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This story is a sequel to Danger in the Sky

Darth Vader meets up with Tempest Shadow after she had succeeded in capturing Princess Twilight Sparkle. During their journey back to the captured Equestrian capital of Canterlot, Twilight learns more about the Sith lords past, and his greatest desire.

A very special thanks to EJLightning007arts for making the first story art image for this story, and to LoneUnicornWriter for recently proofreading it.

This Star Wars/MLP crossover is set during the MLP movie, as a "What If Darth Vader was in My Little Pony: The Movie". After success of "I Will Not Fail", people requested sequels, so I plan to make 5 sequels. This is the 4th of the 5.

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AWESOME! I hope you do the next one!

After this series is over, I hope you do a What if Thrawn was in Equestria series.

I'm afraid not. This is going to be the only "What If Star Wars/MLP" story series I'm going to do. Plus I have my "A Pop Star, a Princess, and a Prisoner" series to do, and my YouTube channel.

That was awesome!

I'm surprised she didn't mention Padme's pregnancy or how his apprentice was able to turn to the light.

Another brilliant and wonderful part of this series.

Well, the two people who disliked didn't seem to think so.

Don't worry about it. You're not going to please everyone. I personally like how you've been incorporating Vader into the story of the MLP movie.

Don't let haters/flamers get to you, it's a wonderful oneshot. Besides it's impossible to please everyone anyway, so don't worry about it.

Thank you. I came up with the idea from an image EJLightning007arts created on deviantart, of Tempest meeting Darth Vader. After that, I wanted to write a fan fic involving that image. It was such a success that people were demanding sequels afterwards. So I decided to go ahead with it, and make more.
Also, thank you for the follow too. :twilightsmile:

I know. Some people are just hard to please.

Wow. This was seriously emotional and sad. Poor Anakin and poor Fizzlepop. It is NEVER too late! You can still do the right thing!

Keep up the good work. I look forward to the finale when it’s out. Please keep this up!

I'm glad you enjoyed this story. I wanted this story to be more dramatic than violent.

Well! I believe you succeeded in that regard! Excellent.

How many more stories and when are they going to come out

That's why this author is a total badass.

There's just one more story, and that will be it. I don't know when it will be out, but I ask for everyone's patience.

can we get a more epic fight then the movie did?

i love the movie and all but... come on! that use 6 million bucks and got 60 out of it they could not put idk 2 million more into it to make the movie longer to show more action and all that.


Could've been written better. Some things need more description or more subtlety, and retelling of the movie's events could've been done better as well. Though, I still enjoyed it. I hope you'll improve!:twilightsmile:

Can you do the next story?

I've actually been very preoccupied with MLP blind reactions on my YouTube channel lately to write stories at the moment.

I call hax.

1. Wasn't that cage made to disable her magic?
2. There is no way such a quick, subtle, and efficient mind-reading spell could just exist like that. One that completely bypasses any potential barriers and leaves not a single trace. Surveillance options like that is like an NSA wet dream.
3. Historically, Vader has never reacted well to people bringing up or even knowing about his past. In all likelihood, the second she mentioned Padme she'd be three feet off the ground clenching her neck.

The previous stories in this little mini-series were great, but this entry is kind of lacking in reason. You should step back and take a break. Quality is far better than quantity in literature.

1. It's magic "proof", not magic disabling. Twilight can still use magic, but she can't use it to break the cage. Observe in this scene.

2. Well, Princess Luna does it without being detected all the time. Call it plot convenience.

3. Normally, yes. Vader would do that. But you're forgetting that Darth Vader wants Twilight alive and unharmed to extract her magic. And on top of that, Twilight reminds him of Padme, and he doesn't want to harm somebody (or somepony in this case) that reminds him of Padme.

I actually am taking a break. I'm focusing more on my YouTube channel, than FIM Fiction.

Glad to know you're enjoying the series.

While I will see this story through, it just doesn't seem like Darth Vader at all to me.

The Darth Vader that I know would never let someone speak about Padme and live. The Darth Vader I know would slaughter the Mane Six without a sweat, even with the Elements of Harmony at their disposal. And if his old master, or his apprentice couldn't turn him, what makes you think a pony with no ties to him at all could redeem him? Because she's the Princess of Friendship? It's a bit more complicated than that.

I'm not telling you how to do your job, but like I said before, there's nothing wrong with going off script when making these things. (At least have him kill someone of some importance, please)

Normally, yes. Vader would do that if someone spoke about Padme. But you're forgetting that Darth Vader wants Twilight alive and unharmed to extract her magic. And on top of that, Twilight reminds him of Padme, and he doesn't want to harm somebody (or somepony in this case) that reminds him of Padme.

But even then, he should have no problem in disposing of her friends when they storm the gates.

Well, you'll see in the next story. :raritywink:

Please tell me the next story is almost here

I'm not sure when it will be out, because I'm busy with other things, but I will promise that it will be out eventually.

Well! Anytime now!

What's taking so long!?

This story is amazing. It has me hanging on every word and I'm literally reading Vader's lines in his voice. Can't wait for the last sequel to see how things will conclude. Keep up the awesome work

sorry is been a year ago

When will the last story of Darth Vader in the MLP Movie come out?

Not too sure. I'm actually busy with my YouTube channel, and with helping someone with editing and expanding their MLP/Star Wars story. So I guess when I get free time to do it.
BTW Thank you for the follow. :twilightsmile:

Okay, and you’re welcome.

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