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I heard the rumors and the tales of people Disappearing. I didn't pay it too much attention. Went to Comic Con as my favorite Character, you know the rest.
In a world with gods, spirits, demigods, magic and monsters you expect any cross player to have abilities to survive in this world. Well not this guy. He is Lex Luthor. A hero or a Villain it is up for debate. However there one thing this guy has. Smarts, and he knows how to use them.

A displaced tale using one of the greatest Arch Enemies in all of fiction.

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Look other their, it's superman. (*me* run for it )
p.s. here is what he look like

5922871 You got first comment you get a :moustache:

I just saw you pick for the story, great minds think alike hune. :pinkiehappy:
I'm not good at spelling.

Any of you guys watch the Lex vs. Iron Man Death Battle over on Screwattack yet? F:yay:ing awesome.

5922912 I DID! I have a question for you. Are you one if them that cares who it is that win or not?

5922912 I have and right on the day I post this. :pinkiehappy:

No offence author man but you REALLY need to get either A) a proofreader or B) check it yourself multiple times.

5922945 Yeah I know I'm looking for one

5922946 okay that's good but please for the love of God don't get briefed and debriefed mixed up that's my biggest pet peeve with stories

Minus the sintactical error this story's pretty good


You actually did it? I didn't believe you when you told me.

Well this has potential.

5923034 Well next time I tell you I'm going to do something believe it.

you need an editor to get rid of the typos, other than that is a good start

Most of the time, no. The show is epic regardless. Though, the Gaara vs. Toph one is still complete nonsense.

the curse could only be lifted by the use of the elemennts

the guard was on high alter give resent events

the guard on high alter with Shining giving order left and right

At easy Nightmare Moon is no longer a threat why are you all on high alter

At easy Shining keep the guard on alter but we don't want to scare the populous

^alert, given
Don't just rely on auto-correct remember to double check a few times to be sure :twilightsmile:

5924187 glad to hear it. I hate people that is like this. "Batman whold totaly win that fight. Why? BECUSE HE IS BATAMAN!

5925491 please edit, the misspelled words were painful

The concept is interesting and I want to know where you're going with this but please get an editor. The grammar errors are killing me.

Well, this looks interesting. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

I think this has potential, but you really must either learn to use punctuation, capitalization, and spelling correctly, or find an editor. There's many good support groups on this site for exactly that. Keep working on it!

you need, NEED an editor, or at least a pre-reader.

6036841 lololololol and I see you changed your avatar :)

6036848 Yup. It's actually an Idea I had for a new Displaced. Read my newest blog for more details if you want.

That is... If you know who this guy is

6036869 Ekko from league of legends. Also known as "The Boy who Shattered Time."

6036990 if I ever knew sour this and wanted to be in equestria as a certain character I would have to be idk who yet :derpytongue2:

6037007 Yeah
6037002 Let's continue talking through PM?

So anyone else wondering why their is a griffin over a thousand years old, I only thought alicorns and dragons lived that long?

6038250 I kinda write it before Griffinstone so he immortal like Celestia

6038257 What does Griffinstone have to do with this?

Ah, Lex Luther. You can always rely on him to look his foes in the eye and fight for his people... and then exploit the hell out of them later.

So Lex DOES use magic in this, correct?

6083025 actually he has no magic, his technology however does

6083049 hmm... I'm not sure whether or not to add this to the "Human Magic" group under "Magical Artifacts and Ancient Secrets" folder. Can he weave magic into his technology without prior technology? I'll add it to "Technomagic/;Magitech" either way.

The title and the descriptions made me initially think it was based/cross-over of 'chronos god of war', but i like this Lex Luther story (waiting for epic Luther vs Celestia chapter).

6378446 so hard to get the next chapter as I'll be honest I have no idea what to do

Oh, you asked for it, Celestia.

More more more more more more more MORE

Good chapters can you do more

5925165 Dude, I saw the Batman Vs Albert Wesker one-minute-melee, that was amazing

When I first saw the cover art, I thought it was markov from evolve

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