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The Pairing Stone has declared that one of the Pie Sisters is to marry Caramel, a stallion whom they've never met before. When he and his traveling companion arrive on the rock farm, the entire family is surprised to find that he appears to be a she! What does this mean for the Pie Family? Is the Pairing Stone okay? How will Cloudy Quartz ever get grandfoals out of this arrangement? Find out in Caramel 1/2!

Parodied with love from Ranma 1/2. Teen rating is for possible saucy references and such, but there will be no directly venturing into mature territory.

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Parodied with love from Ranma 1/2.

... You have my attention.

*Squees in excitement* This looks lovely definitely going to tracking this one.

Oh, I hadn't even read the synopsis, and I just assumed Caramel was transgender XD

Needs more crazy martial arts shenanigans. Still, I'm interested.

So, Limestone is obviously Akane in this scenario. I guess age-wise Maud would be Kasumi while Marble is Nabiki, but personality-wise the reverse seems more appropriate. Hm.


I wonder if Cathy Weseluck can still do the uber-highpitch Shampoo voice.

I wonder if Claire Corlett is familiar with Ranma. IMO, Dr. Tofu is her dad's finest role. Goku and Megaman aint got crap.

Ok. I'm amused. I'm very amused. Good on you, Twinkle. But one thing:

"It was nice being one with the sheet rock," Maud said calmly. "However fleeting it might have been."

God. Damn. It. Twinkle.

Ho, this is great story so far, I hope to see more of this Ranma ½ crossover. I would have liked Caramel be married with Pinky but Limestone could be interesting, and it the logical choice to take the role of Akane in the story, even if I don't care much for her as a character from the show. At least she sounds more interesting in this then in the show. I would have thought that the Bigmac would have accompanied to the Pie's resident but this could be an interesting chance to develop more his character and has more freedom in his personalty. I wonder what Limestone will do to try and chase away Caramel? I will she force him to to work at the rock farm for a while or will bring her to Ponyville to show what he does for work. I would guess that he is a farrier with his cutie mark. I can't wait to see what will happen next.


Well, considering the source I imagine this is a literal curse, especially if it works the same way.

Worth noting is that while Ranma certainly didn't like turning into a girl all the time, he did more or less get used to it and wasn't above using it to his advantage on occasion. It was mainly a problem because he was specifically raised with the intent to make him very manly, so he was kinda conflicted about it.

That, and the suicide pact. The suicide pact was a pretty big part of it. :twilightsheepish:


Limestone could be interesting, and it the logical choice to take the role of Akane in the story, even if I don't care much for her as a character from the show. At least she sounds more interesting in this then in the show.

From what I understand, manga Akane was far more reasonable and likable than anime Akane, who apparently had the "tsun" part of tsundere cranked up to eleven for the sake of slapstick humor.

Actually, from what I've seen, Limestone is if anything grumpier and more aggressive than manga Akane. (In canon, I mean, not just this story.)

My name's Caramel. Sorry about this.



Very yes. Changing that line right now :twilightsmile:

did you get this idea from Snails 1/2?


I've been meaning to read that for quite a while, but nah, this is more just because of Ranma 1/2. It's one of the only animes I watch and I've been a fan of it since I was in middle school.

Coincidentally, Ranma has been on my mind lately.

Kasumi. The eldest Tendo daughter's name was Kasumi, and her character was the Japanese equivalent of the "perfect housewife" -- or, at least, the perfect Japanese housewife circa the mid-to-late 1980s. She was never angry or sad, always upbeat, and always kept the house immaculate and the family well-fed. You could also argue she had the best body of the Tendo girls, based on the fact that she won a bikini contest she never even entered. Oh, and that contest included not only her sisters, but also girl-type Ranma and all of his/her female suitors.

Also, she had the power to turn Dr. Tofu, one of the best healers in all of Japan, into a complete disaster area by entering the room.

Heck, I've been trying to plan out a Big Mac-as-Ranma story myself.

Tangentially leading to: Best use of disposable cousin/Applejack's brother to not have to write Pinkie into this. :pinkiehappy:

God. Damn. It. Now I'll have the theme song stuck in my head for a week

Interested to see where you take this. Favorite on account of ponifying one of my all-time favorite manga series.

Be careful with Limestone's characterization is all I have to say.


... I'm almost afraid to ask who you've got lined up for the rest of the girls XD

"I know I do not have to do it all the time, but how very fortunate that this happened to rhyme."

*passes Zercoa a lampshade*

I'm really enjoying this story. It's a pretty good merging of the two settings without being a direct plot line lift. Keep it up!

Haha, I was kinda hoping that nobody would bring the sisters' ages up. I had it in my headcanon that Maud was the oldest and actually didn't even know of that tweet until after I posted the first chapter. I wanted to keep the dynamic of Maud being able to guilt Limestone into things though, so I just left it, justifying it to myself by saying that it was never stated in the show itself so it was fair to interpret it whichever way.

Let's just say that within this slightly alternate setting, the ages are different :twilightsmile:

I'm glad you're enjoying the story! I'll try to work a bit harder to bring out the personalities that I have in my head for Caramel and Pokey.

Hehehe loving this story~ Thanks for the update

... Caramel's head breached the surface of the spring, and he gasped for air as he pulled himself towards solid ground. From what he could see as he flailed towards land, he was still in possession of his same yellow forelegs. Something about them, though, looked slightly different...a tiny bit more slender, perhaps? He could feel his wet mane pressed against his forehead, neck, and shoulder, and even saw a bit of it obscuring part of his vision. That in itself was a bit strange. His mane wasn't really long enough to cover that much of him. Apparently this spring was haunted by a long-maned pony ...

Are you going to make a M rated one ?

icon to cute going down tell my family that I had the last muffin

This great start to a story. I think you have a great story on your hands and I hope we get to see more

If you need help with this story I am more then willing to step up to the plate

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