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Scootaloo's life has always been shrouded in mystery. She lives in her house in Ponyville alone. She often disappears with no explanation. And no one's ever seen her parents.
She keeps it that way deliberately. She likes her normal life in Ponyville, and has held on to it as much as she can.
However, a personal tragedy brings family responsibility down on her shoulders, and her life is about to spiral out of control.
Thankfully, she has quite a bit of help keeping both her lives stable - and separate - as much as possible...
...a dragon chef who can't make a salad without making it flambe...
...a cripplingly far-sighted ex-assassin hippogryph maid...
...a slim built minotaur gardener who is as innocent as he is unexpectedly strong...
...a mechanical golem head servant whose brain runs - badly - on hot tea...
...and one devil of a butler.

Edit: New Cover Art by ProfessorCatPro
Edit 2: New fan art by slyfoxcub.

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THis has my attention Tat! anything I should be come familiar with before reading this?

Nope. Just about anything you need to know will be covered in story.
You might consider reading the manga/watching the anime "Black Butler" to get some of the referential humor, though.

Hold on! Does this mean Scootaloo is Celestia's watch dog?!
. . . I don't think even Ponyville can handle this kind of group.

Stop! I'm still excited as hell from Jack coming back, and now you drop this on us?!

a delectable quiche sat wafting it's heavenly aroma

1. Its.

If I had to guess why Scoot's angry, the butler did it.

Okay how much do you want to bet that Sebastian will make Tirek wet himself in fear?

Confound it Tats! Now you helped stir my brain into a creative-thought-frenzy!!! *Dreamy-Wavy-Harp-Chord-Sequence*

Wait, I can't make a good scene/joke that incorporates Scootaloo, Alucard, Uncle, and Sebastian! I never actually watched Black Butler! Okay, someone more funny and talented, make it happen!!! Involve that zipper-fan Riku of Kingdom Hearts if you have to!

Is this an AU
Also wonder how the elements will react to her title and lifestyle?

Technically yes...so I'll just slap that tag on there to be on the safe side.

8015106 Oh wait how about when Spoiled Rich insults Scootaloo in front of him?

Never watched Black Butler so i think that Spoiled would be served deep boiled and served with tartar sauce

And what about the mane 6's reactions

I was honestly expecting Sebastian to be in his human form, but this it highly appropriate. I'll bet he's happy to be part cat.

I know nothing of this 'Black Butler' of which you speak, but if this story requires little to no background knowledge, I'm happy to fave it. Sounds interesting... :trixieshiftright:

This is going to be one hell of a story. Scootaloo is no Ciel Phantomhive after all.


the moment i read the summary, i knew what this was gonna be. and i like it.


8015111 good idea

So this doesn't require any knowledge of the material? I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes then.

*opens up the story*

*reads the description*

*realizes it's going to be a Black Butler story*

I know nothing of this 'Black Butler' of which you speak

Well, this has now been rectified via watching two four episodes. I'm a bit curious as to some of the choices and descriptions you gave for his other staff, but who am I to question? I'm sure you'll cover everything later on. It'll be interesting to step out of your PWNY-verse again.

... Is this an independent story, or part of your multiverse stuff?

To paraphrase the collab video done by Manga Kamen, Crimson Glow, Arrow, and Blaze: Dead Demon now Dead Bird definitely walking. I'm thinking Scootaloo didn't want her friends finding out about her title.


Very nice.

Looking forward to this.

8014991 Damn you for making me look into even moar places to monithor

8015615 it is a independent one that has a cameo in one of his Multiverse stories it is in Three more things
The official story for the Crusaders is "Three more things".


Oh my, this looks like it's going to be all kinds of interesting, especially since you seem to be breaking form by having at least part of this taking place in Ponyville. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing where you take this.

8015869 He mentioned in a blog that he was considering making it canon to that, but reading this I don't see how it could be. That's honestly probably a good thing overall since it gives him a lot more freedom to try different things and makes things a lot less predictable for us.

Black Butler crossover? Could be good fun, but I fear much OOC-ness, canon-breaking Grimdark, and Sebastian-wankage lie ahead. But perhaps I am judging prematurely; surely Scootaloo won't turn into a Ciel-clone, Celestia won't put pre-Cutie Mark foals in charge of taking down violent criminals, and Sebastian doesn't scare Discord...oh, wait, that happened.

Ah well. Hope springs eternal, and I shall await the next installment with some interest.

"Starlight Falls" is the story that may or may not be canon to PWNY.
This absolutely is not canon to PWNY.
Sebastian's cameo in "Three More Things" - and his paying more attention to Scootaloo - was a reference to this story, not yet written.

As for Sebastian scaring Discord, it's not quite 'scaring', but I have a reason why it would.

A demon under contract can do anything as long as it's part of the contract orders. If the demon is powerful enough, they could even kill God if the one they're under contract to ordered it. And canonically, Sebastian is one of the most powerful demons in existence. Discord, on the other hand, anything he does always must be chaotic.

But what Discord said was that Scootaloo was "beyond his power"...meaning that now that Scootaloo has Sebastian under contract, Discord's power can no longer touch her because she's shielded by Sebastian's.

only skimmed through the description and saw "One devil of a butler"........already tracked it before reading :trollestia:

All I had to see was "Devilish Butler" and INSTANTLY knew I was hooked! HOORAY, SCOOTS HAS BASSIE FOR A BUTLER!!!
... Wait... if that's the case....
Oh. OH NO...

... Now you have me wanting to make a broccoli quiche. Thanks a lot, now I'm gonna be craving it for a week.

This looks promising. Course, now I probably have to go binge watch Black Butler now to understand what will come up in this story. lol

Definitely tracking and liking this.

so long as u dont pull the same dick ass WTF move that the actual Black Butler pulled...ill be happy (no i havnt watched the show or read the manga, but i did see a spoiler of just what happened between season one and two of Black Butler and just what killed the show as a result!)

Are you referring to the bit with the Angels, or the bit with the other contract demon? Cause both bits were actually made just for the show and aren't canon to the manga.

8017028 im referring to the one that made it impossible for the guy to actually finish the contract and claim the kids soul, since the kid became part demon, he was forced to serve the kid forever, even though he won the contract from the other demon

Ah, the 'Season 2' finale. That's the part that's completely non-canon.

i'm guessing this is canon to the manga?
...and the third season i suppose

Yes all the way with this and please dont use the tv show it was poop.

Quite interesting! Can't wait to see where this ends up going!

Anyone that can be a decent Butler is a class apart from 98% of the worlds population, those that can be good are the elites of those people and THEN we have those kick-everyone's asses while not stepping out of a straight line like Sebastain and Alfred. Of course, Sebastain is cheating a tad bit with being not quite human but hey, details.

Waiting for more:pinkiehappy:

Yay :yay:

And Sebastian is as he says

One hell of a Butler

Guess trying to describe fancy food is like a quiche to the teeth eh Tat?

So... Contract demon...

I know you normally don't do tragedy but the tag combination gives me a bad feeling about what is going to happen in the future...

I binged the heck out of the anime, so I do have a firmer grasp of what's going on with Scootaloo and Sebastian. I'm fully looking forward to what dark paths this filly starts treading.

hmm...any chance Sebastian does the glass thing he did in Book of circus?

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