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I DO NOT OWN Equestria Girls/MLP and Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere.

Set after Camp Everfree.

Sunset Shimmer still holds feelings for Flash Sentry even though they remain friends, she wants to tell him how she truly feels, but could never get the words out of her mouth whenever she tries talking to him. Pinkie had a brilliant idea to help Sunset confess her feelings in dancing and she knows the best dancer around from Japan and she has her own way to helping others.

Sunset is gonna have to prepare herself for this maybe her last chance of confessing her love to Flash Sentry and hope that this dancer will help burst her out of her shell.


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Comments ( 22 )

You had me at the one anime that's full of lewds and the MC who's always butt ass nude :twilightblush: :trollestia:

KO thanks let say the idea came to me in a way. :raritywink:

Despite the grammar errors, I really like this. Sorry, I'm a bit of grammar nazi, but I will say I do like this.

KO thank you! Hope you’ll tell all your friends about it! That is it that you like about the story?

? I don't understand your question. That is that you like? What does that mean?

KO sorry, I mean WHAT is it about the story you like?

Probably the dance. You made it sound erotic yet romantic, something not easy to do. That and I'm a sucker for any story that treats Flash with respect.

KO cool, I have more story with Flash Sentry as the main character. I believe you’ll love them!

I know, I've commented on one. Wish I could write a FlashXharem story.

KO I’m you have quite the imagination for a good story of Flash!

Oh, I do. I'm just not that kind of writer...

KO well, you can at least share your nice words about other’s stories and maybe give them some great ideas.

...I'm more of an editor right now.

KO okay, can I still count on your support of reading my stories and tell all your friends about them!

Sure. I'm not the best support, but I'll try my best.

Nice! This makes me want to see a 2nd person story involving Rarity belly dancing! Can you do something like that?

KO I don’t think so, I’m not a Rarity fan.

KO hope you’ll tell all your friends about this story!

I can see the problem with this story's writing, but i cannot explain the problem with this story's writing...

I think it might have something to do with the authors knowledge of the English language. There's nothing necessarily wrong with how it's written but it does feel... off, like he didnt know exactly how to write the sentences simply to convey emotions and scenes. It's still good but could be a little more tightly written.

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