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Story cancelled due to me wanting to rewrite it. Come read it here.

What is up my fellow Legion. My name is DeffBwade aka the Apex Legion, and I have some interesting news. At first I was planning on taking a small vacation after I completed God Eater 3, but something interesting happened. What happened exactly you may ask? Well I don't wanna spoil anything for you. What I can spoil is that I am now in a new body and I am excited as hell as to what this new world will bring me.

Anyways, that is all I have to say for now. Hope you enjoy the story of my adventure in Equestria. Like, subscribe, and never stop slashing. Peace out everyone.

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"Goof morning class, and welcome back Class of Magic. Before we get started, I would like to introduce a new student that will be joining us from now on. Please welcome, Legion," Headmare Twilight called out.

You meant good.

"My parents pegasi. In fact, no one in my family is, so I had no one to teach me," I told another half truth, "I was wondering that when my wounds recover, if you can teach me how to fly?"

Weren't must be added in first sentence.

Thx for telling me this. Sometimes my brain doesnt register my mistakes.


Come grab your friends, we will go to very decision lands.

"Oui. J'aime les arts et l'artisan," I said. It totally did not just look that up on Google Translate. I obviously know my French cause I took three years of it.

The only words I know in French is: Je mange la paire (I eat the pear), and oui oui baguette (yes yes baguette)

*Russian guy burst in with hardbass playing*
Russian guy: You have rushed faster than I have rushed B. Have a gold medal for rushing stuff*Hands you gold medal and dematerializes*

BTW thanks for quick updates
Rushed chapters better than no chapters

This one wasn't bad at all:raritywink:
Good work! Can't wait for the next one! :yay::heart:

Give me your ability to make chapters quickly or else I'll suck it out of you like the sun sucked out energy form kids using a straw in some energy drink ad.

I grant you my ability to make chapter quickly. Go forth and write randomness.

GASP:pinkiegasp: I smell... budding romance! :rainbowderp:

I just realized I said pepperoni when they're ponies. Whoops.

Yeah that was stupid. All of us know that ponies only like friendship flavored pizza.
I like pineapple pizza.

As we passed the front gate, I couldn't help but freeze and stare in awe in how massive it was.


Don't take that out of context.


"My name is Legion. (I'm the android sent by Cyberlife) I'm one of Professor Applejack's students at the School of Friendship," I said as she shook my hoof.

Nice reference! Nearly forgotten about it lol

She then turned around, got low to the ground, and reeled her hind hooves back, kicking the tree and making the apples fall, "That's what apple bucking is."

"Oh! That's what she meant. Phew. Thank god."

I do wonder what he was thinking in the first place :moustache:

Just little mistakes I found :derpytongue2:

Beginning of chapter:

"How many chores do you have left to do Profeasor Applejack?" I asked.

"Oh sugarcube, we ain't in school right now. There's no need to call me 'professor." And to answer your question, a lot. It's a shame that Big Mac got the flu today, leaving me and my little sister to do his chores. Sigh. The school has really kept me busy, so I reckon it's gonna be mighty late by the time we finish," Professor Applejack said.

"Were these other animals sentient as well? Or at least intelligent?"

Being sentient means that you are about to feel things that you touch, and be able to acknowledge things around you. A majority of animals are sentient. For example, dogs are sentient because they have centralized nervous systems, and are smart enough to experience emotions like happiness and sadness, express kindness or patience.

To be sapient is what I believe you meant. We humans are sapient, able to think for ourselves in a significantly wiser way compared to animals. A lot of people get it confused unfortunately, but there it is cleared up if you didn't know. If you wanna learn more about it I suggest searching it up on Google Scholar. Apologies for the tiny lecture lol :twilightsheepish:

Good filler chapter! Funky with your style. Your amazing ability of being about to push out these chapters so quickly never ceases to amaze me :rainbowwild::heart:

You have me interested, the flow is good but we don't get any details on how the MC originally looked (if his looks change) but otherwise, your doing good so keep it up this story is showing a lot of promise.

The flow is going a bit to fast in my opinion but you do you as I'll keep on reading

almost better than my homemade pineapple pizza.

true dat. I like history more than math because I learn history for fun and math for grades.






unga bunga
unga bunga
unga bunga

-cave ponies battle cry

Another has fallen prey to the forbidden L-word powers.

You have doomed yourself. It is none of our problem any longer. You should have just tried asking her out or seeking help from someone else but you decided to go to the CMC for help. We will try to help you regain your dignity but not your honor.

I started to read this because summary made it sound like the mc would be an adventure but he me the great cock block to adventure named mane 6 and ponyvile

Before I read this, I must know: How can a legion be made up of only one person?

Comment posted by DeffBwade deleted Jun 23rd, 2021

He has reached phase 2 infection of the forbidden L-word powers. It is too late to bring him back from a happy life with his wife to suffering with the bros.

Your universe, your rules. He can say girl if you want.


*Looks over at clock in the real world.*
Oh, it is 1:58 am... better keep going.

You jinxed it when you said the last line.

Annihilation of King Sombra is required. The boys and the homies do not appreciate the sudden attack that disturbed the touch lip moment.

I will be cheering when Sombra dies because I am a part of the boys.

She has the magic satchel just check Lightning bliss channel and it explains how that works.

It’s buck the pony curse word is buck.

We got yeeted by a shovel :pinkiegasp:

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