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After a good day passed crusading, Scootaloo is napping before returning to her home when a rift suddenly opens before her. Out of the rift comes a strange ruby followed by a bipedal mustachioed being. Scootaloo quickly discovers that the ruby possesses great powers but before she knows it, she accidentally merges with it.

Now, she has to learn to control her new phenomenal powers, fight the mustachioed being who reveals to be a mad scientist who wants to use the power of the ruby to return home (and conquer Equestria on the way), and deal with the spirit of a sicko trapped in the ruby calling himself Infinite.

Perfect setting for the rising of a new, awesome super hero: Zero.

Crossover with Sonic the Hedgehog. Starts during season 4 of My Little Pony and after the events of Sonic Mania Plus.

Chapters (21)
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This should be good, I will edit...TOMORROW!

"Today's crusading worm me out,

You mean worn me out.

She hit it muzzle first, and the hit was enough to stun her long enough for Eggman to catch her. She also coughed, the hit making her swallow something big.

So much for the evil doctor getting his hands on the Phantom Ruby, because...

Getting up, she then tried to force herself to vomit the ruby, hoping to get herself rid of... of... of all this!

...horses are unable to vomit!

Not listening to him, she continued to run without stopping. After a moment, thinking she lost her pursuer,, she looked back, only to discover that the guy was still after her!

This is definitely non-canon; in Sonic Boom, Eggman is proven to have very low stamina. "Something... wrong... with... my lungs...":rainbowlaugh: The funniest part is, the speaker is Sonic, whose body was accidentally swapped with Eggman's.

Off to an interesting start, not enough stories set post Forces like this on here. Very excited to see how Scootaloo and Infinite's unusual situation unfolds and what Eggman is going to do (I mean, clearly he is going to be threat but he doesn't have his robot army at the moment so I have no way of knowing how)

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter :twilightsmile:

Dude, have you SEEEN Eggman in 2 and 3 & Knuckles?! HOW CAN A MAN THAT FAT RUN THAT FAST?!

LoL the phantom ruby is a D20,
Also they was epic:rainbowlaugh:

I think I can hear DangerKids in my brain for no reason

Yeah. For once, Eggman won't be the one using the Phantom Ruby. Time for the ruby to be in the hero side!

This is definitely non-canon; in Sonic Boom, Eggman is proven to have very low stamina. "Something... wrong... with... my lungs..." The funniest part is, the speaker is Sonic, whose body was accidentally swapped with Eggman's.

Now I want to see this. But like ace_attorneyfan800 said, Eggman in canon can run pretty fast. For such a fat guy who probably doesn't exercise much, he can race. :rainbowderp:

The good doctor has more than one trick up his sleeves. Beside, look in the description during which season it takes place, and you should understand that someone else will come up. :ajsmug:

Because it's the group who made Infinite's theme and Scootaloo gaining his powers will make some "awesome Infinite moments"? :raritywink:

Thanks. I will try to not disappoint.

A better question to ask is, why does Sonic let him get to his Death Egg Robot? Everybody knows Sonic can run faster than that! And yes, I know how fast the doctor can run. Ever play as Eggman in the Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure 2 or its Gamecube remake?


A better question to ask is, why does Sonic let him get to his Death Egg Robot? Everybody knows Sonic can run faster than that!

Knowing Sonic, I wouldn't be surprised if he let Eggman enter the Death Egg to teach him another lesson.

Ever play as Eggman in the Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure 2 or its Gamecube remake?

I haven't played the game in many years, but I think I remember that he could be fast, yes.

That's Infinite without his mask.

Can’t wait for the next part

This looked cool and you're doing it? Man this will be a great after sweetie wraps up.

I can't wait to start the action, but this won't be before a few chapters, the time to let the characters get settled with their new situations and to build up things.

The Phantom Filly. But please, no need to ask this everytime. You will see which story will be updated when the chapter gets out. :pinkiesmile:

But wait, The Phantom Ruby was destroyed.

Not at all. He created the Phantom Ruby Prototypes, copies from the real Phantom Ruby, but not the original.

The original was found for the first time by the Hard Boiled Heavies under the orders of Classic Eggman. Stuff happened, and the ruby was transported along with Classic Sonic into Sonic's world, leading to the events of Sonic Force: Eggman found the ruby, named it the Phantom Ruby, studied it, recruited Infinite and his Squad, created the prototypes, the squad was killed by Shadow, Infinite was defeated, Eggman gave Infinite the perfected prototype, and you know the rest. At Eggman's defeat, the Phantom Ruby was transported back to Classic Sonic's world, where the events of Sonic Mania Plus happen.

Edit to your edit: no, it wasn't destroyed, just moved to a different dimension.

But classic Sonics world is kinda the past so wouldn't be basically travel back to it's own timeline/Universe?

And if that's the case How would it end up in another universe if it was sent back the past where it was first discovered?

Sorry I'm getting to caught up in theories an stuff xD.

Another good chapter. Scootaloo tricking Infinite into telling her how the Ruby works was very fun and I can't wait to read more :twilightsmile:

Don't worry, I love theories. And I thinks that, at this point, since the events of Sonic Generation, the world of Classic Sonic can be considered as an alternate timeline or an alternate dimension. :rainbowlaugh:

You are correct. The world of Classic Sonic was reclassified as an alternate dimension so that the events of Sonic Mania and Mania Plus could happen, despite them not actually happening in Sonic's past. There might be an explanation about this in the Archie comics given that they spent one of there later arcs delving into various alternate dimensions but I'm not certain.

My theory is that it was originally the past, but all the time travel shenanigans of Generations caused it to splinter off into another time line that exists parallel to the main one (after all, young Sonic meeting modern Sonic would naturally affect the timeline a little and yet when the game is wrapped up everything is exactly the same)

Your probably right. Sonic generation's was originally supposed to have 3 Sonics instead of 2.

Classic sonic 1. Modern Sonic 2. And 3D sonic or something.

So yeah I guess I could see that as a Possibility.

Yeah, this is what I thought. And I read elsewhere that originally, the Avatar in Sonic Forces should have been the Sonic of Sonic Boom. So definitively dimensions, no time shenanigans.

Interesting. I did feel like the game would have been better if Boom Sonic was in as well (here's hoping that in a Sonic Forces sequel or whatever we get to see all three of them interact or at the very least Modern Sonic and Boom Sonic because I feel like they should take a break from bringing in Classic Sonic)

Same. But with how Sonic Boom flopped, I don't know if they will bring back Boom Sonic anytime soon.

Eh, it could still happen. If we're being honest the Wii U game is the only thing universally hated about Boom. Both the cartoon and the comics still have a cult following (of which I am among, as I still like to re-watch an episode every now and again) and both the 3ds games where actually pretty fun (in my opinion)

Awesome Chapter.
So is Discord going to feel threatened by Zero? Considering that their powers are similar.

Good thing Twilight took Scootaloo's warning serious, but was it right of her to not mention the C.L.B. inside her head & stomach?

Scootaloo was great in her first fight against Eggman's robots.... Speaking of Eggman, I saw the Sonic earlier today & now, no matter how hard I try, I now only see him as Jim Carrey.

Why did she go bipedal?

Thanks. And again, this was just a skirmish. Now that Tirek joined Eggman, giving them the power of magic and technologic, things will get serious.

And he would have a good reason to feel threatened, because, remember, the Phantom Ruby overpowered the Master Emerald. Scootaloo, with enough control of the ruby's power, could totally destroy Discord's own chaotic powers. Of course, she would have to find a reason first, let's just hope that Discord doesn't do something stupid like... well, like he does in the series.

I see what you mean. Jim Carrey as Eggman is just perfect.

Because she decided to take Infinite's form to keep her real identity secret from other ponies.

Take the body of an adult Pegasus, add infinite’s colors, add the mask, last add his cool hair.

She didn't really have time to think here. She had to act. And now, it's too late, everypony saw Zero, and Zero will be seen as a hero by the ponyvillians, so next time that Ponyville is attacked by robots, the ponies will expect Zero to come back to save them.

She could still change appearence, but why change something that doesn't need to be changed?

1 in her mindscape
2 to see what would happen
3 to learn to fly as a pony while not looking like Scootaloo

1 I don't understand
2 Why would she want to see what would happen? Maybe for pranks, but that's all.
3 She could already fly now as herself as long as she flies away enough to not be spotted by other ponies

In her mindscape with infinite

Yeah, but why would she transform in her mindscate outside of training?

Who doesn’t want to look cool?

Well, Infinite is cool (with and without mask), so... :rainbowlaugh:

Also showing off to her friends

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