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Have you ever been so bored in life that you would do whatever you can to have some fun? For example, what would you say if a couple of goddesses offered you a chance to go to a whole new world entirely? One filled with mythological creatures and magic.

The answer would be "yes" if you asked one particular pony that recently arrived in Equestria. Because he's about to find out that this world will offer him new friends, some action in his life, and most importantly, adventure!

He's not considered royalty like the princesses. He's not powerful in friendship like the Elements of Harmony.

He's just your average (not really) everyday pegasus.

This is the story of the Apex Legion.

Takes place throughout Season 8 of MLP.

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Main 6

Profanity tag should be for obvious reasons.
Romance between lol I'm not gonna tell you.

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Did you know that if you poop in the sink at 4:20 AM and then yell "frick ME!" 69 times then a shadowy figure called your mom will appear and you will wake up in a realm called "the orphanage".

"I think I'm gonna like it here."

Are you sure about that?

We at ARandomLonelyDude's secret base(dungeon) approve of this chapter. Keep up the good work.

Fairly interesting story so far. Do hope to see more soon.

We want more chapter! And what do legion look like do you have fan art or something?

Glad you enjoy my story. As for what Legion looks, I unfortunately don't have fan art of him. He's a pegasus as young as Sandbar with dark grey fur, a black, spikey mane and tail, chocolate brown eyes, and a cutie mark of the Legion symbol (from Dead by Daylight) colored bright neon blue.

Just finished this.... and hmmm not sure... but let's see if the archetype is followed...

that's because it is, my "YouTube persona" looks like the Never Stop Slashing skin for Legion

No amount of soup and water will make my hooves feel clean again. Bleach will have to do. Probably fire. You know what, I'm just gonna slice them off.


As I sat at my desk with my head resting on my hood, I noticed a few students around me falling asleep, including Gallus. As I tried my best to stay awake, I saw Professor Maud slowly raise her hoof in the air before-


God it was blinding, as well as disorienting. When was the last time I teleported like this? It had to have been months ago, when I first arrived here in Equestria thanks to the princesses.

comma between god and it

"Yona not do this," Yona scoffed, "Yona offended by accusation."

Seethe harder.


I'm pretty sure none of us raised her ho-...limb. I then heard the headmare sigh.


"Gallus, what are you talking?" I asked.

Missing 'about' after 'talking'

I love this story, this is a true comedy, and I love comedy.

I have to warn you though. As much as I hate to admit, I feel like the comedy kind of loses its touch as the story progresses.

But thank you. :pinkiehappy:

I don't mind, this story is good, I'm in the 7th chapter right now, good enough to stick me on this.


Thank you. It means a lot to me to know that people are actually enjoying what I create.

Ow... Dude, that was unexpected as fuck... But I Like it...
Yo really? Ocellus and Legion? I mean, A ship of 'OC'ellus? This is new, but how I said, I like it, keep like this, and remember, don't feel forced to speed yourself to update something.

Yeah. In all my time on this website, I have only seen one OC x Ocellus story, and it was like 1k words long. And since Ocellus is probably my favorite character and is kinda like me in a way, i figured "why not?"

As for updates, I'll try my best not to force myself, but I do wanna update once a week.

Yeah, Ocellus is my favourite too, and is quite adorable seeing her trying to get closer at Legion, but regretting at the moment, and yeah, I got identified with Ocellus too, but with the difference I'm more not talkative, well, I hope you're having a good day, and I recommend you to not put any specific dead line for the chapters, just a flexible one, and I'll stop typing because this is getting long and boring, have a good day dear Author.

Okay? Now Legion can levitate things with the mind? Where I've seen this before *Cough* The force *Cough*, well, this chapter was a little emotional, and with lot of comedy, I love it, I'm excited to see the next, but remember, don't force and push yourself.

Quick, apply weedkiller to cosy before her plans grow to fruit!

Wait, did she just my mind?

Read my mind, stupid typos strike again

"Cozy will not create a dictatorship." -Big Brother, 1984

I mean, it's not like Cozy is gonna do something like, I don't know, blow up the school or something like that.


also the montage song is on repeat now. I have the game on PS5 but never played it yet.

keep up the story!!!~

Well, this chapter was quite interesting, and I wonder what could happen next in this story, nice job dude.

great chapter and bad Silverstream :ajbemused:

keep it up!!~

Your not the only one who wants to hit him, chaos does not approve of this


My good friend Sussus Amogus lives In Rome. He has a wife too.

Pfft! Just kidding! I didn't fall in love. In fact, I don't it's possible for a girl to fall in love with me. I mean, I'm, in short terms, a loser. I have no muscles (not counting the fact that I can literally do a Falcon Punch now), I'm a total nerd, I'm a bit of a shy guy, and my hobby back home is literally playing video games. Seriously, who would ever fall in love with a guy like me?


I couldn't help but just think about that one meme where a child is smiling at the camera while a house is burning in the background.

Disaster girl

"Hmm. Totally not suspicious at all."

Sus Sus amogus sus sus she is the imposter (extremely sus)

Holy shit. Is she gonna be sacrificed?


"From now on this school is pony only," he smiled, "As nature intended."

[Sigma rule #42069: Follow natural order.] and according to natural order, yo mama fat

Neighsay... Let me tell you something...


Rip the secret XD



Me when I realize that my crush has a crush on me(I am surprised by the fact that she is real)

Oh boy he finally knows! Wonder how that’ll play out.

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