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Ok weird but I love it

I’m in a good mood, now.

Thank you, Flisky, for starting my day off with a smile!

A label reading 'Leaf Ericson' had been attached to the pot.

"We are gathered here today," Said Sandbar, "to celebrate the union of Leaf Ericson and Flora Croft."


Panting, Twilight sat down heavily on her chair,
"And where's Ocellus?"
"I'm right here." Said Twilight's chair.
"Oh. Ok." Said Twilight, from the ceiling.
"We accidentally broke your chair and we couldn't get a replacement in time so I asked Ocellus to fill in." Explained Sandbar.
"I'm starting to think you just want me for my body." Said Ocellus

Ocellus is so lucky, getting to be sat on by Twilight.

Well, that decision certainly bit Twilight in the flank.:rainbowlaugh:

Btw, you might want to put some spaces in-between the lines of dialogue.

Sandbar finished whispering to the flower and drew himself up, "Leaf Ericson demands a shrubbery!" At this, Smolder got up and ran off. "What would a poppy want with a shrubbery?" Asked Twilight. "He's lonely, and he wants to get into the dating scene."

Were you inspired by Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

Well... this certainly earned it's random tag. I gave it a like but I doubt my poor brain could handle reading it a second time.

Moral of the story: Plants will take our jobs someday.

"It's not like things could get any worse!"

You just had to open your mouth.

"Next thing you know they're going to get married."

Seriously, stop opening your mouth! You're just giving them ideas at this point! :rainbowlaugh:

"Well, it's not like this really affects me."

Do we need to get a gag or something, Twilight?

"Well... At least I still have my home."

You're just not learning here, are you? Leaf Erickson might be onto something after all. :trollestia:

I thought that was robots?:rainbowhuh:

Nah, plants, man.

It was always the plants

When I went to bed, I wasn't expecting to wake up to find myself on the featured page! Thank you so much, everybody!

I quietly laughed at certain segments, which made the friends in the Discord VC I was in, think I was crying. This was a hilarious read, what's next? The plants are going to become the next Princess and Prince of Equestria?

I'll just write that idea down quickly

Okay the cover pic along is worth a like but the story its self is pretty funny.

Now I'm imagining the potted plants going to war with the Ponies

I mean, the problem is obvious.

Somebody in that school is a plant.

Luego paso un tiempo, Yona y sandbar se casaron, estaban en su luna miel, estaban listos para hacer el amor pero había un percance, ¡NO HABIA CONDONES!
Yona: Ahora que hacemos
Sandbar: NTP Yo le dije a ocelus que venga, ahora mismo se transformará en uno.

Y concluyeron su linda noche de miel, fin.

Well, I mean...neither of them should be teachers, they have other jobs to do, not to mention Rarity and Fluttershy don't know the first things about being a friend. Maybe Starlight and even Trixie can be teachers at that school since their other careers are gone from them.

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