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Just a girl who enjoys writing. If you enjoy what I put up it just makes it all the better.


A portal opens in the catacombs beneath Monster High. It would have gone unnoticed for decades if it weren't for a certain group of monster friends. Who knew that getting a little lost would lead to something this exciting. Now that Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, and Cleo have found it they can't stay away. A whole new world is an exciting discovery. Let's just hope this doesn't get too crazy for our favorite ponies.

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First time I've seen a Monster high Crossover. It's pretty well done and the characterization of the ghouls is pretty much sot on from what I can remember of the films. I look forward to seeing more. Have a like and a track:twilightsmile:


>Now that Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, and Cleo have found it they can't stay away.
You've forgotten someone
I can't get down with this if there's no Ghoulia.
Okay maybe I can if there's enough Draculaura...:heart:

Author Interviewer

Hey, this looks familiar somehow. ;D

Awesome start

This is hullories . Next chapter please.

interesting, I'll follow for now

Mr. Hack was really cracking down on his students


In all honesty, I've never watched Monster High. This sounds like an interesting premise, I'll be exited to see how this turns out.

This looks good! Need more please!

YES! :pinkiehappy: I have been wanting to read one of these!

Take my advice, stick with the books. It was better before Mattel got their hands on it.

But I'll agree this does seem interesting. Especially with a stable two-way portal.

Anything new on the way?

This looks promising. I'll have to keep my eyes out for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

6451123 Yes the new chapter is on the way I almost have it finished.

Since seeing Equestria Girls I have been fascinated with bringing Twilight to Monster High. I never considered the opposite of bringing the Monster High ghouls to Equestria! I'm glad to see that someone else wanted to write a crossover and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

Very nice cliffhanger, Blood_rose_doll. :twilightsmile:

yaaaaa, monster high/mlp fim crossover I can't wait what the four ghouls gonna do.

also I wonder if other monsters will follow the four ghouls secret portal door to equestrian world?

:raritystarry: good profile photo more please

can you countie on mlp/monster high?

Well... chapter hiatus aside, at least the writing is of a surprisingly consistent quality.

in the words of frankie's grandpa,


That is one of the longest hiatuses I have ever had the misfortune to experience. (Worth it!) Thank you for this lovely chapter!

That said, some editing would give this some polish as there are some rather "clunky" sentences and a few tense mix-ups.
It also feels as if you are rushing things...it's okay to slow down and take your time; really let the readers get to know the characters without feeling the need to tell us right now. We obviously aren't going anywhere. (Case in point, it's almost midnight as I type this.)

But again, you definitely have their personalities down.

Sorry about that. Thank you for sticking around though. I also appreciate the feedback. I will keep it in mind.

i’m happy your back. first, you make cleo, Ghoulia and clawd that had be told about the place. sec, That clawd, he told howleen about place too. (I wonder how long she keep secret until she told someone?) third, you don’t have to just making chapter Monster High Ghoul's Out in Equestria for both yourself, you can ask someone help you and your friend to make chapter.

I hear mattel is making live film movie monster high on oct 6.

I like ask you if it okay to give you a list for which ghouls and manster that howleen spill the ghouls secret that frankie and the other found?

Abbey Bominable
Aery Evenfall
Amanita Nightshade
Ari Hauntington
Avea Trotter
Batsy Claro
Bay Tidechaser
Bonita Femur
Caprice Whimcanter
Casta Fierce
Catrine DeMew
Catty Noir
Clawdia Wolf
Dayna Treasura Jones
Whisp Grant
Elle Eedee
Fangelica VanBat
Alivia Stein
Fawntine Fallowheart
Flara Blaze
Frets Quartzmane
Gigi Grant
Gilda Goldstag
Gooliope Jellington
Grimmily Anne McShmiddlebopper
Honey Swamp
Iris Clops
Isi Dawndancer
Jinafire Long
Kala Mer'ri
Kiyomi Haunterly
Kjersti Trollson
Lagoona Blue
Lorna McNessie
Luna Mothews
Marisol Coxi
Meadoe Flurry
Merry Trotabout
Moanica D'Kay
Mouscedes King
Nefera de Nile
Olympia Wingfield
Peri and Pearl Serpentine
Penepole Steamtail
Posea Reef
Pyxis Prepstockings
River Styxx
Robecca Steam
Rochelle Goyle
Scarah Screams
Silvi Timberwolf
Sirena Von Boo
Skelita Calaveras
Skyra Bouncegait
Spectra Vondergeist
Toralei Stripe
Treesa Thornwillow
Vandala Doubloons
Venus McFlytrap
Viperine Gorgon
Wydowna Spider
Deuce Gorgon
Jackson Jekyll
Neighthan Rot
Heath Burns
Manny Taur
Gillington "Gil" Webber

I hope whoever howleen tell to, thing gonna get scream. also if you watch season 8 along other season, I hope the ghouls will meet somepony in the future.

You know that Howleen has two beasties that with her make up a sort of cmc at monster high.

That may be too many characters in one story. I've read and written quite a bit myself, trust me, it gets hard to deal with all those characters at once. Maybe several stories? I'd be down for more.

i know maybe just few characters. now I wish you and your friend for next update chapter. just wonder who ghouls will howleen will be tell?

Its alive!!! Cool cute story glad its not dead.

It's a surprise. :raritywink:
All will be revealed soon.

I'll think about it. There are quite a lot of monsters to choose from.

k. also did you and your friends watch monster high reboot the compeny made?

hey, are you gonna make new update chapter?

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