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Just a normal dude who loves making fics


Sent to Equestria by a creepy merchant guy from RE4. That sucked a lot. Now me and my friends are in the world of Equestria which is full of racist ponies and the Princesses are after us due to our appearance. Well I have something to say to them. BITE MY SHINY METAL ASS PONIES! Oh and we work for the Griffon Republic.

Note: This story will have griffons with advance tech.

Rated teen for language and violence.

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I love it man can't wait to read the next chapter

this story's got me laughing hard, I love it. :heart::rainbowlaugh:

You seriously want to work on your grammar, maybe get an editor, and some of the MLP characters are OOC, even for this genre. Otherwise, looks pretty good.

More, these zukas seem like good guys.

love it keep up the good work love the Mortal Kombat parts. but I have to ask well other Zeon suits be used? if so I hope the Gouf Custom, also is the MS-06S Zaku II Commander Type is that in Char colors? if so I hope we here this theme soon

keep up the great work

It's time for the Zaku Zaku hour!

You should probably add Nogla as the janitor of their base.

I got a question, at the beginning of the story, you wrote the zaku's being impervious to magic but they still got affected by magical blasts? And shouldn't the arachnoids be at a disadvantage here?
Sounds like you kinda nerfed them


Well the Elfen Spiders also use weapons which requires physical strength to fight against magic impervious opponents.

5990741 but they're ZAKUs, even if they're human sized they've got plasma weapons, advanced armour, high caliber guns and rocket launchers capable of bringing a city down... Well, when you put it THAT way, no wonder you needed them, Equestrian would have been TOASTED! You've got to explain why the Griffins have high tech though

Dem references. When will we see a janitor Nogla?

"Oh my god!"

"NNNOOOOO!!!! GET AWAY FROM ME!" Marcel screamed and was quickly taken down by the demon.

"Ah he raped Marcel!" Tyler shouted and fires his MMP while running.



"I can't!!"



"Where is he?" Tyler asked then turns around and sees the demon still chasing him.


"I'm coming. I'm coming back!.

"Guys..!! He's COMING!!!" Tyler shouted but notice the demon coming at him.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!" He screamed and accidentally sets his energy cannon output to 270% output and fires thus killing the demon instantly.

That... entire thing went the wrong way in my head on so many levels...

I have a question that could be answered on the description. How do the Zaku compare in size to the ponies? Are they man sized, or are they properly Zaku sized? I ask, because it's not obvious because the size of the throne room is big enough for at least three Zaku to stand on top of each other. Also, it bugs me that right from the start here they can go toe to hoof against the princesses and not suffer more than surface damage. Also, you shot your self in the foot by making their armor effectively the end all, be all for rare material turned to defensive protection. So, effectively, there is no threat that can actually hurt them, so they have no reason to improve, which means you made a static target for the ponies to fail to reach with no chance of character development. You did worse to your characters, than the one gundam crossover that is worthy of the title on this site despite its atrocious grammar. I couldn't finish reading that story because the grammar was so bad, but I applauded the writing of the story and the character displayed. This makes me want to go back and watch Mobile Suit Gundam for the sake of early Heero.

Yes it's about time racist Celestial gets owned in combat.

I feal sorry for anything that serena sees as a threat.

Such horrible grammar. Please get a bloody editor!

I NEEDZ A NEW UPDATE!! I simply love this story:scootangel:

This story is awesome when is the next chapter coming out?

Wish I could like this more, and finally racist ponies got what coming to them. Thanks man/girl.

The vanoss crew i like it

Wow you included a clip of the 2003 clone wars I have a figure of the blue ark trooper from 2003.


"Blood for the blood god!" Jonathan shouted and brings down his chainsword onto the inquistor shoulder as chainsword teeth easily cut through the inquistor armour like butter until it touches his flesh causing blood to spray out of his wound.

Lol a War Hamer 40k reference.:rainbowlaugh:

“You done fuck up big time boys.” Said Caster aiming at them. “I AM YOUR GOD NOW! BRING ME ALL YOUR MUFFINS!” Caster said as she charged at the Zakus.

Is that another version of FUCKING DERPY?

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