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After the invasion of Canterlot, Tempest Shadow - also know as Fizzlepop Berrytwist - struggled to make a place for herself in Equestria among the ponies she once conquered. Unfortunately, it seemed not everyone could be as forgiving as the Princess of Friendship, and she found it somewhat difficult. She found herself wishing for a second chance at a first impression.

She really should have checked who was listening first.

Worlds and years away, can she manage to grow into a different pony and try to make it home? And what will this wish cost her?


Dedicated to mastermenthe for fixing my computer problems and getting me back online to write again.

Cover art by the amazing ProfessorCatPro

Chapters (19)
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Comments ( 778 )

Not part of the PWNYverse?

welp. if nothing else, this should be fun.

Rule number one of being friends with Discord NEVER make deals with him. They never turn out the way you expect.

ohhh poyo... this is going to be HIGHlarious

This is gonna be good

It is part of the PWNYverse, actually.

Oh, no. You went there. I never expected this one!
This has to be awesome.

Oooo, this one remembers everything!

This shall be fun but when does this story take place, before Despicable Me or sometime after the first movie or even the 3rd since trying to find a unicorn was the side plot despite not succeeding in an actual one. Clearly can't be Minions as they weren't born yet at the time it takes place being a prequel.

Huh. Kinda weird to see Tempest not being forgiven by everyone, given the show's track record. Makes me want to smack 'em repeatedly with a newspaper...

At any rate, though, this is intriguing. Definitely gonna keep an eye on this.

Yes!!! I am going to love this!

Now you know, never make a deal with Discord.

Well, this is one crossover I never would've expected. Still, it's Tatsurou, so I'm willing to give it a shot.


Welp, another PWNY that I'm keeping my eye on. Now, how long until Gru gets his hands on them? I have a feeling this is still when they're at the orphanage...
Good lord, is there an MLP parody for everything? :twilightoops:

...oh.. oh boy. Welp, if anyone would make a good father for her, it'd have to be Gru.


Oooh, this should be fun. And Tempest remembers everything? That's a change...

At least Fizzlepop is used to dealing with semi-competent minions already, she might make them better or she may just work as the adorable distraction whilst the bumbling morons try and complete their tasks.

Either way it will be entertaining and/or adorable

Thirty bits on the Discord she made the deal with actually being The King of the Deadra version of him... Especially considering his comment on having a few "Mistakes bouncing around somewhere" waiting to come around to bite him someday...

Namely being Tirek, but generally speaking the whole PWNY-Verse is his fault and I can't imagine most of the PWNYs being too happy with him even if things tend to turn out alright in the end for them... It's the principle of the matter after all.

I think Tempest might be a perfect match for Gru, Margo, Agnes, and Edith.

The three girls love unicorns, and Gru would like Tempest's darkness.

I can't wait to see where you go with this.

A PWNY story with Tempest (Fizzlepop) raised by characters from 'Despicable Me'?

Well Discord did say she would be able to fix her bad first impression. I get a feeling that The Storm King is going to have a very bad time when Tempest returns and knows he plans on betraying her.

... Hoooo boy. This is, ah... not something I was expecting. And I'll be honest, the title/cover art don't really inspire confidence, the main source of worry being, of course, the Minions. I'll just have to hope that they're more tolerable here than they are in the movies.

So im assuming based on the title art, she didn't get her horn back? Or is she casting magic in the picture?

Does this mean Tempest would lead an army of Minions to Equestria? Let's hope Pinkie could keep up to them.

Boys. Gorls. This is thing that is happening. I don’t think I am ready for little pony Tempest.

I am prepared for bananas.

I'm conflicted.
On the one hand, I know you're an excellent writer, and I did enjoy the first Despicable Me.
On the other hand, I feel like that franchise is overplayed, especially in regards to the Minions, and those same yellow peanuts can get really old, REALLY fast if left unchecked, which I don't think the studio fully realizes.
This might get...tricky...

8953341 And yet, despite the rather limited range of vocabulary and language comprehension, the extra-wide yellow tampons' movie grossed over $1.1 billion worldwide.

Even the dull and relatively bland "Despicable Me 3" grossed over a billion.

The studio has no reason to learn, because idiots keep giving them money.

Compare with "Kubo and the Two Strings", a wonderful little film with strong storytelling and a wonderful style and technique, incredibly highly rated by critics and the audiences that went to see it... yet could not even make its production budget back. Same with "The Red Turtle".

Meanwhile, a completely idiotic POS like "The Boss Baby" makes bank.


And people wonder why I think everyone else is vastly stupider than me.


1st: I make a fic having Tempest with Despicable Me.
2nd: It gets featured.
3rd: There's drama in the comments.
4th: *Repeat 3*

Liked and Favorited before I even read it!

Guess Tempest's first idea isn't to baby the humans up.

It's a Tatsurou fic, of course it's a crossover.

And here I thought Nintendo was the king of left field...

...I'm super torn right now. But given the track record of PWNY fics prior to this one, I'll give it a go.

EDIT: An interesting start with an interesting premise. Perhaps I've worried over nothing. At least now I can read Gru's lines in his voice :derpytongue2:

8953364 I know! The last part irks me, nevermind the fact that they have a series on Netflix!

Kubo and the Two Strings was art! And yet War Dogs beat it in ticket sales...Not that the other movie wasn't bad; it really wasn't.

I think it's just after or just before (there was a big storm in the beginning of the movie offscreen)

...I am intrigued. In a train-wreck sort of way, that is. (Though knowing Tats, it'll be a F:yay:ING GLORIOUS train wreck.)
I honestly would not be surprised.

Please, do carry on. I'm dying to see how this goes.

Wat. Out of all of the fics of Tats I’ve read, this is so random it’s makes Pinkie and Discord’s match seem kinda meh.

Tempest in Despicable Me.


(Reaches into pocket and tosses out change)

Okay, I'm in.

I'm always let down that he doesn't have a monkey's paw.

Relax, this is from before they were ruined from overuse. Have faith in Tats my friend.

Big difference between "forgiving" and "becoming used to"... and it doesn't help that she's essentially crippled (especially since the capacity for forgiveness and the discomfort with other's injuries both stem from the same empathetic drive).

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