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So yeah, went to Comic-con with my girlfriend and cosplayed as a Tyranid Swarmlord. And I saw this creepy merchant selling some legit stuff. I bought a set of Bone Sabres to complete my costume but ended on some girly show land called Equestria filled with xenophobic ponies. So my plan? Run to some random ass town with a squad of Tyranids and open a diner!

Hey look a cupcake. *picks it up and eats it and spits it out* THIS *BLEEPING * CUPCAKE IS SO *BLEEPING* SWEET, IT GAVE KOBE DIABETES!!!

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I wish I didn't bought that helmet. But who cares about that! Now I am in Equestria more importantly I'm the current ruler of the Crystal Empire ruler also have a couple Protoss Templars and others with me. But those who dare threaten our new home shall face our wrath!

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Sent to Equestria by a creepy merchant guy from RE4. That sucked a lot. Now me and my friends are in the world of Equestria which is full of racist ponies and the Princesses are after us due to our appearance. Well I have something to say to them. BITE MY SHINY METAL ASS PONIES! Oh and we work for the Griffon Republic.

Note: This story will have griffons with advance tech.

Rated teen for language and violence.

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I just simply go to Comic con with my friends then buy a Katana from a creepy merchant guy who transported me to Equestria. Now I lead a mix species Dynasty kingdom in Equestria, have some sort of bug-like pony have crush on me. A draconequus as my best friend and public enemy no.1 of the entire populace of Equestria well except for PonyVille. Well TO ADVENTURE!!!!

Note: The gundam is human size.

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Once banished for a crime she didn't commit until she was rescued by Delta Squad. Now Twilight Sparkle must adapt to her new life serving the Grand Republic Army as a commando with Delta Squad. What does the future holds for Twilight and her new family. Will she ever return to Equestria again to face her past.

This is my first fanfic. So please go easy on the criticism please and enjoy.

This take place after a month of the battle of Geonosis but will not relate to the novels.

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