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The eruption of Mount Maud was more than the birth of a landmark. Vast amounts of wealth lay unclaimed in the Ashlands, protected only by fatal levels of magic.

Maybe 'only' isn't the right word here....

Tungstine was a pony with a plan, he saw opportunity where others saw adversity. So he created a golem, impervious to such trifling obstacles as background magic, and gifted with intelligence to better serve it's role.

But what do you do when your plans go horribly right? And when is a gift a curse?

Set in the Weedverse by Kudzuhaiku

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he moved two large copper coils into position, triangulating around the golem

Can you triangulate two items? Otherwise, looks interesting, and I look forward to seeing more.

The coils made two points, and he was the third :twilightsmile:

Heh. Between him and the coils, I wonder which was more tightly wound. :unsuresweetie:

Interesting. I wonder how you will weave this into the weedverse lore.:rainbowderp:
Please continue.

... curious.


There is no hell in the Weedverse. Why would it be used as profanity? It doesn’t exist. There is no context for it.

No background on who he is or where he is from, so I be confused?? :rainbowhuh: Needs establishing.
Does Tungtine know that he has stolen a soul?

It does need explaining, doesn't it? :trollestia:

Does Tungtine know that he has stolen a soul?

Two Internets for you for figuring that out so quickly.

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