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My introduction to our amazing comunity was through cupcakes but i started watching the show reading fan fics and now here i am!


This is the story of a girl, who went to comic con dressed as her favorite arachnid hero. While she was there though, she meets a strange merchant, along with two other people. When she touches some of the merchant's wares, though, she feels herself start to change. Before she knows it, she is transported to another world, and instead of her cosplaying, she actually is the character for real. Now she has to figure out how to return home, while dealing with ponies who are deathly afraid of her.

This story takes place at the same time as my other story Dewott just happened, as well as another story that will be started in the future.

Lastly changed rating to teen due to language.

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7615522 just what this needed. Thanks!

So far, this is... pretty generic. Hopefully something new and interesting will happen in future chapters.

7619622 don't worry dearie, this will be quite interesting. Huhuhuh

Just a small comment for when you do get around to editing: You shift between first and third person several times. Just something to note for later fixing.

7640649 Well I've got the next hour free. I could run a quick content-aware editor on it, if you'd like.

The key words I picked up in the summary are comic con. So I have to ask, is this a displaced fic?

Well that answers my question...

Glad to know things are still going. And don't forget that offer for proofreading/editing is still open if you want it.

You know, it's okay if we don't get regular updates that only total at a few hundred words each. If you want to take your time so you can put out longer and better quality chapters, no ones forcing you not to.

This is pretty good can't wait for the next chapter

That's it Twilight you tell that asshole!:flutterrage:

Little miss muffet sat on here tuffet eating her spiderdounuts and tea...then came a rainbow and scared miss muffet away!:rainbowderp:

I'm wondering about Rainbow's aggression. I mean Muffet is a child, right? At least in body, is she? The picture at least seems like it. And Rainbow wanting to punch a kid seems extreme. But maybe she just didn't see it back then? She was quite the hothead at that moment after all. It also makes me wonder who will take care of her when she is a child. I mean, she would need a guardian after all if she is that young in body.

7882905 um... no. There's nothing in the game suggesting that she's a child, in fact she speaks like an adult, leads the spiders, and runs her own business. As far as we know she's an adult.

Tv shows don't get a PG rating. MLP is rated TV-Y.


She is? It's kinda hard to tell from the title pic. And from other pics I looked up its hard to tell as well. I mean, on some fanart she looks like either a kid, a teenager or a young adult. On the original Undertale art though I would place her more as a kid. Kind of confusing actually. I mean, do they all see her as an adult, teenager, or kid? :rainbowhuh: Makes me also wonder how tall she is compared to ponies. Is she smaller than a mare?

Sorry about the many questions, I just find it confusing. I mean the way they see her would change future interactions a lot. Like I said would that open the doors to adoption and co.

7883532 i think the reason she looks like a kid in lots of fan art is cause people want to make her their loli waifu. I'm the game she seems pretty adult in terms of how she acts.


Can be. I sadly never played the game. But it's something I want to do sometime. First though I would have to find out exactly how to achieve it and on what console it works, or if it works on PC.

Anyway I guess it is up for interpretation. I think the pixel original art looks child-like. But I'm probably biased because I like to read adoption stories, so maybe I'm just seeing things. :twilightsheepish:

7883752 it's on pc. Just get it through steam for 10$ I also recommend the soundtrack if you have the money


Thanks for the advice! :yay:

7883915 glad to hear opinions, and to answer your question to the best of my ability, she seems to be more of a motherly figure towards the other spiders, which usually comes as you grow and mature. If i had to place an age on muffet i would say she's in her early thirties as a single mother (since some spiders eat the male after procreating) and trying to make sure she can keep an eye on all of her adorable little ones while managing a small, one person, business


And in the game (seeing as I won't come around to buying it at the moment) her looks are never mentioned? I guess, I'm repeating myself, but I'm just wondering about it. Her original pixel art seems child-like and she looks rather small from the height. :twilightsheepish:

7886093 true, she seems child like, but appearances are deceiving after all, you wouldn't expect asgore to not want to have to kill you in the game after everything you hear about him wanting all humans dead, or that one gun that the black guy gets in Men In Black I that looks like it could barely hurt an alien, but it turns out to be able to tear a huge hole in the side of a semi


So I take it that her appearance wasn't talked about in the game? I personally think that you should mention it in your story when you come to the point. I mean, just so that it was at least handled then. I hope I'm not annoying you too much, it's just something that is buggin me a bit. :twilightsheepish:

7886313 alright, I'll definatly mention it at some point, and I'm not at all bothered by you or your comments. It's nice to have a discussion on a topic every once in a while.:twilightsmile:


That's cool. It just seemed something like that had to be mentioned in the story logic-wise. It might even bring her closer to Scootaloo if she sees her as one of her age friend-wise. But that's just a thought. You probably already have an image about their relation. I'm in any way excited to see it! :pinkiesmile:

Do spiders have pusspuss?

7897248 if pusspuss = fish taco, then yes they do.

7883752 no its possible. I have meet kids who are more mature than the average adult. Still need a guardian

7897248 ...why do you need to know?

Cue widowmaker voice
I used to be afraid of spiders...

The only bad part about this is that i have to wait O_O

did the person start as a human if so put a human tag on it

7958233 they can't that's only allowed 5 tags some people allowed Mall

7883752 I want to pop in saying first that yes buy undertale super fun and hard o_o''
and also that you should follow the ol' saying to never judge a book by its cover because she does appear childish but she is most definitely has the attitude and mind frame of an adult

Nah, dude. What you need is this.
(I know this is over a year later that I'm replying)

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