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SPD Emergency - cyberlord4444

Meet Anubis "Doggie" Cruger, head of SPD, SPD Shadow Ranger, founder of the Equestrian Royal Guard, former human-wait, what were those last 2?

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Case 3: Early Days

After Luna finally got off of Cruger, and his face had returned to the proper shade of blue, they decided to retire inside the large building to discuss questions that were plaguing the majority of those present, after Celestia had sworn by the sun she rose each morning that it was safe to do so. While Twilight was initially sceptical about entering, she changed her tune completely once she entered.

She was like a ten year old in a candy store. Lining the walls were signs marked in several ancient languages, some of which she didn't even recognize. Behind the front desk were magical devices she had never seen before. Never before had she been in a place where she could learn so much outside of a library, and this was only one room.

Luckily Celestia managed to keep a level head. "Come on my little pony, we have to go now."

"Okay," the kid was just told that she couldn't have any candy.

Luckily, Cruger decided to take pity on her. "You can come back when we're fully staffed. Trust me, that's something to see."

Before Twilight could ask him what he meant by fully staffed, they arrived at an elevator. Once they all entered, a tight squeeze you can be sure, Cruger pressed the button for the top floor. Based on her experience with elevators in Manehatten, Twilight expected to at least ask 1 question before they arrived. Unfortunitly, the elevator was faster than she expected, the doors opened before she could finish putting the question together in her mind. Sighing, she turned to exit the elevator.

The kid just found herself in an even bigger candy store.

It was an octagonal room with a raised section around the edge. In the center of the room was a large podium that was designed to be accessible from all sides. Around the edge of the room were multiple workstations facing either the walls or the center of the room. On one side of the room was a large window overlooking the terrain. Opposite it was a large desk overlooking everything, manageing to look intimidating yet comforting at the same time, like that one teacher you had at school who was sweet as honey until you broke the rules. Sitting behind that desk was Cruger, looking like he belonged there as much as a fish belonged in water. Luckily he was in kind teacher mode.

He placed his hand on the desk, which caused the room to come to life. Large flat crystals at the workstations started to glow, a large 3D illusion of the symbol on Cruger's badge appeared and began to rotate, and a rather enticing smell emanated from a previously overlooked alcove on the wall.

"Coffee?" Cruger offered.

When everyone who wanted coffee had some, Cruger politely declined and Pinkie was not permitted to have any, and they all got comfortable, Cruger began his tale.

"As you may have already guessed, Celestia, Luna and I are previously aquainted. When they were young, I was their personal bodyguard and closest, and possibly only, friend."

"Nonsence," Luna interjected, "you are as much kin to me as my sister."

"But that's impossible," said Twilight, "the princesses are over a thousand years old. You couldn't possibly be old enough to have babysat them."

Cruger chuckled, "well maybe if I wasn't interrupted,-"he cast a look at Luna"-I could explain. Now, it all started when those two were mere fillies, Celestia 8 and Luna 5, I think."

(1030 years ago, give or take)

Two young alicorn fillies were deep in the woods, surrounded by Griffin bandits, intent on capturing the young ones for ransom. While there was originally a decent complement of guards, they were to a one slain by the savage sneak attack. Celestia placed herself between Luna and their attackers, ready to give her life to protect her sister if need be.

Luckily, she didn't need to.

Their was an intense flash of blue light, causing all present to shield there eyes. When the light died down, in it's place was a strange figure, garbed in strange, dark colored armor. Celestia did the only thing she could think to do.


After a brief but impressive confrontation, I'd call it a fight but that would imply that the they stood a chance, the griffins were driven off. Several of them would be sporting new scars in a few days, but I digress. When he was sure that there weren't any bandits hiding just out of sight, he dismissed his armor with a flash of light. He then turned towards the two fillies to ensure they were alright. Luna was the first to break the silence.



"So that's why Luna called you doggie when she jumped you," Pinkie remarked.

Cruger smiled. "Pretty much, it became their pet name for me. Of course, that was after the whole incident with their mother." Cruger shivered.

"What do you mean by that," Twilight asked.

"Literaly 5 seconds after she said that, their mom arrived. Now picture what she saw: a stranger, surrounded by dead guards, standing over her two daughters. Can't say I blame her for making that mistake."

"You mean she thought..."

"Yep, luckily we got it cleared up before she started blasting me. Well anyway, I received a knighthood, became their personal guard, and turned the royal guard from a bunch of glorified doormen into a well oiled machine. After that the royals were trying to find a way to knight me twice. Anyway, I made it easy for them by asking to be put in charge of the finest squad in the guard, which I then named Space Patrol Delta. Anyway..."

(Approximatley 1020 years ago)

"What will you do for a headquarters?" Celestia asked.

Cruger was about to reply when a guard burst into the room. "Your magesties, a strange structure has appeared outside the forest."

"Well, unless I am very much mistaken, I will be using that one."

(5 years later, I think)

A very confused Tirek was in chains, before the thrones, escorted by a squad of SPD patrol troopers.

"How could you discover my plans so quickly?"

Cruger shrugged, "we got a tip."

(7 years later, probably)

Celestia, Luna, and Cruger stood on the outskirts of what used to be the Crystal Empire, frowns on their faces.

"We defeated Sombra, but why don't I feel like we won" Luna asked.

"Because," Cruger replied, "we didn't save the people."

(3 years later, maybe 4)

Cruger stood in front of Discord, ready to fight to the end. "Ready to go in a cage?"

"Not especially," Discord replied, "How about you?"

(Present day, again)

"So Discord locks me in my own Delta Base and buries the whole thing underground. Luckily the medical wing has a few stasis pods so I could wait it out. Considering the date is over a thousand years since I started my nap, it was a good call."

As he was telling his story, his audience listened quietly, all in their own way. Celestia and Luna, who already knew most of it, had nostalgic looks on there faces. Twilight and Dash were hanging onto his every word, Twilight for the historical aspects, Dash for the butt whoopin'. Cadence and AJ were a little uncertain if it was all true, even though AJ had seen him take down Tirek. Rarity listened politely, while Fluttershy was a little less shy by the end of it, and Pinkie, was Pinkie. At the end of it though, they all knew one fact to be true, Cruger deserved respect, and had earned the admiration the Princesses had for his abilities.

"So anyway," Cruger continued, "if you don't mind Celestia, I have a small request."

"Cruger," Celestia replied, "you have saved Equestria several times, not to mention that you are one of the few I can truly call my friend. What do you need?"

Cruger grinned, "well, it's just that SPD is a little, understaffed."

Author's Note:

Who will become the next Space Patrol Delta? How will Cruger react when he learns of Discord's recent actions? Will Pinkie be able to throw a party big enough for the return of one of Equestria's greatest heroes? Find out next time on SPD Emergency.

Sorry if this chapter was a bit exposition heavy, just wanted to get it all out of the way, anyway

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