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Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness. Ruler of the Shivering Isles. Crafter of dangerously unstable magical artifacts. Cheese aficionado. A lonely old man.

Discord, Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony. Once Ruler of Equestria. Master of unraveling reality. Maker of cotton candy clouds filled with chocolate rain. For some reason an infant.

Now read of this pair as Father and Son.

...abandon Logic, all ye who enter here.

Part of the PWNY-verse.
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Right. Check sanity at the door. Got it.

This is gonna be awesome.

Something tells me I will be laughing the entire way through this fic

I haven't even read the first chapter yet, and I've already faved and upvoted it, that's how sure I am it's going to be good.



I believe it's 'Jyggalag'.

Edit: Oh dear, the wordplay in this story is going to be so delightfully confusing.

There are no words. It should not be possible for you to represent something this bizarre so perfectly using merely the mundane English language.

But you do. And I love it. :pinkiecrazy:

Perfect story to lose my mind to!!! :pinkiecrazy:

So let the madness begin! No need for predictions because these two would never allow it!

Daawwww. Two immortal beings of chaos in the same realm of existence... (grabs shotgun and shoots computer) that's not gonna be enough...

So wait, is this Pre-Shivering Isles Sheogorath, or Champion of Cyrodill Sheogorath?

*siiiigh* Well that universe is fucked.

Hey you finally found someone for baby Discord! :)

The inner machinations of my mind are but an enigma... More please!

... Alright, this is going to be good. Like, REALLY good. I'll need an extra-large bucket of popcorn and six wheels of cheese for an offering to the Mad God. Prepare for madness, everyone, and hold onto your narwhales.

Glorious, glorious glorious! Can't wait for more, this story shall move mountains, it shall mount movements! :pinkiehappy:

And maybe correct a few outrageously overly ordered minds, too, that is always nice.

7701765 Heretic! You forgot about the yarn, the lettuce, and the soul gem! :rainbowwild:

Nononono, you see that would make SENSE. Let us apply some DLC's and addons to this situation first. When dragons turn into Fluttershy, or trains, or giant pro-wrestlers, then we are bamboozled on a mudcrab's scale of clickety clack. NOW ONWARDS TO ADVENTURE! *pogo-sticks into the sunset, the ensuing damage to the sun results in Celestia going into the basement to get a new bulb*

My logic and sanity already gave up. Well done.

Any incarnation of Twilight would love it here.

Oh yeah one other thing.


The chaotic exposition was on point along with that precious tear drop at the end of the chapter.

Nice to see this starting up.

Welp. Let's see how much insanity they create before they get bored and start making order just because nobody expects it.

7701644 :applejackconfused: What is this "sanity" you speak of?

7701765 Waiting! Let me get mine at the theater so I get free refills!
7701783 *Snatches up Wabbajack* you'll need this too!
7701867 Something we'll see nothing of in this story.

But ya! Already liked, faved, and put into the folder where I hide my Wild Pegisus and Craft Beer favorite stories.

And who's the guy on the left?

Of course!" Sheogorath proclaimed proudly, clapping his hands together. "I shall call you...Dick-cheese!"


wonderful just wonderful this seems like it will be a wonderful decent into madness, cheese and more madness


It is Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I do hope he shows up.

Oh my goodness my sides... You nailed Shogoraths personality perfectly.

Pre. That's why Sheogorath is still talking about what Jyggalag does.

Oh god! This is amazing! I liked it before I started on pure principle. Now after reading! FAVORITES LIIISSTT!

Is it important that all the figures in the cover art are left handed?

Wait, is that in there because it's called cheese? It is, isn't it! That is just wonderful!

Ah... it has been quite awhile since I read a Tatsurou story. To top it all off it includes two of my favorite chaotic gods.

Quick question, where did you get your name?

In high school Japanese class, we each got to choose our own Japanese name.
Since I've always been obsessed with dragons, I picked Tatsurou, which means 'Dragon Boy'. I've used it for everything online since.

7702091 I figured it was Japanese, I'm far from an expert on the Japanese language, but it looked quite similar.

My name just basically means Space mage <.<

Guess that'll answer Pinkie's question if they can blow up twice.

Hopefully Discord won't shovel himself down Sheogorath's throat any time soon.

If Discord was gunning for a cute cat noise he certainly did it.

7701791 And don't forget the exploding chickens and ass-shouts. Those are a must-have in this kind of situation.

On wards to hilarity and the ever expected feels- and a few possible unexpected ones- of a Tatsurou story, along with who knows what else!

From what media is Sheogorath from? Also, when are we going to get an Adopted Displaced fic for Sunset Shimmer or Flash Sentry?

The Elder Scrolls games.
Sunset Shimmer will be going to Star Fox.
Flash Sentry will not be getting a PWNY story. He doesn't meet the prerequisites.
As for when...whenever I have an empty story slot and feel like writing them. And the more a specific story gets pushed, the less I feel like writing it due to the pressure it puts on me.

Best pairing ever except for Cady and Iroh!

Oh come on Sheogorath... you're my favorite Daedric prince! i hoard cheese!
but ATLA is the best tv show ever and Iroh is one of my favorite characters...

The premise alone makes me grin gleefully.

I'll just be sitting over here with my trained Attack Kitten and a bottle of applejack.

7701989 Hmm, true. I mean, if I recall Jyggy just kind of dicked off after Shivering Isles


Flash Sentry will not be getting a PWNY story. He doesn't meet the prerequisites.

Boo! But yay to everything else.

Being a massive fan of the Elder Scrolls, may I say you couldnt've done better when choosing what character to play with whom. Like, you could've done Hermeous Mora with Twilight, or Merhunez Dagon with Sombra, but this just....

Well there goes my sanity. Keep up the good work and keep being awesome.

great, just great I just got done repairing the 4th wall after Chrysalis and Pinkie went at it now I have to switch out the plywood for battleship steel.

hopefully it doesn't get turned into peanut butter this time.

Hello my old friend Insanity, we meet again.

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