Monster High Ghoul's Out in Equestria

by Blood_rose_doll

Divide and Explore

Frankie was on her way to the meetup point just outside the gates of the school. With school out for the day the gates were locked and secured with several padlocks. By her side was Jane Boolittle who Frankie had asked to show them the way into the catacombs and back to the portal. Jane had told her that there was an entrance just outside the gates they could use and she had texted her friends the news. As they neared the meeting point they heard talking and as they came to the gates they saw who was there. Cleo was currently talking to Ghoulia Yelps she was a zombie and Cleo's oldest friend. Clawdeen stood by herself with a bag full of sketchbooks sticking out the top. Draculaura was talking to her boyfriend Clawd Wolf who was leaning against the gate to the school. Frankie frowned when she saw the two extra monsters. As they approached them Cleo and Draculaura both stopped talking and turned to Frankie.

"I thought we agreed we wouldn't tell anybody else," Frankie said and crossed her arms. Draculaura looked to Clawd for help but Cleo stood tall.

"I only told Ghoulia, besides what if I need to do something while we are there? Who will do it for me?" Cleo looked to the zombie for some support and Ghoulia stepped forward.

"Uuuhhhh uh uhhhh uuuuuh?" Ghoulia moaned in zombie speak and Frankie sighed.

"It's not that I don't trust you Ghoulia it's just I don't want too many monsters coming along," Frankie said and let her arms fall. "I guess it's fine as long as nobody told anybody else." The ghouls all shook their heads but Clawd rubbed the back of his neck. Clawdeen saw this and turned to her brother.

"Who did you tell?" Clawdeen asked and started to tap her foot on the ground in annoyance. Clawd let out a nervous chuckle and looked away from his sister.

"Howleen." Clawd said in a small voice and Clawdeen let out a growl.

"You know that girl can't keep a secret!" Clawdeen yelled and then let out a big breath of air to try to calm herself. Howleen was Clawdeen's little sister and sometimes she had trouble keeping a secret. Frankie raised her hands in front of her in a calming gesture.

"I'm sure Howleen wouldn't spill something like this. She's a smart ghoul she'll do the right thing." Frankie stated trying to calm her werewolf friend. Clawdeen glared at her brother for a minute before taking a deep breath and nodding to Frankie. Cleo sighed at the drama unfolding and crossed her arms.

"Can we please just go?" Cleo said with an exasperated sigh. Frankie nodded and looked at Jane.

"Follow me," Jane said and entered the bushes to the left of the gate. Cleo gave the bushes a disgusted look as Clawdeen and Draculaura followed Jane. Frankie sighed to her friend and pushed her towards the bushes. She dug her heels in and then realizing that she was getting her shoes dirty doing that she walked to the bushes. Ghoulia walked over and held a bush out of the way so Cleo could get through without much trouble. She nodded to Ghoulia and walked through the space with her head high. Frankie sighed and Ghoulia lets go of the bush with a shrug. Clawd and Ghoulia walked through the bushes with Frankie bringing up the rear. Jane walked for a while and then they came across a sewer manhole in the middle of the words. Frankie made it to the front and looked down at it.

"Is this it?" Draculaura asked from the side of Frankie.

"It is indeed. From here we can get to the portal in a few minutes." Jane said and looked to Clawd. He walked over and lifted the manhole cover. Draculaura 'oohed' at her boyfriend and hung off his arm with a smile. Clawdeen was the first to climb onto the ladder that was visible after the manhole cover was removed. Next was Ghoulia at Cleo's insistence then Frankie. Cleo came down next followed by Jane. Draculaura looked at her shoes and frowned. Then she gasped and with a small giggle turned into a bat. She flew down the hole and turned back at the bottom. Clawd was last and he put the cover back on before climbing down. Jane nodded to the ghouls before starting off in a direction. Clawd brought up the rear this time with Draculaura hanging on his arm. The part of the catacombs they were in looked more like a sewer but still had the paintings on the wall every so often. Frankie heard a shriek behind her and she turned around quickly. Cleo was standing on one leg and pointing to a rat scurrying near her. Jane walked over to the rat and leaned down. She said something low to the rat and it ran off. Frankie looked at Cleo and crossed her arms.

"Your boyfriend has a pet rat," Frankie said as she glared slightly at the drama ghoul. Cleo put her foot back down and dusted off her signature outfit.

"That is different Deuce takes Perseus baths, that rat was an unwashed sewer rat." Frankie sighed and turned back in the direction they were walking to find Jane already there again. She started walking again and soon they passed the elevator that led to the school. They walked down the same path they took before until they came to the door that hid the portal. Jane looked back to Frankie.

"This is it, yes?" Jane asked as she gestured to the door. Frankie nodded and walked over grasping the handle. She turned back to look at the assembled monsters.

"Let's go!" Frankie said loudly and pulled the door open. The portal greeted her and she walked through it. As she came out on the other side she smiled. She started for the steps right away and didn't even wait for the others. She climbed them quickly and emerged out of the basement. The first thing she saw was the ponies from the day before talking to each other in the ruined building. As soon as Frankie came up the stairs Twilight turned to look. When she saw Frankie she smiled and walked over.

"Frankie! You made it!" Twilight said and it was obvious she was really happy about it. Frankie placed her hands on her knees and bent over so she was about at eye level with the pony. She smiled brightly at Twilight and then she heard the footsteps behind her. She glanced back to see the rest of her ghoulfriends and Clawd were coming up the stairs. When Twilight saw the three extra ghouls she tilted her head in confusion. Frankie stood up straight and pointed to Jane.

"This is Jane Boolittle, Ghoulia Yelps, and Clawd Wolf." Jane nodded and Ghoulia moaned. Clawd smiled at Twilight and then started to look around at the other ponies. Twilight followed his gaze and then she facehoofed.

"I should introduce everypony," Twilight said and pointed first to herself. "I'm Twilight Sparkle. Over there is Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash. Then this is Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and lastly, this is Spike." As Twilight said the last name the tiny dragon from the other day popped his head out from behind Applejack. Rarity's eyes lit up as she saw Clawdeen. She walked over quickly and looked up at the werewolf ghoul.

"I do hope you will come to see my boutique today." Rarity said as she looked over Clawdeen's outfit for the day. Clawdeen was practically going to burst out of her fur she was so excited.

"I can't believe you have your own boutique. That is like a dream come true for me." Clawdeen said and held up the bag full of sketchbooks. "I brought my design books to show you." Rarity's eyes sparkled as she stared at the bag. Just then an owl flew into the building and landed on Twilight's back. Twilight looked at the owl and frowned.

"What is it Owlowiscious?" The owl hooted at her and then Jane stepped forward. She closed her eyes for a second and then kneeled down so she was more on the level with the owl.

"What would you like to tell your owner?" The owl hooted at Jane a couple of times and she nodded. She looked to Twilight then. "You have a visitor at your castle." Twilight looked at Jane shocked.

"How do you know that?" Twilight asked and Jane giggled.

"That is my monster ability. I can understand animals." Jane said and Twilight gave her a slightly confused look. With a small shrug of acceptance though she turned towards the old doorway of the library.

"It seems I have business to attend to," Twilight said as she started to leave. Cleo's interest had been piqued, however.

"Did you say castle?" Cleo asked and walked towards Twilight. She managed to make it to the door just as Twilight did.

"It's a castle yes. It is for my use as the princess of friendship." Twilight said and Cleo smiled a small dignified smile. Cleo waved Ghoulia over and the zombie dutifully walked to her side.

"I think I would like to see this castle of yours," Cleo said and brushed her hair off her shoulder. Twilight hesitated for a moment but finally nodded. "Good. Ghoulia will come as well she is my assistant." Twilight glanced at the zombie but turned back to the doorway. She walked out and Cleo followed with Ghoulia lagging behind at zombie speed.

After they departed Rarity wasted no time and trotted over to the doorway herself. Looking back to Clawdeen as she did.

“Come darling. We have much to discuss.” Rarity said as she practically bounced out of the library. Clawdeen was hot on her hooves as she followed her out. Draculaura looked conflicted as the pair left. Finally coming to a decision she raced after the pair. Clawd looked shocked for a second before smiling gently and shaking his head at his silly ghoulfriend. Frankie looked at Clawd as a thought occurred to her.

“Don’t you have casketball practice today?” Frankie asked with a frown. Clawd shook his head slightly and placed his hands on his hips.

“We moved them to the afternoon since some monsters were skipping morning practice.” Clawd said with a small shrug. Rainbow Dash’s ears twitched at that.

“What’s casketball?” Rainbow asked as she took to the air to be more on the level with Clawd.

“It’s a sport that I play. I’m on the school team so we try to practice for games.” Clawd explained casually and Rainbow’s face lit up.

“Could you show me how to play?” Dash asked with a slight excitement. Clawd thought it over and finally nodded. “Awesome! Applejack you wanna play me?”

“Oh, you’re on Dash.” Applejack responded and tilted her hat back to get a better look at the pegasus above her. With that settled Rainbow flew behind Clawd and started pushing him out of the rubble. The three were gone before anyone else could say much.

That left two ponies and two monsters behind. Frankie looked for Spike but didn’t see him. She figured he ducked out with one of the groups. Frankie looked down just as Pinkie started bouncing in front of her. She didn’t even notice as Fluttershy said something quietly to Jane and they both headed for the doorway. Before she realized she was alone with the bouncing pink mare. Pinkie gave her a huge smile.

“Do you wanna help me with the welcome to Ponyville party?! It’s going to be super spectacularly stupendous!” Pinkie giggled at her own word choice. Frankie thought about it and finally smiled.

“Sure. I am part of the welcoming committee at my school so I have some experience with that. A party sounds fun. A way to get every monster to feel welcome.” Frankie said with a smile. She had never thought of throwing a party before. She was going to take notes for sure and use them when she got back home. The thought of a monster welcome party excited Frankie. With that, she happily followed the bouncing mare out of the library rubble to whenever she was leading. It looked like the day was going to be fun for everyone.