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This ain't as easy as I make it look.


After Applejack (accidentally) caused a bunny stampede, Twilight needed to get all the bunnies out of Ponyville. Luckily, when she decided to stay in Ponyville, Celestia gave her a book with the phone numbers of various services, from private detectives to a pest control company called Anti Pesto. However, when they arrive, they aren't exactly what she expected.

They're effective though.

Now with a reading by Winged T. Spears

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Comments ( 21 )

This was GREAT, I loved watching the movie with those two in it along with the mini-episodes.

...I'm so confused...


All things aside, I like this A LOT.

Time to fire up the Theme

10 out of 10 Wensleydales. (Sorry if that's spelled incorrectly)

loved it!

I hope Wallace and Grommit go to the Moon w/ Luna next? XP XD

Please write more MLP and Wallace and Grommit stories please, this was fantastic.

atta boy lad! good show!

Very good! *claps hooves together*

I knew what this was just from the words "anti-pesto".

Oh man the W&G duo brings back from the past and now i'm gonna watch all their films again.

EXCELLENT one-shot crossover. :-D The exchanges, humor, characterizations and wrap-up were all excellent. :-D

62 out of 10 West Wallaby Streets.:pinkiehappy:

I love it! :pinkiehappy:

my god, I am still re-reading it, if only there was more, there is only one other I have found.. so this world needs more!

Nice one :twilightsmile:
Been a little too short and straightforward and there were spots where another joke could have been made, but otherwise, good!

"What's a Parasprite?" asked Fluttershy.

Wow, haven't seen a story that deep into the early episodes in a long while :rainbowderp:

Author Interviewer

Capable of 725 RPM, that's Rabbits Per Minute

Okay, you definitely know what you're doing. :)

Oh I loved this, so fun to read.

I wish to see more of this.

If he hadn't have called the parasprites by name, but only described them in a few words, that would make Fluttershy (who knows her critters) and Twilight (whose goal in life is to "learn ALL the things") not phail for not remembering the name when they showed up.

That is the only improvement I can think of to this otherwise good story.

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