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Rocked with the dazzling wonder of the rainboom, filly Pinkie's whole worldview is tossed upside down. She's made her family smile a little, but she feels there's more to be done. She has to go, just has to.

Written for a lovely patron on the patreon.

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little hoofs - little hooves

a frown - frowns

blank expression - blank expressions

smiles on pony's face - smiles on pony's faces

A sweet little tales the builds on Pinkie's canon origin story.


David Silver = auto upvote, then read.

:twilightblush:Oh, goodness! Thank you and I hope I deserve the +1.

Fixed! I like it, myself. I hope it fits the characters properly.

I needed this sugar boost. Now time to go paint the town all sort of colors.

Pinkie let the Cakes have enough time to themselves that they could have time to themselves which lead to them finally getting the foals they were hoping for in the first place? :pinkiehappy:

I know this has already been corrected once, but it's a plural possessive, which is a bit different.

smiles on pony's faces


Typo stricken from the records.

This feels as canon as a story can get.

That is a compliment I will cherish.

OK gotta point out, Mister Cake has a yellow coat not a brown one. That's the only problem I think I can see, otherwise I like this story.

His coat is technically Light brilliant amber. Thanks for reading!

Yes, it rings true. Great from the onset, first word to last. It just feels right.

I know it's a nitpick but when you say "brown" people think standard earthy brown not light amber, a color which still is closer to yellow than brown. Had a similar issue when someone used a very specific shade of purple to describe Twilight, a shade only like 10% of people can differentiate. Brilliant Amber technically being a shade of brown and not yellow isn't something most people will know. I think most will say that it's a shade of yellow.

It just... looked brown to me? Colors, man. They're not as cut and dry as they perhaps should be. It probably helps that I am brown, and see many other shades on other people, who are all considered brown people, so my perception is not yours. At least he's a known character and easy to see pictures of if people are curious, and now we have a comment with his specific color tone.

What does human skin tone have to do witt it? I'm talking about what color cartoon pony's fur can be genericly described as. I was more thinking as compared to the colors in a box of crayons. Out of the colors in a box of crayons Mr Cake is yellow. I think it's best to stick to the most generic color in descriptions. Don't read so much in to it, there isn't anything "beteweenthe lines"

And that's how she met Cheese Sandwich! :pinkiehappy:

Zis is a nice little story.

Have a fave!

Thank you kindly, sir.

this is the CUTEST thing i have ever read. loved it ! thank you

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