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Jonny Bench

My introduction to our amazing comunity was through cupcakes but i started watching the show reading fan fics and now here i am!


Three friends, jonnybench, Lucifer, and Him were having a great time, playing minecraft and making up for trolls that they had played on each other. However, their attempt at making amends ends up displacing not just their minecraft avatar, but the players themselves as they end up in the mystical land of equestria. Will they return home? Only time will be able to tell.

I came up with this idea after reading a similar story, and decided to write my own using my minecraft username and two of my friends on a server I play on. My avatar is jonnybench, (korosensei skin currently) and feel free to join us on the crundee craft server if you want to see the world that helped to inspire this. ((Ruptic.mc for server ip) I don't own the server, i only play on it and hope to see more people join!)
The names of the two othe characters are people I play with. The names may get a bit annoying, but it was either Him or Death, and I wanted to limit myself to one satanic name.

Also, teen rating due to language. Nothing too bad, just wanted to put that out there. Might change later on.

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This is a shit fic, and I cannot believe I wasted my time on it.

If you want context as to why, mail me.

7953247 glad to hear your opinion.

I'm actually kinda interested on seeing where this goes, I'll give a like to show my support.

7953247 Next time just list your reasons before sounding like an asshole

7955646 Nah. I'm not going to give anymore of my time.

7956370 Then at least say 'I didn't like this you can message me to find out why' no need to swear :/

7957383 It's shit in my eyes. Deal with it.

7959319 It's not that bad in my opinion you just need to work on spacing a little bit as well as grammar. Also no need to censor cussing. (But that's just me...)

8054213 good to know. I'll try to space things out a bit more in the future. Thank you for your input

It does feel a little rushed :P but I like the direction your heading in so keep it up!

I have a couple problems: this is a different world, so it should follow different rules with the tree and bedrock. Unless the tree thing is thier presence exerting a sort of invisible undetecteble will in the area, thus making the tree float. And I cant explain the bedrock. If bedrock was already there, they shouldnt be to surprised by it. But the reason bedrock even exists is because of the limit to height gen, and to keep us players out of the void. But I am greatly enjoying the story, though I do like longer chapters, but thats personal preference! You keep doing you!!! Ima sit back and enjoy the rest of this!!!

Cant wait for more!!

One Plot device due to lazy writing late

Heh... plot device

Nice so far, when do you think the next update will release?
Also, is the story going to focus on Johnny’s class or alternate between the three (excluding shared field trips)?

You might want to include your status on if you plan to do any cross-overs with other Displaced, that way people won't ask about it.

8918789 I’m going to focus mostly on jonny’s class but there might be a few chapters that have other classes in it. I’m going to try and get another update out within a week too.

I’ll think about that for sure. Might do a crossover on a field trip chapter

Awesome. Will it be in other displaced worlds or will it be a displaced being summoned?

I might try to incorporate a bit of both tbh. Writing up stuff for ruins lets you throw in lots of fun twists and turns

Awesome. When or if you're readdy to summon a Displaced, I've got a good number of them with me, both with stories and yet-to-be-posted-Wips. All you need to do is ask. ^^

Sorry accidentally pressed the down vote but I took it back, keep working on it.

Very good! More please!

The names may get a bit annoying, but it was either Him or Death, and I wanted to limit myself to one satanic name.

Ehm... I don't know if you watched the Powerpuff girls, but HIM is a very satanic name.

The third person i like him

How'd you come up with jonnybench's name? Does it have something to do with the devil too?

Love the story. Love the premise. And above all else? Love the fact that I've gotten more tolerant of painful writing, because MY GOD, do you need an Editor.
This is actually one of the better stories I've encountered though. I mean, it's actually legible via a minimum of parsing, so we're off to a pretty good start.
Oh, gimme a second to downvote the asshole below for being an absolute bastard.
Here, eat up. I prepared them just for you, so I hope you enjoy them.
Ap, wait, no I don't.
I hope you choke on 'em, ye lily-livered, warm-hearted landlubber

That used to be the name of my actual account profile before I changed it. The other two are people I used to play on a server with. The satanic references are literally their profile names and I had nothing to do with naming them

Please sir, may we have MOAR!:fluttershysad::yay:

“Give him a second, he might just be running late.” Naruto replies

I didn't know Naruto was in this story

My bad, it was the name of another player I played with the first time I tried writing this

I think it would be great seeing the students go through some of the problems that people new to the mod go through.

I kinda want them to somehow talk to spike about draconic evolution.

Jonny has taste I like him

Nothing personal, but i cant read this. The premis is great and i would normally read it regardless, however it hurts to read... literaly and i dont know why.

You said you came up with this story after reading one similar. Was it 'The Captain of Mining'? A fic about a displaced CaptainSparklez.

I cast mimic

(P.S. This server is the reason why I rarely update. Feel free to drop in to yell at me for being a lazy bum.:pinkiehappy:)

I love the story take your time work at your own pace can't wait for more

So is this dead or are you going to continue?


While that is true, you also have to remember that Names have Power in magic, you never use your real name for anything other than binding contracts or when Rituals expressly DEMAND it.

It’s even MORE important in Blood Rituals and Demonic Summoning/Contracts as the name is a binding agent in these.

“Well then, going to want to keep track of her. Never know if something is going on at home or with bullies.” Jonny says to himself before walking out into the classroom.

Uh oh, this is setting off Red Flags Galore!

¿Aceptan personas de habla española en el servidor? Por que si es así, se me hace mucha ilusión unirme e ir a explotar tu casa con dinamita.

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