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"My Name, like many others, is no longer important. Because who I was, and who I am is like looking at water, and fire. So, I abandoned that name, and took another, Vegeta... So tell me, have you a name?"

The pain of lost friends is staggering, the guilt of a lost family is crippling, the devastation of a lost rival? Crushing. Hilarious, but cruel is the story that lays before you, edginess and epicness in equal measure. Begining at comicon and ending in the blood of his enemies (and possibly the Lamentations of their women), of course if he can figure out who he's sposed to fight. Though udoubtibly these words scribbled on the discription of a story stuffed into the darkest corner of a website, that is In turn, stuck in the darkest corner of the Internet, has left you with many questions, before you continue, I have a question for you...
Are you ready for the super saiyan swagger?

This is a LoHAV/H and HIE story.

Have thoughts, suggestions, criticisms? Feel free to post your thoughts!

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The Black Knight - Zaralann
The Mighty Warrior of Epicness - Shinigamisparda
The Gravity of the Situation - DJSkywalker


Consistent language and Mild gore,

The following is a fan-based fiction, Dragon ball, Dragon ball Z, Dragon ball GT, My Little Pony,
Are owned by, Toei Animation, Fuji TVm Akira Toriyama and hasbro.

The OCs are mine though

Wait, this is in a game crossovers bookshelf? How did that happen?

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That was quite possibly one of the best opening chapters for a LOHAV/H and HIE fic I've read on this entire site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so damn original and well written that I almost cried with joy at finding something that wasn't generic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now all you need to do is expand this story and possibly make a Hellsing story too and you can have all my likes and faves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also do crossover with Gilgamesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The multiverse needs some OP God-Tiered combat of Epic Proportions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

more please i quite enjoy this already.

I'll fav for now, and give you my like if the quality stays at this level.

5220352 If i get this right, then this story line will include multiple Protagonists from multiple franchises all accumulating into a single story. you know, if I can, I'm having trouble figuring out just how to bunch them all up, but I'm working on it, for now, It'll just be Vegeta.

5223509 please crossover with shimigamisparta and his gilgamesh story! (the mighty warrior of epicness)

5223518 I will definitely try! That's one of the main thing I want to do in this story, the guys a legend! But I need to get farther into the story first, otherwise it would seem half-baked. :twilightblush:

Hmmm... This one bears much promise. Treat it well, and your tale is sure to mature nicely.

teen with a troubled past . And just like that I gonna skip with out reading.:unsuresweetie:

5236843 Yeah, I can get that, but people keep telling me "Keep you characters rounded!" And honestly, I'm not some brilliant up and coming writer, so I fall back on tragedy to limit, add growth, and give motive to my characters. A bit cliche, I know, but practice makes perfect, and if I can nail this down I can defently take on more complicated characters in the future.

You know, unless you meant something totally different that's blaringly obvious, and I just wrought this reply for no reason...

Sorry but the epic saiyan prince needs his theme.

wait, in the second chapter Discord knows vegetal, but in the first chapter discord showed Celestia and luna vegeta and didn't know who he was.

First issue that I see in this Fic is that you don't need to capitalize so much. Example would be the Leroy Jenkins part. I understand that, that is how the actual person said it, but you only need to capitalize the first letters of Leroy Jenkins. It already shows "loudness" by the way you stretched the vowels.

Second issue I see is that you don't indent. This makes it confusing to read, and almost painful to look at.

Thirdly, you might want to get yourself an editor. Sometimes, the sentences get confusing.

Fourth,:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage: TURN OFF CAPS LOCK AND DO NOT KEEP CAPITALIZING EVERY TIME SOMEONE YELLS. IT IS ANNOYING TO HAVE IT EVERY THIRD PARAGRAPH. YES I UNDERSTAND PEOPLE YELL IN DBZ, BUT IN WRITING, ALL YOU need to really do is add a couple exclamation marks!! It'll work just fine, and wont be difficult to read!

`Fix those things, and this fic will be fine.


And he just left Diamond to murder the CMC?:rainbowhuh:

Ha ha! ....
No, as soon as he left the spell he was casting dissipated, leaving Diamond incapacitated.

are you going to have vegeta act sometimes like his team four start counter part that would be funny :ajsmug:

5313571 While I don't like the way he said it, I agree. If I read "Bitch, I eat people!" I'm going to die.


Thats a good question, WTF writer?!?

5313104 Oh, Sorry Starlight! DBZ or more commonly known as Dragon Ball Z, It's an anime and manga franchise thats been going on for about twenty years, and The characters are known to be ridiculously powerful, for instance:

There is one character called Berus that the main characters fight fairly and head on who has the power to destroy the entire universe, he is alternatively known as the god of destruction, and if that doesn't put this into perspective...

afro wearing, moustache bearing young earth pony

My first thought when I saw this was; ponified Bobobo? :rainbowlaugh:

5366742 I've never really paid attention to anime, manga and the like, I know enough to understand what people are talking about, but not much more.

5366755 What that other guy said.
Mr Satan is a character from DBZ who showed up at the end of a certain ark, and attempted to battle the big bad. Unfortunately, Mr. Satan might be one of the strongest humans in the world, but he's just that; a human. He gets knocked away almost instantly, and the main characters fight the final battle and win. Since they didn't really care for the credit of saving the earth, Mr. Satan claimed the victory instead, and became a long running joke character who had a few important moments.
He's most well known for being the unhappy median between unpowered humans and superpowered aliens, for his HUGE afro and pointy mustache, and for his daughter who married Gohan. Eventually. Not even really a spoiler. Oh, and his huge ego. His ego is, in fact, larger than his afro. Shocking, I know.

This is actually getting pretty decent, I'm interested in seeing where this story goes, especially if Vegeta is capable of teaching others to be super fighters.

Is it a bad thing that I'm reading Vegeta's lines with the DBZA voice?

I Do not own Dragon ball, Dragon ball Z, Dragon ball GT, Dragon ball Kai, or My Little Pony,
All rights go to Akira Toriyama, toei animation, and hasbro for their respective franchises,
I own nothing but the story and My Original characters.

Why is this in the description?


Actually, Syreth got it right. I honestly didn't think anyone would get it though, I thought it was just too ingenuous :rainbowlaugh: jig is up I guess, here have some virtual cookies!

Sorry, I'm just sick of people who honestly put copyright disclaimers in their fanfiction. It's absolutely pointless.

Oh those groups. Badfic Bin, No Originality Brigade, Rage Reviews...not looking good at all.

looking pretty good so far... and sounding good in my head :rainbowlaugh: especially seeing as I read Vegeta with his Abridged voice :pinkiehappy:

Really? you should have seen it earlier,

I got featured on a group called F**K no joke, I actually found it kind of funny.

Because, people, cut-offs don't count.

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