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When I was 6 I fell of the top of a ladder and hit the back of my head on the concrete floor lol (possible brain damage lol)


Ever been copy pasted and edited like an answer in an online exam? No. Well I have been copy pasted and edited into another universe.

I am fine with that. The cringe however...

[this is cringe]

0: Introduction
1: Season 1

Quality should increase by chapter.
death is referenced.
Also try this. I promise that it tastes good.

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If this gets featured or something please write in comments to tell me.

great chapters!
keep it up!


Emergency meeting! The cheap house is acting very sus! He has to be the imposter!

House: NGL DeffBwade is acting sus.
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DeffBwade was not the impostor.

Is he just gonna keep calling him boss just to piss him off, cause that would be funny.

Dear God...I knew it all along.

You're the villain to your own story! :pinkiegasp:

Author antagonist?

Or am I? You should remember that there are infinite universes and infinite parallels. On our planet alone there are almost 8 billion people. It could be someone else.

Oooh this book is definitely going to be enjoyable to read, thx for the free experience

Ok that was fun and hilarious since he smack logic to their faces.

Dang disharmony is not evil, they assume too much but this is just getting very interesting

What did your Mom make?
Steak and Broccoli?

I like this Ghost Karen so far, a great partner in crime and a good spy.

Shoot I’m terrible at Feedbacks but....
I’m definitely enjoying this story so far, and the writing is smooth and fun to read.
And I don’t feel force shove down to my face when you introduce us the readers a new character like Karen for example.
Can’t what for him to troll every pony and be very blunt on how dumb they can be, I’m glad the main 6 are starting to not hate him while you show a different Perspective of Bon Bon trying to succeed on her Mission.

Also it would be nice to see an example on what he looks like with Karen in a drawing or a picture, or just give me a lot of details since I’m interested to try and draw them.

Was updated today but no new chapter?

Karen is ghost-mare with white coat and yellow mane with checklist cutiemark(standard Karen).

Lonely gear has white coat and black mane. His hooves are visible and are black colo(u)red. His cutiemark is a copper gear

holy fucking shit, that is absolutely hilarious. An adidas track suit and a fedora. Are you sure this guy isn't russian, or like east european? fucking amazing, i can't stop laughing. A pony slav squatting on corners in their adidas track suit, tilting their fucking fedora at ponies going "m'lady". holy jesus christ

I've got to agree with Rarity here. An adidas track suit is not something that actually looks good, unless you're eastern european or russian and poor. Also, did Lonely Gear just dip out and leave all his shit with the princesses and the elements, JUST so he didn't have to decline Rarity's invitation like a normal person?

That's some next level social awkward.

So, a indian pony slav virgin wearing a fedora just got a watch containing a spirit of disharmony whose name is Arnold. I honestly can't tell if this is supposed to be on purpose or not, but it is absolutely hilarious.

Twilight teleported away, then came back to watch Lonely Gear and Gilda hanging out, JUST so she could glare at them the entire time?

kinda like it, nice to see twilight being jealous and a bit degrading of him due to him being smarter at something than other ponies. would personally make her apologies due to her having a stern talking to but doesn't matter in the long run.

Not jealous but more like... 'You don't look smart enough for this'.

He should make himself another car but with a 8 cylinder.

The book is the element of Need
The watch is the element of Knowledge


Great use of dead memes!
They say memes don't die if someone still finds them funny.

Normaly self inserts are cringe, but you made it work :)

Dead is the wrong word. The correct word is dormant.

The book in cannon could make imagination real. Someone could use it to fix world hunger but then this is my universe meaning I make the laws.


“Do not question the elevated one.”

Sadly pretty much all memes count as dormant since they last so little.
Today's memes die in less than a week. :ajsleepy:

Can't wait for next chapter keep up the good work!

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