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Just a girl who enjoys writing. If you enjoy what I put up it just makes it all the better.


Back at it again. · 9:41am Feb 18th, 2019

New chapter up for A Blossoming Star. Back in it. Are there any people who want a particular story updated next or just whatever? Also thinking about making a gamer Luna sequel since I liked the first one so much. It would be another one-shot. Please put game suggestions down below. I want to see what would interest you guys.

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Forgiveness? · 5:29am Jan 29th, 2019

What would you say to someone who had a very low point?
Someone who burned some bridges that they now regret?
Someone who wonders if they deserve to be forgiven?
Someone who put off trying to fix it for way too long because they were afraid to face it?

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........ · 12:53am Dec 14th, 2018

Hello. You don't know me but the girl you did know is never coming back. Do yourselves a favor. Forget she existed.

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Sad · 8:37pm Nov 27th, 2018

Are you all tired of my depressing blogs yet?
It's sad that people who "care about me" really don't.
Every day I hurt and they tell me to "get out there" and to "get over it".
They want me to be happy even after I have explained how that can never be.
Their intent is not the sad thing though. It's the fact that they don't actually care.
I stopped openly crying every day and now I hide in my room to sob my eyes out.

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Funny · 10:50am Nov 18th, 2018

It's funny how someone can make you feel the greatest happiness and also the greatest sadness.
It's funny how every single day I can cry for the same reason and yet the pain never lessens.
It's funny to hear people say I'll get over it. How does one get over there heart being ripped out?
I never thought I would truly know love. Lucky me I guess. I found it. Now it's gone. Or at least it's supposed to be.
I still love him with every fiber of my being. I always will.

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Dead · 10:30pm Oct 11th, 2018

Life is meaningless. Goodbye.

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Life is weird · 2:54am Aug 10th, 2018

You guys have seen me "return" to this site so many times now. Yet every time I am gone just as quickly. Life is weird for me though. I want to write and yet no words come. When I forget about writing and being creative is when my fingers itch to type out something.

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A little help if you please · 4:59am Aug 31st, 2017

I need a pre-reader. One who is willing to do some editing and also give their honest opinion on how the story is. I am looking for someone who is willing to work on all my stories and any new ones (because let's face it I'll come up with something new I want to do).They have to be willing to work in google docs and to put up with my writing hehe. If you or anypony you know is interested then please let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated. I can not get anywhere on my own.

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So much happened. · 7:11pm May 15th, 2017

I know I said I would get back to writing but something amazing happened. On May 4th my boyfriend arrived here in Florida from Sweden to see me. We spent 10 amazing days together. Sadly he had to return because all trips must eventually come to an end.

I had the best time with him though. After a year and a half we finally met in person. It was better than I thought it would be. I would not have changed a single thing about his visit. Together we hope I can make it to Sweden next year.

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Woot! · 12:34am Apr 23rd, 2017

The chapter is up!

It's good to be back!

Gonna get in the swing of writing again. Please be patient with me as I readjust.

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