting in the creation of new equipment for SPD personele. Congratulations on your new post, do not dishonor it.

Serve. Protect. Defend. SPD.


name: case closed
race unicorn, male

appearance/personality: 6' even with sleek muscular build, has cobalt blue fur with dirty blond Maine styled like clouds from ff. cutie mark is a magnifying glass with sword and shield background. he has sky blue eyes and has a few scars from previous cases. usually seen in a black trench coat. he is usually fairly laid back and fun loving but will get deadly serious if the situation calls fr it.he hates rapist and child abusers and is good with children.

background: he is 25 years old, born in baltimare, he joined the local police force at 19 and worked his way up to detective at 20. by 21 he was a well respected member of the force and was recognized enough that princess celestia herself gave him a few cases to solve (one of the reasons for recommendation into S.P.D). he has extensive weapons and hand to hand combat training where he uses his detective skills to use an opponents body language to predict their next move, trained with the baltimare S.W.A.T. forces and trained in 3 martial arts of the 3 species.

role in S.P.D. inspector, trainer, and basic cop if needed

Application for the R&D department

Name: Steam Gear
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Male

Appearance: A green coat with a brown or dark green mane (I'm kind of uncertain about the mane color). He has golden eyes like Lyra. I think I will shorten this section with a pic. :pinkiesmile:


He is often nervous, can get scared more easily than other ponies, hates every change and has problems to interact with others, especially new ponies. He is an Engineer and behaves more confident, when it comes to this subject. When put in extreme situations, it is possible, that he breaks down. From time to time he argues with a critical voice in his head, which can lead to him spacing out and not listening, while others talk. He can also act more confident or differently, when it comes to wings. He has a real obsession with them, especially then it comes to measuring them. This can cause him to drool, if he is not watching it. His dream is to one day build functioning artificial wings, since he wants to fly like a Pegasus. He is also inattentive and hates sweets, fruits, parties and the colour pink. You could say that he is more into vegetables, bread and the likes. Oh and before I forget to add it, he also doesn't swear, or at least not out loud. He can swear in his thoughts, but even that is something, that his voice does a lot more than him.

I can also add a short history of him, if it is needed.

If Fetch's OC is for research, then Steam Gear is definitely good for Development. :yay:

"But that's impossible," said Twilight, "the princesses are over a thousand years old. You couldn't possibly be old enough to have babysat them."

What about Tirek then, Twilight? :rainbowwild:

I enjoy this story so far. Have a Like! :pinkiesmile:

Due to the unexpected influx of applications, the Human Resources Department has been created earlier than originally anticipated. All further Applications must be submitted here or they will be immediatly rejected.

Serve. Protect. Defend. SPD.

6505682 Case Closed
This is to inform you that you have been accepted into Space Patrol Delta. Position: Inspector 1st Class. Responsibilities include: canvasing crime scenes for viable evidence, processing and analizing evidence, determining possible suspects and identifying the guilty party among said suspects. Other duties may include: testifying in open court, visiting schools, etc. Congratulations on your new post, do not dishonor it.

Serve. Protect. Defend. SPD.

6505721 Steam Gear
This is to inform you that you have been accepted into Space Patrol Delta. Position: Engineering Crew Chief. Responsibilities include: supervising and participating in the construction and maintainance of SPD equipment. Congratulations on your new post, do not dishonor it.

Serve. Protect. Defend. SPD.

6505658 Fetch
This is to inform you that you have been accepted into Space Patrol Delta. Position: Research Team Lead. Responsibilities include: designing new SPD equipment, coordinating with Engineering crews to construct prototype versions of new equipment. Congratulations on your new post, do not dishonor it.

Serve. Protect. Defend. SPD.

Name: Grey Ghost

Race: Unicorn

Age:physically 25

Colors: Slate grey with white mane and tail, green eyes.

cutie mark: A shield with a white clothe over it.

Bio: Born before the Crystal Empire was lost, Grey is the son of Luna and Sombra. He spent much of his life working with his father until Sombra was corrupted by dark magic. At that point, Sombra subjected Grey to horrific experiments of dark magic, staining the young unicorn with its taint. When Luna and Celestia managed to rescue Grey but he was in a coma until Luna was banished. Upon waking up, he flew into a rage when he found out that Celestia had failed to save either of his parents. After a heatsed argument, Grey Ghost exiled himself to a small cave where he placed himself into a time dilation bubble, in hopes of seeing his mother again.

personality: Kind, quick to protect others and do the right thing. Due to Sombra's experiments, Grey can expreience periods of dark magic fueled rage

position: detective

6505916 Please resubmit to human resources

BWAHAHAHA! this is great! i love power rangers! :pinkiehappy:

6505668 thank you I always loved Booms antics and I believe SPD would not be the same without him and the commander believes he will be every much the hero he can see he can becomes. we just need a doctor Katt now maybe a griffon or a zebra like zicora.

Now, let's see if we can find where RIC might be hiding.
Cruger & RIC are my favorite characters from SPD. (I have a fondness for canines, even alien and robotic ones)

6506576 same here I just like foxes which are closely related to canines.

6505654 hope to be of service sir, officer Edge Case reporting for duty

Head officer cruger, we may have a problem with recruiting, we have a lot of expertise departments on the base, but we direly need a medical staff also

6506695 Check Human Resources, the position of CMO has been filled.

P.S. It's Commander Cruger

he's the robot dog that can turn into a cannon

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